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Aeration Membrane (NEXT)
Aeration Membrane (NEXT)
Extends duration of underwater exploration.
Category Exosuit - Life Support
Type Companion Unit
Updated NEXT
Disambig.png This article is about the NEXT version of Aeration Membrane. For the current version, see Aeration Membrane.

The Aeration Membrane system is a Stamina technology upgrade for the Exosuit.


Aeration Membranes increase a user's ability to swim underwater longer, and can be used alongside other Aeration Membrane upgrades. This effect is not increased by additional Aeration Membranes in the user's inventory, although they will automatically take over when each successive level runs out.

Operates automatically once constructed within the user's Exosuit inventory.

Upgrade progression[]

The Aeration Membrane system has the following upgrades available:

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