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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
(ESS) Etaibinzhuj
(ESS) Etaibinzhuj
Galaxy Euclid
Region Abikov Anomaly
Star system ESS-K-1F0 Southern Star
Atmosphere Extreme Fog
Terrain Irregular
Biome Lush - Tropical
Weather Boiling Superstorms
Resources Em, Ni, Hr, Sb, Sv
Sentinels Low Security
Flora Generous
Fauna High
Claimed by Euclidean Scholar's Society
Discovered by Edgarsoft
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode normal
Updated Atlas Rises

(ESS) Etaibinzhuj is a planet in No Man's Sky.


(ESS) Etaibinzhuj is a planet in the ESS-K-1F0 Southern Star system of the Abikov Anomaly on No Man's Sky.

This planet has a Tropical Biome and its more notorious features are constant rain with frequent Boiling Superstorms, and a very irregular terrain, mostly covered in green grass. There is also an extreme fog that covers the planet, and that gets worse when storms occur. The skies are soared by giant flying eels.

Alias names[]

All Original: Etaibinzhuj
PC Current: (ESS) Etaibinzhuj

Discovered Date[]

17/2/2018 (20:28), on PC by ESS scholar Edgarsoft.


Etaibinzhuj's resources scan info

Resources at (ESS) Etaibinzhuj are ‘’’Irregular’’’.

Valuable Sac Venom can be found on this planet. However, Travellers have to be careful in harvesting this resource, because taking one of them would grant a three star wanted status, and the Sentinels will attack immediately. Also, the Sac Venom plants will expand its needles when nearby, causing damage.

Discovered Minerals[]

Image Resource Form Rarity
Etaibinzhuj - Emeril - Pillar - Shot - 02.jpg Emeril Resource-lined holes / Pillars Common
Etaibinzhuj - Nickel - Shot.jpg Nickel Ring-shapped Deposits / Vertical Pillars Common
Etaibinzhuj - Heridium - Shot.jpg Heridium Vertical Pillars Common
Etaibinzhuj - Star Bramble - Shot - 02.jpg Star Bulb Star Bramble Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Nahorium Iparoe - Shot.jpg Zinc Flower / Rocks Common
Etaibinzhuj - Xoideoe Opleum - Shot.jpg Platinum Flower Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Plutonium - Shot.jpg Plutonium Crystals, Rocks Common
Etaibinzhuj - Fustumae Yemstea - Shot.jpg Thamium9 Flower Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Lulaedomii Caeanreum - Shot.jpg Marrow Bulb Flower Common (In caves)
Etaibinzhuj - Sac Venom - Shot.jpg Sac Venom Sac Venom Rare
Etaibinzhuj - Titanium - Shot.jpg Titanium Crystals Rare
SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon Plants Common
Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron Rocks Common
NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.uncommon1.png Aluminium Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.common1.png Copper Rocks Uncommon
SUBSTANCE.PLANT.POOP.png Coprite Plants, Animal Feces Uncommon
SUBSTANCE.SUBCREATURE.png Mordite Animal Corpses, Plants Common
GAS.3.png Nitrogen Plants Uncommon
Note: For more details see Flora and Geology sections.



(ESS) Etaibinzhuj's Flying eels

(ESS) Etaibinzhuj has ‘’’High’’’ fauna, and animals can be found everywhere and in big herds. Most notorious are its giant flying eels.

Discovered Animals[]

Name Genus Rarity Notes
Etaibinzhuj - Abroillaea Pepus - Alpha - Constant - Shot.jpg Abroillaea Pepus Oxyacta Rare
Etaibinzhuj - Aounarimae Tubu - Exotic - Elderly - Shot.jpg Aounarimae Tubu Theroma Rare Mega Fauna
Etaibinzhuj - Batesiniserae Xige - Asymmetric - Adult - Shot.jpg Batesiniserae Xige Felidae Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Delinesiia Alfa - Alpha - Adult - Shot.jpg Delinesiia Alfa Anastomus Uncommon Aggressive
Etaibinzhuj - Diteotecomaeum Tubu - Exotic - Mature - Shot.jpg Diteotecomaeum Tubu Tetraceris Rare Mega Fauna
Etaibinzhuj - Emeniium Xige - Indeterminate - Adult - Shot.jpg Emeniium Xige Procavya Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Ithbiruseum Ompli - Male - Elderly - Shot.jpg Ithbiruseum Ompli Procavya Uncommon Cave dwellers
Etaibinzhuj - Noduliumosa Tequo - Asymmetric - Mature - Shot.jpg Noduliumosa Tequo Anastomus Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Ruusimae Etiro - None - Adult - Shot.jpg Ruusimae Etiro Bos Common Aggressive cave dwellers
Etaibinzhuj - Xigoriussiium Tequo - Symmetric - Elderly - Shot.jpg Xigoriussiium Tequo Felihex Uncommon
Etaibinzhuj - Yirusatumea Pepus - Exotic - Mature - Shot.jpg Yirusatumea Pepus Oxyacta Rare
Etaibinzhuj - Yurutisica Tequo - Radical - Adult - Shot.jpg Yurutisica Tequo Procavya Common

Zoology Scan Completion[]

PC: 100%


Typical flora at (ESS) Etaibinzhuj

Flora at (ESS) Etaibinzhuj is ‘’’Generous’’’ and consist of several types of grass, bushes and trees.

Star Bramble can be found or grown on this tropical planet, and its Star Bulb fruit can be used in the creation of Poly Fibre.

