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Alliance of Atlas Travellers
Alliance of Atlas Travellers.png
Alliance of Atlas Travellers
Galaxy Eissentam
Quadrant Delta
Region Qolevni Boundary
Capital system AAT Nova Sun
Capital planet Nova
Coordinates 0D8D:006B:0E89:0011
Founded by Space Explorer
Platform PC
Release Living Ship

The Alliance of Atlas Travellers is a civilized space community.


The Alliance of Atlas Travellers is a civilized space community.

There was a time when we were alone, lost in an immense universe. But time goes by, the boundaries collapse. We had to unite, with one goal : explore, understand the mysteries of nature, and fight against our enemies: the sentinels and an obscure force: Abyss. The Alliance of Atlas Travellers is an independent region, and it will remain independent and neutral in the face of conflicts taking place in the galaxy; the AAT is also an observer civilization.

To ensure the protection of the population, the AAT has significant defense forces.


The AAT was created at the Cycle 1. His home system was Berry Meadows in the AAT Abyss Black Hole system. An administrative outpost, the AAT Main Outpost was built on Berry Meadows the same cycle. At Cycle 2, the AAT Anomaly Research Center was built. Explorers are dispersed in the surrounding systems to map the region. In Cycle 6, rumors regarding the existence of living starships emerged in the AAT. After an investigation, it was discovered that these ships are created from the souls of Travelers, so it was decided that these ships are prohibited from flying in the AAT.

Dozens of cycles laters, due to the augmentation of living starships in the Euclid galaxy and the potential threat caused, it has been decided to move the AAT to the Eissentam galaxy, a new era for the Alliance of Atlas Travellers. It's a more tranquil place, with more hospitable worlds. The new homeworld is Nova in the AAT Nova Sun system, in the Qolevni Boundary region.


The Alliance of Atlas Travellers is located in the Vaughs Adjunct, in the Eissentam galaxy.

Naming Guidelines

Every system from the Alliance of Atlas Travellers must have [AAT] in their name.

Discovered systems


Old systems in Euclid galaxy

Documented Systems

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
AAT Nova Sun Qolevni Boundary PC Desolation
AAT Abyss Black Hole Vaughs Adjunct Yellow Experimental Vy'keen 5 0 PC Living Ship
AAT Fog Anomaly Vaughs Adjunct Yellow Engineering Korvax 4 0 PC Living Ship
AAT Phoenicus Vaughs Adjunct Yellow Prospecting Vy'keen 5 1 PC Synthesis
AAT Southern Light Vaughs Adjunct Yellow Trading Korvax 4 0 PC Synthesis
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