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Disambig.png This article is about the planet located in Zevangi-Omemo star system. For other uses, see Arcadia (Disambiguation).
The subject of this article is from the Abyss update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 21 November, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Yokoju Fringe
Star system Zevangi-Omemo
Biome Toxic
Weather Corrosive Rainstorms
Sentinels Average
Flora Ample
Fauna Frequent
Claimed by Arcadian Republic
Discovery platform PS4
Updated Abyss

Arcadia is one of five planets in the Zevangi-Omemo system.


Arcadia is a planet in the star system Zevangi-Omemo.

It was the capital planet of the The Arcadia Project during the Pathfinder era. The Arcadia Project, and the Arcadian Republic were named after the planet however since the Pathfinder era Arcadia has not held Garden World status..

This planet is of historical significance to the Arcadian Republic and access to Arcadia is monitored.

Planet Description[]

The surface of Arcadia


Notable locations[]




Screenshot of original Arcadia

  • Arcadia was first discovered on the PS4 before the Foundation (Update). As a result the planet changed with the resetting of the galaxy. Arcadia was originally an extremely toxic planet with a 102.7 Tox level that got stronger when it was hit by extreme storms.

Atlas Rises Era[]

Arcadia during the Atlas Rises era

During the Atlas Rises era, this planet had the following differences:

  • Region: Yokoju Fringe
  • System: Zevangi-Omemo
  • Garden World: No
  • Weather: Extreme Nuclear Decay
  • Sentinels: Average
  • Flora: Ample
  • Fauna: Typical

Pathfinder Era[]

Arcadia during the Pathfinder era

During the Pathfinder era, this planet had the following differences:

Historical Navigation[]


Atlas Rises[]