Discovered plants[]

Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource
Etaibinzhuj - Disonae Raborosecea - Shot.jpg Disonae Raborosecea Narrow Radio Waves Carbon
Notes: Spongy Coating. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Fustumae Yemstea - Shot.jpg Fustumae Yemstea Heat Seeking External Maintenance Thamium9
Notes: Wailing Roots. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Kabea Listonium - Shot.jpg Kabea Listonium Not Present External Maintenance Carbon
Notes: Liquidises Soil. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Kretosa Aiciusosa - Shot.jpg Kretosa Aiciusosa Substantial Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Sensitive to Light. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Lulaedomii Caeanreum - Shot.jpg Lulaedomii Caeanreum Circular Conjuration Marrow Bulb
Notes: Self-Pollinating. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Nahorium Iparoe - Shot.jpg Nahorium Iparoe Extensive Photosynthesis Zinc
Notes: Hive Mind. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Nebulae Poneus - Shot.jpg Nebulae Poneus Parasitic Meditation Carbon
Notes: Toxic Bark. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Onfum Esmae - Shot.jpg Onfum Esmae Obtuse Fungal Symbiosis Carbon
Notes: Hibernating. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Paonyus Okheum - Shot.jpg Paonyus Okheum Bi-directional Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Inedible Petals. Secondary Resource: Mordite
Etaibinzhuj - Reliareteum Ketoe - Shot.jpg Reliareteum Ketoe Hidden Fungal Symbiosis Marrow Bulb
Notes: Hypnotic Perfume. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Sozoe Zostum - Shot.jpg Sozoe Zostum Circular Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Frost Resistant. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Star Bramble - Shot.jpg Star Bramble N/A N/A Star Bulb
Notes: N/A. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Xoideoe Opleum - Shot.jpg Xoideoe Opleum Transferrable Fungal Reclamation Platinum
Notes: Tidal Sap. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Yolleum Urbitibarmae - Shot.jpg Yolleum Urbitibarmae Desiccated Fungal Harvest Carbon
Notes: Golden Sap. Secondary Resource: Nitrogen


Typical terrain features

The topological features of (ESS) Etaibinzhuj include a very rough terrain, full of mountains, peaks, hills and canyons.

Something notorious of its geology are giant ring-shaped rock formations.

There are also deep underground cave systems that can serve as shelter from the boiling superstorms of this planet.

Discovered Rocks[]

Name Metal Content Formation Process Primary Element
Etaibinzhuj - Ammelaite - Shot.jpg Ammelaite 68% Photonic Iron
Notes: Durable. Secondary Resource: Aluminium
Etaibinzhuj - Bultfite - Shot.jpg Bultfite 48% Manetic Attraction Iron
Notes: Porous. Secondary Resource: Zinc
Etaibinzhuj - Cianerite - Shot.jpg Cianerite 49% Salt Bonding Detritum
Notes: High Phosphate. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Detellite - Shot.jpg Detellite 78% Gravitational Iron
Notes: Shatter Resistant. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Kuzelite - Shot.jpg Kuzelite 48% Calcium Secretion Iron
Notes: Water Resistant. Secondary Resource: Zinc
Etaibinzhuj - Shaleite - Shot.jpg Shaleite 78% Soil Compaction Iron
Notes: Artificial. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Sigliaite - Shot.jpg Sigliaite 46% Coalescence Detritum
Notes: Musical When Struck. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Tigliaite - Shot.jpg Tigliaite 54% Calcified Fauna Iron
Notes: Multi-Layered. Secondary Resource: Plutonium
Etaibinzhuj - Uerehnite - Shot.jpg Uerehnite 69% Tectonic Iron
Notes: Potentially Synthetic. Secondary Resource: Aluminium
Etaibinzhuj - Urushacroite - Shot.jpg Urushacroite 78% Bedrock Expulsion Iron
Notes: Proto Cellular Structure. Secondary Resource: None
Etaibinzhuj - Yeeliite - Shot.jpg Yeeliite 64% Bedrock Expulsion Iron
Notes: Hard Wearing. Secondary Resource: Copper

Atmosphere & Climate[]

Because of the fog, vision is very limited

Weather at (ESS) Etaibinzhuj is very complicated. It presents a constant rain, with frequent boiling superstorms that can reach more that 150ºC. It also has a dense fog that makes sight very difficult, even at short distance. When hovering on the starship, vision is nearly impossible. At night, the vision get better as the fog is not very dense.

During the day, the skies have a light turquoise hue with white clouds and when the night falls, it takes a dark blue color with green clouds.

  • Maximum Temperature: 31.1 ºC
  • Minimum Temperature: 25.5 ºC - 16.5 ºC (in caves)
  • Storm Temperature: 150.2 ºC
  • Radioactivity (Rads): 0.0 - 1.9
  • Toxicity (Tox): 0.4 - 13.5

Notable Locations & Waypoints[]

Some places of interest marked with Communications Station are:

Image Name Description
Etaibinzhuj - Gutti Landmark - Shot.jpg Gutti Landmark Portal at (ESS) Etaibinzhuj
Etaibinzhuj - Kasvak-Dovin Outpost - Aerial.jpg Kasvak-Dovin Outpost Base to be reclaimed
Etaibinzhuj - Arqueng-Gacr, Generation 48M-AI4 - Shot.jpg Arqueng-Gacr, Generation 48M-AI4 Grave of Traveller Arqueng-Gacr. A portal Glyph can be learned here.
Etaibinzhuj - Trading Post.jpg Trading Post Good place to shop for starships.
Etaibinzhuj - Wreck of the Ichir-Izuk VI - Shot.jpg Wreck of the Ichir-Izuk VI Crashed freighter site

Crashed Starships[]