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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
(ESS) Unszoongbak
(ESS) Unszoongbak
Galaxy Euclid
Region Abikov Anomaly
Star system Adrino-Akhna
Atmosphere Extreme Fog
Terrain Hilly
Biome Lush - Tropical
Weather Boiling Superstorms
Resources Em, Cu, Hr, Sb, Ke, Vc, Aq
Sentinels Regular
Flora None
Fauna None
Discovered by Edgarsoft
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode normal
Updated Atlas Rises

Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of the planet. For the Pathfinder version, see (ESS) Unszoongbak (Pathfinder).

(ESS) Unszoongbak is a planet in No Man's Sky.


(ESS) Unszoongbak is a planet in the Adrino-Akhna system of the Abikov Anomaly on No Man's Sky.

This planet has a Tropical Biome of which the more notorious features are constant rain with frequent Boiling Superstorms, desolate, rocky surface and enormous oceans. There is also an extreme fog that covers the planet, and that gets worse when storms occur.

Alias names[]

All Original: Unszoongbak
PC Current: (ESS) Unszoongbak

Discovered Date[]

9/5/2017 (22:08), on PC by ESS scholar Edgarsoft.


Unszoongbak's resources scan info

Resources at (ESS) Unszoongbak are Regular.

Vortex Cubes can be found on this planet. However, Travellers have to be careful in harvesting this resource, as taking one of them would grant a 3 star wanted status, and Sentinels will attack immediately.

Other valuable resource that can be found on the oceans of (ESS) Unszoongbak, are the AquaSphere, an extremely valuable curiosity that can be sold for some good money, or used in the creation of several technologies.

Plutonium is very scarce in this planet and it can be found mostly on caves or as a secondary resource on some rocks.

Some of the minerals that can be found in this planet are:

Image Resource Form Rarity
Unszoongbak - Vortex Cube - Shot.jpg Vortex Cube Vortex Cube Rare
Unszoongbak - Star Bramble - Shot.jpg Star Bulb Plants Uncommon
Unszoongbak - Emeril - Shot.jpg Emeril Resource-lined holes Common
Substance.neutral.common1.png Copper Deposits / Rocks Rare
Unszoongbak - Heridium - Shot.jpg Heridium Vertical Pillars / Rocks Common
Unszoongbak - Riktikosa Bobetaoe - Shot.jpg Zinc Flower / Rocks Common
Unszoongbak - Epsitica Teirarii - Shot.jpg Platinum Flower Uncommon
Unszoongbak - Plutonium - Shot.jpg Plutonium Crystals / Rocks Rare
Unszoongbak - Idnaeum Learcedium - Shot.jpg Thamium9 Flower / Rocks Uncommon
Unszoongbak - Aymensis Iopolus - Shot.jpg Marrow Bulb Flowers Common (In caves)
Unszoongbak - Zotoe Legavelae - Shot.jpg Kelp Sac Plants Uncommon
Unszoongbak - AquaSphere - Shot.jpg AquaSphere AquaSphere Rare
SUBSTANCE.FUEL.1.png Carbon Plants Common
Substance.commodity.common1.png Iron Rocks Common
NmsResource Detritum Icon.png Detritum Rocks Common
Substance.neutral.common3.png Iridium Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.uncommon2.png Gold Rocks Uncommon
GAS.1.png Sulphurine Plants Uncommon
GAS.3.png Nitrogen Plants Uncommon
Substance.neutral.uncommon1.png Aluminium Rocks Uncommon
Substance.neutral.common2.png Nickel Rocks Uncommon
Note: For more details see Flora and Geology sections.



The constant boiling superstorms of (ESS) Unszoongbak makes the development of animal life imposible, so it is devoid of any fauna.

Zoology Scan Completion[]



Typical underwater flora at (ESS) Unszoongbak

The ground flora at (ESS) Unszoongbak is very limited. Only small plants can develop in its climate.

In the oceans, the flora is more abundant, featuring algae, sponges and seaweed. The Zotoe Legavelae plant can be found there, and its harvested product Kelp Sac can be used for the construction of several products.

Star Bramble can be found or grown on this tropical planet, and its Star Bulb fruit can be used in the creation of Poly Fibre.

