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The subject of this article is from the Atlas Rises update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 23 July, 2018.
Disambig.png This article is about the Atlas Rises version of Galaxy Centre. For the Beyond version, see Galaxy Centre.
Galaxy Centre
Galaxy Centre
Type Destination
Description Center of the galaxy
Updated Atlas Rises

Galaxy Centre is a destination.


It was once believed that reaching the Galaxy Centre was the goal of No Man's Sky. However to reach it, you would have to travel through an unknown number of galaxies first. So far this appears to be a fallacy and there is no actual centre of the Universe; only an untold number of galaxies to travel through. At this point, 257 distinct galaxies have been logged, with no end in sight. This does seem more inline with reality as we know it, as our real universe does have an untold number of galaxies.

Switching galaxies[]

To change to a new galaxy, you'll need to reach the star system closest to the galactic centre for the galaxy you are currently in (as indicated by your path to the centre). You do need a fully fueled and upgraded Hyperdrive in order to reach it. Once you reach the centre you will transfer to a new galaxy with different dimensions.

Centre Portals[]

The following is a list of planets and portals located near the centre of their respective galaxy.

Galaxy Portal Planet Coordinates Portal Address
Euclid Last World 07FF:0077:07FD:001A 401AF8FFE000
Hilbert Dimension 07F9:007F:07F9:006E
Calypso 07FF:0081:07F7:01BB

To reliably reach the centre, one only needs one glyph to be randomly teleported around 5,000ly away from it or six glyphs for an exact teleport to a 3,000ly location with a centre gateway in jump range.



In the transition to the new galaxy, your ship, exosuit and multi-tool will be damaged in some way, including all the upgrade technologies related to them. You will have to repair these before continuing. Some players may like to plan in advance and take the necessary materials to repair their technology after arrival in the new galaxy. Thus it can be advantageous to know what the repair costs are as the player will not know what resources are available on the planet they land on in the next galaxy.

For reference to these costs, check the individual pages for the technologies you are interested in.

Below is a list of some technologies showing the repair requirements.

Ship Repair Gallery[]

ExoSuit Repair Gallery[]

Multi-Tool Repair Gallery[]