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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
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Alloys are products, a combination of elements that provide additional qualities not present in the original elements.


Alloys are used in manufacturing, especially as construction components for starships and buildings.

At present, starships can't be built and there are no buildings that requires the use of an alloy. Alloys CAN be crafted using raw materials or other alloys to create additional alloys and items to trade.

The game contains eight specific alloys, two of which include other alloys as an ingredient.

Icon Alloy Made of Description Base value  units
Product.metallic.1.png Aronium Ionised Cobalt, Paraffinium A lightweight and highly malleable alloy. Crafted from Ionised Cobalt and Paraffinium. In high demand on the Galactic Trade Network due to its utility in the construction of planetside outposts and facilities 25,000
Product.metallic.5.png Magno-Gold Ionised Cobalt, Phosphorus Highly prized and lustrous alloy. Popular with traders of all known primary galactic races. Easily recognizable by its bright red glow and strong magnetic field. (formerly known as Magmox 25,000
Product.metallic.6.png Grantine Ionised Cobalt, Dioxite Soft workable alloy favored by artisans throughout the known galaxy. A popular trading good, with many galactic shipping paths devoted to its sale and transport. 25,000
Product.metallic.3.png Herox Ionised Cobalt, Ammonia Combined neutral alloy with uses that range from pharmacology all the way to heavy industry. Forms the backbone of galactic alloy trading. 25,000
Product.metallic.2.png Dirty Bronze Pyrite, Pure Ferrite A popular metal alloy with a wide variety of uses. 'Dirty Bronze' has shed its scientific name in favor of the popular term for its colour. 25,000
Product.metallic.4.png Lemmium Uranium, Pure Ferrite] Heavy metal alloy. Used extensively in starship freighter construction due to its sheer strength. 25,000.0
PRODUCT.IRIDISITE.png Iridesite Aronium, Magno-Gold, Grantine Advanced light metal alloy traded throughout the galactic Outer Edge. Often used in the interiors of trading shuttles to reduce weight as the ascend from planets with high gravitational fields. 150,000.0
PRODUCT.METALLIC.7.png Geodesite Herox, Dirty Bronze, Lemmium Advanced and durable alloy primarily used in starship hull construction and deep-space exploration drone technology 150,000.0


Alloys can be crafted by the player after acquiring the respective blueprint. Alloy blueprints drop, for example, as rewards from completing Operations Centre events.

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