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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
(ESS) Biloudingse
(ESS) Biloudingse
Galaxy Euclid
Region Abikov Anomaly
Star system ESS-K-1F0 Southern Star
Atmosphere Mostly Clear
Terrain Regular
Biome Toxic - Acidic
Weather Toxic Clouds
Resources Em, Ni, Hr, Ml
Sentinels Standard
Flora Copious
Fauna Common
Claimed by Euclidean Scholar's Society
Discovered by Edgarsoft
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated Atlas Rises

(ESS) Biloudingse is a planet in No Man's Sky.


(ESS) Biloudingse is a planet in the ESS-K-1F0 Southern Star system of the Abikov Anomaly, on No Man's Sky.

It is an Acidic planet with green Toxic Clouds.

Alias names[]

All Original: Biloudingse
PC Current: (ESS) Biloudingse

Discovered Date[]

20/2/2018 (22:24) on PC by ESS's scholar Edgarsoft.


Biloudingse's resources scan info

Resources on this planet are Occasional.

Discovered Resources[]

Image Resource Form Rarity
Biloudingse - Emeril - Shot.jpg Emeril Resource-lined holes / Pillars, Rocks Common
Biloudingse - Nickel - Shot.jpg Nickel Ring-shaped Deposits / Vertical Pillars, Rocks Common
Biloudingse - Heridium - Shot.jpg Heridium Vertical Pillars Common
Biloudingse - Fungal Cluster - Shot.jpg Fungal Mould Fungal Cluster Uncommon
Biloudingse - Foagis Tidacima - Shot.jpg Zinc Flower / Rocks Common
Biloudingse - Aikeum Aegrae - Shot.jpg Platinum Flower, Rocks Uncommon
Biloudingse - Plutonium - Shot.jpg Plutonium Crystals, Rocks Common
Biloudingse - Rekoideus Vaeholneae - Shot.jpg Thamium9 Flower, Rocks Uncommon
Biloudingse - Wichosa Anfaidica - Shot.jpg Marrow Bulb Flower Common (In caves)
Biloudingse - Chrysonite - Shot.jpg Chrysonite Crystals Rare
Biloudingse - Titanium - Shot.jpg Titanium Crystals Rare
SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon Plants Common
Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron Rocks Common
NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.uncommon1.png Aluminium Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.common1.png Copper Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.uncommon2.png Gold Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.common3.png Iridium Rocks Uncommon
SUBSTANCE.PLANT.POOP.png Coprite Animal Feces Uncommon
SUBSTANCE.SUBCREATURE.png Mordite Animal Corpses Common
GAS.3.png Nitrogen Plants Uncommon
GAS.2.png Radon Plants Uncommon
Note: For more details see Flora and Geology sections.



A family of the Royphumosa Biver species

Fauna at (ESS) Biloudingse is Common. There are not aggressive species on this planet.

Zoology Scan Completion[]

PC: 100% (5/5)

Discovered Animals[]

Name Genus Rarity Notes
Biloudingse - Eodiumima Anoke - Prime - Mature - Shot.jpg Eodiumima Anoke Ungulatis Common Big size
Biloudingse - Ropunzusica Mogrusad - Female - Adult - Shot.jpg Ropunzusica Mogrusad Agnelis Common
Biloudingse - Royphumosa Biver - Alpha - Elderly - Shot.jpg Royphumosa Biver Felidae Common
Biloudingse - Tuyparteumeus Tage - Vectorised - Mature -Shot.jpg Tuyparteumeus Tage Anastomus Uncommon
Biloudingse - Umnumeumica Expos - Female - Fluctuating - Shot.jpg Umnumeumica Expos Conokinis Common Mega fauna


Typical flora at (ESS) Biloudingse

The flora of this planet is Copious. As in most toxic planets (ESS) Biloudingse is populated by abundant mushrooms and fungi type plants, and several kinds of globular plants.

Fungal Cluster can be found or grown on this biome, and its byproduct Fungal Mould can be used in crafting several products.

Discovered Plants[]

Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource
Biloudingse - Aikeum Aegrae - Shot.jpg Aikeum Aegrae Desiccated Atmospheric Moisture Platinum
Notes: Nesting Moths. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Boscotea Oplometutium - Shot.jpg Boscotea Oplometutium Extendable Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Semi-Liquid Bulbs. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Cudicosa Elbaniscia - Shot.jpg Cudicosa Elbaniscia Far Reaching Soil Bacteria Carbon
Notes: Tiny Hairs. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Ehenetium Sidrumenae - Shot.jpg Ehenetium Sidrumenae Significant Radiotrophic Carbon
Notes: Sneaky. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Foagis Tidacima - Shot.jpg Foagis Tidacima Significant Carnivorous Roots Zinc
Notes: Glowing Tubers. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Fungal Cluster - Shot.jpg Fungal Cluster N/A N/A Fungal Mould
Notes: N/A. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Hinosceus Oillus - Shot.jpg Hinosceus Oillus Limited Osmosis Carbon
Notes: Golden Sap. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Ixusshosa Enforea - Shot.jpg Ixusshosa Enforea Branching Gamma Rays Marrow Bulb
Notes: Waxy Fruit. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Lufarsii Oquentalica - Shot.jpg Lufarsii Oquentalica Limited Sunlight Carbon
Notes: Pleasing Aroma. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Lutracae Aylarium - Shot.jpg Lutracae Aylarium Narrow Buried Carbon Carbon
Notes: Omni-Seasonal. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Nequae Ilveolera - Shot.jpg Nequae Ilveolera Concentrated Air Leaching Carbon
Notes: Airborne Seeds. Secondary Resource: Nitrogen
Biloudingse - Notalica Caofeexlegima - Shot.jpg Notalica Caofeexlegima Narrow Fungal Reclamation Carbon
Notes: Hollow. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Rekoideus Vaeholneae - Shot.jpg Rekoideus Vaeholneae Balanced Radio Waves Thamium9
Notes: Psychotropic Leaves. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Rocoifarum Iglaudica - Shot.jpg Rocoifarum Iglaudica Invasive Thermar Capture Carbon
Notes: Luminous Bulbs. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Suzeisius Cattia - Shot.jpg Suzeisius Cattia Limited Buried Treasure Carbon
Notes: Hibernating. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Tadomysis Reyae - Shot.jpg Tadomysis Reyae Hidden Electron Donors Carbon
Notes: Fragile Stems. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Ulkamima Rejudiae - Shot.jpg Ulkamima Rejudiae Widespread Sunlight Carbon
Notes: Slow Growing. Secondary Resource: Radon
Biloudingse - Uskloe Sequm - Shot.jpg Uskloe Sequm Efficient Meditation Carbon
Notes: Wind-Blown Seeds. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Uuaricii Vorae - Shot.jpg Uuaricii Vorae Regular Fungal Symbiosis Carbon
Notes: Fragile Bulbs. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Wichosa Anfaidica - Shot.jpg Wichosa Anfaidica Symbiotic Proton Recycling Marrow Bulb
Notes: Self-Healing Bark. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Zizarea Adleagis - Shot.jpg Zizarea Adleagis Desiccated Carbon Absorption Carbon
Notes: Nocturnal Pollinators. Secondary Resource: Nitrogen


Topological features of (ESS) Biloudingse

The terrain of (ESS) Biloudingse is mostly plain, with some other topological features, as hills, mountains and pits.

This planet also has long cave systems that can protect the Travelers from its toxic climate.

Discovered Minerals[]

Name Metal Content Formation Process Primary Element
Biloudingse - Aidavaite - Shot.jpg Aidavaite 75% Bedrock Expulsion Iron
Notes: Molten Core. Secondary Resource: Emeril
Biloudingse - Aoliventice - Shot.jpg Aoliventice 51% Old Bones Iron
Notes: High Density. Secondary Resource: Thamium9
Biloudingse - Blenberite - Shot.jpg Blenberite 80% Reductive Boiling Iron
Notes: Slow Moving. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Hahneevaite - Shot.jpg Hahneevaite 62% Living Stone Iron
Notes: Inedible. Secondary Resource: Copper
Biloudingse - Hogbomimite - Shot.jpg Hogbomimite 71% Wind Erosion Detritum
Notes: Unusually Soft. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Ioholite - Shot.jpg Ioholite 72% Ammonia Groundwater Iron
Notes: Partially Invisible. Secondary Resource: Gold
Biloudingse - Meschoenite - Shot.jpg Meschoenite 46% Low Energy Reaction Iron
Notes: Conductive. Secondary Resource: Platinum
Biloudingse - Mimerite - Shot.jpg Mimerite 46% Meteorite Impact Detritum
Notes: Silicate. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Ofoitime - Shot.jpg Ofoitime 57% High-Pressure Iron
Notes: Audiophobic. Secondary Resource: Iridium
Biloudingse - Rewelotrite - Shot.jpg Rewelotrite 70% Lithification Iron
Notes: Audiophobic. Secondary Resource: Aluminium
Biloudingse - Tischemite - Shot.jpg Tischemite 76% Tectonic Iron
Notes: Industrially Valuable. Secondary Resource: None
Biloudingse - Udremite - Shot.jpg Udremite 66% Calcium Secretion Iron
Notes: Pyroclastic. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Biloudingse - Suolicite - Shot.jpg Suolicite 45% Polymerisation Iron
Notes: Yeast Colony. Secondary Resource: Platinum

Atmosphere & Climate[]

Atmosphere is mostly clear

The atmosphere of (ESS) Biloudingse is mostly clear, with some mist during parts of the day. However, the Toxic Clouds keeps the toxicity level high enough to activate the protection systems of the exosuit, which will be depleted at an accelerated pace.

The Toxic Clouds makes green the predominant color of the environment, in the terrain and in the day skies. At night, the skies take on a dark blue color covered with green clouds.

  • Maximum Temperature: 18.9 ºC
  • Minimum Temperature: 18.8 ºC
  • Radioactivity (Rads): 0.6 - 1.2
  • Toxicity (Tox): 51.9 - 55.2

Notable Locations & Waypoints[]

Some places of interest marked with Communications Station are:

Image Name Description
Biloudingse - Pillars of Pitaretr-Lind - Shot.jpg Pillars of Pitaretr-Lind Portal at (ESS) Biloudingse
Biloudingse - Cooku Base - Aerial.jpg Cooku Base Base to be reclaimed
Biloudingse - Bodisolo, Version RU4-AI5 - Shot.jpg Bodisolo, Version RU4-AI5 Grave of Traveller Bodisolo. A portal Glyph can be learned here.
Biloudingse - Trading Post.jpg Trading Post Good place to shop for starships.
Biloudingse - ESS Outpost.jpg ESS Exploration Outpost Base camp of the ESS for this planet exploration.

Crashed Starships[]

Crash site Name Type Class Slots
Biloudingse - Kojiyodai S40 - Site.jpg Kojiyodai S40 Shuttle C Biloudingse - Kojiyodai S40 - Info.jpg