Discovered plants[]

The discovered flora species are:

Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource
Unszoongbak - Aeroe Luserae - Shot.jpg Aeroe Luserae Extensive Fungal Reclamation Carbon
Notes: High Internal Pressure. Secondary Resource: Nitrogen
Unszoongbak - Asurrus Hexae - Shot.jpg Asurrus Hexae Complex Carbon Absorption Carbon
Notes: Inaudible. Secondary Resource: Sulphurine
Unszoongbak - Aymensis Iopolus - Shot.jpg Aymensis Iopolus Limited Salt Fusion Marrow Bulb
Notes: Translucent Nuts. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Epsitica Teirarii - Shot.jpg Epsitica Teirarii Global Photosynthesis Platinum
Notes: Multicolour Wood. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Fossium Ulemus - Shot.jpg Fossium Ulemus Extendable Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Parasitic Leaves. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Idnaeum Learcedium - Shot.jpg Idnaeum Learcedium Unfathomable Free Radicals Thamium9
Notes: Covered in Tiny Eggs. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Igonesoe Stonesica - Shot.jpg Igonesoe Stonesica Transferrable Gamma Rays Carbon
Notes: Vigorous. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Jectae Bukettumae - Shot.jpg Jectae Bukettumae Many-Limbed Infrared Radiation Carbon
Notes: Aggressive. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Kihoaspeus Cemalus - Shot.jpg Kihoaspeus Cemalus Not Present Photosynthesis Carbon
Notes: Insect Habitation. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Niardae Risiatae - Shot.jpg Niardae Risiatae Desiccated Heat Recycling Carbon
Notes: Potentially Medicinal. Secondary Resource: Nitrogen
Unszoongbak - Papreum Aisnetisoe - Shot.jpg Papreum Aisnetisoe Voluminous Osmosis Carbon
Notes: Inedible Petals. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Riktikosa Bobetaoe - Shot.jpg Riktikosa Bobetaoe Parasitic Decomposition Zinc
Notes: Fireproof Nuts. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Sefortusis Ioquea - Shot.jpg Sefortusis Ioquea Far Reaching Carnivorous Roots Carbon
Notes: Calcifuge. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Star Bramble - Shot.jpg Star Bramble N/A N/A Star Bulb
Notes: N/A. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Tollia Pipoiseus - Shot.jpg Tollia Pipoiseus Independent Parasitic Leaching Carbon
Notes: Parasitic Leaves. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Tubulica Elkuseum - Shot.jpg Tubulica Elkuseum Unsupported Fermented Corpses Carbon
Notes: Spongy Coating. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Usdatae Gusioe - Shot.jpg Usdatae Gusioe Complex Carnivorous Marrow Bulb
Notes: Combustible Fruit. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Zotoe Legavelae - Shot.jpg Zotoe Legavelae Transferrable Natural Carbon Kelp Sac
Notes: Inedible Petals. Secondary Resource: None


Typical terrain features

The topological features of (ESS) Unszoongbak include a very rough terrain, full of mountains, peaks and hills.

The oceans are deep and feature several type of rock formations, most of them covered in coral.

There are also deep underground cave systems in the ground and in the oceans.

Discovered Rocks[]

The discovered rocks formations are:

