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This page fills the role of Embassy for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers Civilized space community.
The information found here represents a user-created civilization hub that is a creative addition to the game.

Alliance of Galactic Travellers
Alliance of Galactic Travellers
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Gamma
Region Yihelli Quadrant
Capital system AGT Embassy (Yihelli Quadrant)
Capital planet AGT Nexus (Yihelli Quadrant)
Coordinates 043D:0072:0D44:001C
Size Hub-R
Type Construction, Documentation, & Profit
Founded by Afwngs
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4/PC/XBOX
Release Expeditions

The Alliance of Galactic Travellers is a civilized space community.

Summary[edit | edit source]

NMS Euclid Map
AGT Euclid Outposts Map

The Alliance of Galactic Travellers or AGT is a Civilized space alliance of independent Travellers, Companies and foundations of players (PC, PS4 and Xbox) that participate in nomadic exploration oriented gameplay within the NMS universe. The group was formed on 8 April 2017 during a discussion in the NMS Facebook Group and has grown from 15 initial members to over 2000 (as of 9-Apr-2021).

Players participating in the coalition refer to themselves as Traveller and primarily meet on the AGT Facebook Group and on Discord.

Current Operations[edit | edit source]

The AGT is primarily a nomadic group of players who are free to base themselves in any quadrant of any galaxy of their choosing. Traveller members are free to explore, discover and research to their own ends, with a strong emphasis being placed on sharing information and discoveries within the AGT community so as to educate and enlighten the group as a whole.

The AGT have established recognised 'capital regions' in a number of galaxies. AGT travellers are free to base themselves in these regions either permanently or temporarily and to participate and flourish within a community of their peers. However it is noted and acknowledged that only a small percentage of the overall AGT group have made their homes within the capital regions, with the majority continuing a nomadic existence and basing themselves where their heart desires.

AGT By The Numbers[edit | edit source]

In the wiki, the AGT has the following documented (Traveller Foundation contributions noted individually):

Item PC PS4 Xbox ?? Total
AGT Regions -- -- -- -- 325
+ xTF Regions -- -- -- -- 72
AGT Starsystems 988 1,173 201 15 2,366
(AGT xTF Starsystems) 25 835 0 0 860
AGT Planets and Moons 1,315 497 411 0 2,223
AGT Fauna Discoveries 1,392 4 2 0 1,399
AGT Starships 549 19 0 0 568
AGT Multi-tools 284 13 1 0 298
AGT Base Records 87 139 2 0 228


  1. In order to get the latest updated numbers in this table, click on the small triangle icon (right of the HISTORY link at the top right hand side of this page) and press PURGE CACHE.
  2. The current counts represent pre-Expeditions era universe merging (PC, Xbox, PS discoveries merged). As a result there is some substantial double or triple counting. It will be considerable time before we can validate and prune the database to reflect only the merged systems and planets.
  3. Totals may not match exactly if platform parameters have values that vary from PC/PS4/Xbox
  4. For more information, refer to the AGT Bureau of Statistics.
  5. Travellers Foundation Regions and systems are identified separately. Planets/moons, fauna, MT, ships and bases from a Travellers Foundation in AGT named systems are currently included in AGT counts.

AGT Recent History[edit | edit source]

AGT Stardate UTC Date Event Notes
3737.17.04 17-Apr-2021 AGT Fourth Anniversary celebrations planned NEW!!!
3737.25.01 25-Jan-2021 UFT Circular Tribute (AGT) opened in UFT Shared System NEW!!!
3736.28.12 28 Dec 2020 Budullangr Travellers Foundation launched NEW!!!
3736.19.12 19 Dec 2020 AGT participates in Unification Day 2020 NEW!!!
3736.14.12 14 Dec 2020 AGT reaches 1000 fauna documented on wiki NEW!!!
3736.12.12 12 Dec 2020 Zavainlani Travellers Foundation launched
3736.11.12 11 Dec 2020 AGT Banner available as a Quicksilver Synthesis Companion reward

A full detailed historical record of the AGT is maintained in the AGT History galactic archive record pages.

The historical archives of the AGT are managed by the AGT Bureau of Historical Affairs.

AGT Census[edit | edit source]

NmsMisc Census.jpg

There is a new Origins era census occurring. All AGT travellers are asked to complete the AGT Census now.

[edit | edit source]

Official current logos are as illustrated:

The following flag & banner variations have been lodged with the Federation Vexillology Department. These are officially recognised as signifying an AGT outpost/colony and can be used by all AGT Travellers to signify this.

For past historical logos and flags, see AGT Historical Flags and Emblems.

Notable AGT Regions and Star Systems[edit | edit source]

Please see AGT Notable Systems of Interest.

AGT Organization Structure[edit | edit source]

The AGT is administered by a collective group of long standing travellers known as the AGT Senior Leadership Team or SLT. The SLT oversees a series of Bureaus which administer the functions of the AGT. For more information, refer to the AGT Organization Structure.

AGT Bureau of the Galactic Archives[edit | edit source]

The AGT maintains one of the largest, permanent, and publicly available databases of information known as the AGT Galactic Archives in the NMS universe. Public access is available to all NMS players for categorized databases of all documented discoveries.

It is administered by the AGT Bureau of Galactic Archives.

AGT Bureau of Traveller Services[edit | edit source]

Participating in the AGT[edit | edit source]

See AGT - Participation Guidelines.

Naming Convention[edit | edit source]

See AGT Naming Convention Guidelines.

Department of Traveller Honours[edit | edit source]

See AGT Traveller Hall of Honours.

AGT Online Tools and Forms[edit | edit source]

See AGT Tools and Forms.

Provide feedback to the AGT Senior Leadership Team HERE.

Intergalactic Travellers Foundations[edit | edit source]

The AGT operates in close cooperation with a series of Travellers Foundations, which are grouped into the Intergalactic Travellers Foundation (IGTF). The Traveller Foundations focus and direct the AGT efforts in specific regional initiatives in galaxies outside of Euclid and the Hilbert Dimension. The IGTF sits on the AGT SLT board and help direct the AGT policy and direction. The AGT offers these foundations to non-nomadic travellers for specific and focused activities in specific regions of each galaxy on a non-exclusive basis.

AGT Infrastructure Subsidiary Partnership[edit | edit source]

The AGT has an infrastructure member partnership program for companies that provide industrial scale farming and resource collection service sites (bases) for the AGT.

The AGT has long-standing and close ties with the partners noted below who operate in full compliance and cooperation as extensions of the AGT under this program:

AGT Foreign Relations[edit | edit source]

The AGT is a founding - and current - member of the United Federation of Travelers and offers support and friendship to all participating civilisations. We are most closely aligned with the Galactic Hub Project. We have partnered closely with the Amino Hub and NMS Café (now Cafe 42).

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