Name Metal Content Formation Process Primary Element
Unszoongbak - Adsonsite - Shot.jpg Adsonsite 76% Calcified Fauna Iron
Notes: Liquid Centre. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Areburite - Shot.jpg Areburite 55% Petrifaction Detritum
Notes: Feldspar. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Auynerite - Shot.jpg Auynerite 49% Gas Bubles Iron
Notes: Toxic Dust. Secondary Resource: Zinc
Unszoongbak - Biguccioite - Shot.jpg Biguccioite 68% Cementation Detritum
Notes: Mimic. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Bisqueite - Shot.jpg Bisqueite 74% Metal Vapour Detritum
Notes: Frozen in Time. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Ekataite - Shot.jpg Ekataite 58% Volcanic Iron
Notes: High Phosphate. Secondary Resource: Iridium
Unszoongbak - Gemimoite - Shot.jpg Gemimoite 63% Sublimation Detritum
Notes: Gravitational Bonds. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Gordsite - Shot.jpg Gordsite 65% Water Transport Iron
Notes: Buoyant. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Unszoongbak - Guhborite - Shot.jpg Guhborite 54% High-Pressure Detritum
Notes: Conductive. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Hoonetibe - Shot.jpg Hoonetibe 60% Fossilisation Iron
Notes: Exfoliating. Secondary Resource: Iridium
Unszoongbak - Illopite - Shot.jpg Illopite 65% Gas Bubles Iron
Notes: Mollusc Habitat. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Unszoongbak - Irfisite - Shot.jpg Irfisite 47% Salt Bonding Detritum
Notes: Contains Water. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Jarechaite - Shot.jpg Jarechaite 64% Soil Compaction Iron
Notes: Potentially Synthetic. Secondary Resource: Copper
Unszoongbak - Joseckite - Shot.jpg Joseckite 68% Petrifaction Detritum
Notes: Mimic. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Josemite - Shot.jpg Josemite 48% Atmospheric Metal Detritum
Notes: Abrasive. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Kestaite - Shot.jpg Kestaite 72% Living Stone Iron
Notes: Yeast Colony. Secondary Resource: Gold
Unszoongbak - Kudrentine - Shot.jpg Kudrentine 62% Atmospheric Metal Iron
Notes: Low Specific Gravity. Secondary Resource: Copper
Unszoongbak - Nekhaiite - Shot.jpg Nekhaiite 73% Animal Deposits Iron
Notes: Musical When Struck. Secondary Resource: Gold
Unszoongbak - Oiriggite - Shot.jpg Oiriggite 73% Salt Baked Detritum
Notes: High Density. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Okshiite - Shot.jpg Okshiite 51% Localised Black Hole Iron
Notes: Mimic. Secondary Resource: Thamium9
Unszoongbak - Ooellite - Shot.jpg Ooellite 73% Evaporation Iron
Notes: Infested. Secondary Resource: Gold
Unszoongbak - Osbohmarite - Shot.jpg Osbohmarite 47% Soil Amalgamation Iron
Notes: Gravitational Bonds. Secondary Resource: Zinc
Unszoongbak - Pagarthite - Shot.jpg Pagarthite 65% Cementation Iron
Notes: Contains Water. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Unszoongbak - Povozite - Shot.jpg Povozite 42% Tectonic Iron
Notes: Extreme Salt Content. Secondary Resource: Heridium
Unszoongbak - Rivinite - Shot.jpg Rivinite 42% Wind Erosion Detritum
Notes: Ancient. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Ruzikonite - Shot.jpg Ruzikonite 70% Comet Fragment Iron
Notes: Multi-Layered. Secondary Resource: Aluminium
Unszoongbak - Sularseite - Shot.jpg Sularseite 48% Jet Pressure Detritum
Notes: Igenous. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Tasbecaite - Shot.jpg Tasbecaite 69% Bedrock Expulsion Iron
Notes: Shatter Resistant. Secondary Resource: Aluminium
Unszoongbak - Tisteruite - Shot.jpg Tisteruite 67% Gravitational Iron
Notes: Unusually Soft. Secondary Resource: Nickel
Unszoongbak - Tucklite - Shot.jpg Tucklite 76% Diagenesis Iron
Notes: Contains Water. Secondary Resource: None
Unszoongbak - Uzeliite - Shot.jpg Uzeliite 63% Calcified Fauna Iron
Notes: Molten Core. Secondary Resource: Copper
Unszoongbak - Yavarite - Shot.jpg Yavarite 53% Fossilisation Iron
Notes: Inert. Secondary Resource: Plutonium
Unszoongbak - Zugshuaite - Shot.jpg Zugshuaite 42% Hydrothermal Iron
Notes: Superconductive. Secondary Resource: Heridium

Atmosphere & Climate[]

Because of the fog, vision while hovering is nearly imposible

Weather at (ESS) Unszoongbak is very complicated. It presents a constant rain, with frequent boiling superstorms that can reach more that 140ºC. It also has a dense fog that make sight very difficult, even at short distance. When hovering on the starship, vision is nearly impossible. At night, the vision get better as the fog is not very dense.

During the day, the skies have a light turquoise hue with white clouds and when the night falls, it takes the characteristic black sky and blue clouds of this star system.

  • Maximum Temperature: 27.4
  • Minimum Temperature: 14.7
  • Storm Temperature: 146.3
  • Water Temperature: 34.9
  • Radioactivity (Rads): 0.0 - 1.8
  • Toxicity (Tox): 15.8 - 18.5

Notable Locations & Waypoints[]

Some places of interest marked with Communications Station are:

Image Name Description
Unszoongbak - Tribute to Soinax-Orme - Shot.jpg Tribute to Soinax-Orme Portal at (ESS) Unszoongbak
Unszoongbak - Keerd-Kebe Colony - Aerial.jpg Keerd-Kebe Colony Base to be reclaimed
Unszoongbak - Outpost.jpg ESS Exploration Outpost Operations camp of the ESS on (ESS) Unszoongbak
Unszoongbak - Trading Post.jpg Trading Post Good place to shop for starships
Unszoongbak - Wreck of MS ledansv-Ugar's Vision - Shot.jpg Wreck of MS Ledansv-Ugar's Vision Crashed freighter site at (ESS) Unszoongbak

Crashed Starships[]

Crash site Name Type Class Slots
Unszoongbak - Betsuruo S59 - Site.jpg Betsuruo S59 Fighter A Unszoongbak - Betsuruo S59 - Info.jpg
Unszoongbak - Oakegawa S29 - Site.jpg Oakegawa S29 Hauler C Unszoongbak - Oakegawa S29 - Info.jpg
Unszoongbak - Zuhofersl S69 - Site.jpg Zuhofersl S69 Shuttle B Unszoongbak - Zuhofersl S69 - Info.jpg