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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

There are multiple game-release versions of the Starship Catalogue - Exotic page.

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The following is a list of various Exotic-Archetype starships discovered by different players during the NEXT through Visions eras.

(For a list of all ship types, refer to the Starship Catalogue)


All exotic ships are part of the S-class and will have top tier bonus values in all three categories. Their values range between 35-50% DMG, 55-60% Shield and 50-65% Hyperdrive range. Since the price is multiplied by slotsize and the exotic ships normally lack in that regard, their price range is a fair 10M-15M units. This makes them deadly specialists if one is lucky enough to find one.

While there are only two distinct types of exotic ships based on their cockpit, the community has come to differentiate visual classes with varying names. All of these classifications stem from the ship's nose instead or its additional ornaments. While there seems to be no real consensus how to name them, there is a broad basis in each group.


The inventory for Exotic ships are all in the small range of 15-20 (update to 25). Their tech limit is 4-6 slots.

Exotic Types[]

All exotic ships are part of one of two designs, either the squid or the ball (see below). Due to the equal chance of spawning an exotic and with only one per system, the many variations of the ball design seem to have caused the squid variant to be rather rare. With several special ornaments for the ball design, resulting in the Type-7 variant of either exotic type, the chance to find a squid type exotic is reduced even more.

NOTE: In some groups, the ship with tall upper fin also counts as its own "Tall" type.


The tables below are alphabetically sorted by galaxy, region, and ship name. If a ship lacks coordinates, enter them if possible. Ships that cannot be found and bought only serve a historic purpose.


Royal Type-7

The Royal exotic ship is one of three ball cockpit ships and is known for its prominent double nose. This ship design is presumable more common in Vy'keen systems.

It is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Ships with golden or silver ornaments and the famous print of 7 on their top fin are also referred to as the elite Type-7. When seen on a Royal they are known as Royal Type-7.

The front fuselage of the Royal (it's long angular nose and ventral mounted lance) bears an uncanny resemblance to Spike Spiegel's Swordfish II from the iconic anime Cowboy Bebop.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Bunkyots Voyager XV Royal 19 6
Aldukesci The Arm of Tiatelm 0903:007D:07B7:0065 Sawan's Triumph MB1 Royal 18 5
Aptarkaba Ibissapit Expanse 032F:0081:06F4:0079 Eyaga's Coup Royal 19 6
Aptarkaba Rignenk Shallows 05A0:007C:0622:0057 Luminous Hakusa XVIII Royal 20 6
Autsurabin Sitani Mass 0807:007F:07FE:0086 The Forge of Air Royal 16 4
Calypso Oysengho Terminus Zukai QE8 Royal 19 5
Calypso Paipsc 0782:007C:0470:0057 Sabaeusi's Regret Royal 19 6
Eissentam Ajna'ibni 0C1E:0082:0DA6:0073 Oshuna's Wings BJ8 Royal 19 6
Eltiensleen Homaape Void 0491:007D:06F1:0079 The Mirror of Inevitability Royal 17 5
Euclid Airray Instability Ajimab's Resistance QG7 Royal 18 5
Euclid Aufernab 0238:007E:0B5E:0041 YT6 Aizuokam Royal 17 5
Euclid Bokosh 045D:007C:0254:004F XW1 Rihon Royal 16 4
Euclid Cethid Spur 034B:0080:038C:0012 Iosai Q5 Royal 19 6
Euclid Ciydosho Cluster 0E24:007A:0A5F:0203 Son of the Korvax Royal 19 6
Euclid Dilirii Imeji QS5 Royal 17 5
Euclid Ebatus Fringe 0381:0084:03C2:01D8 Achina's Decree AT8 Royal 20 6
Euclid Edkuba Instability 098C:007F:0BB4:01C0 Awasebot AO8 Royal 19 6
Euclid Husson Instability Hinom's Desperation Royal 18
Euclid Iepuaes 08BD:007B:038F:0190 Obeoka Surveyor VI Royal 16 4
Euclid Liserso Instability 0142:0078:0700 Riokaz's Speedy Pilgrim Royal 17 5
Euclid Loeilag Nebula Bayasus's Folly SD3 Royal 19 6
Euclid Loeilag Nebula 016A:0077:0652:012F Sword of Providence Royal 20 6
Euclid Nilunkel Anomaly 0E8D:007B:0A31:007A Focus of the Hihir Royal 18 5
Euclid Oltondo 0E8E:007A:0A30:0045 Visionary Hoshunam VI Royal 19
Euclid Ryweani 0780:0077:083F:00C3 Unitah of Freedom Royal 19 6
Euclid Savotnark Noomo QW8 Royal 16 5
Euclid Sea of Erekeens 0B04:0087:01F4:0211 KF1 Iobamaga Royal 18 5
Euclid Sea of Igidzu OXAN:0D20:0077:039B:007A YL1 Kakunita Royal 20 6
Euclid Sea of Mosvota ZR1 Birad Royal
Euclid Smanimic Boundary 090D:0083:013A:0079 Enridell's Redemption Royal 16 5
Euclid Soolev Band 090F:0084:013A:007A Asudamat's Decree Royal 20 6
Euclid Usovak 037F:0082:03BE:0133 LI1 Doriguch Royal 18 5
Euclid Vedulay Cloud Nojos's Winged Surveyor Royal 15-20 4-6
Euclid Vezdarupp Expanse 0D6B:007F:0C79:022B The Voice of Inevitability Royal 15
Euclid Wafelid Expanse 03B5:0084:03F7:0187 Favourite Nemesis LL5 Royal 15 4
Euclid Webergame Mass 090E:0083:013C:0062 Nivariy KQ1 Royal 18 5
Euclid Xofordoki Conflux 0E9B:007E:07A7:005F The Defeat of the Stars Royal 18 5
Euclid Xurobson Anomaly 07ED:0087:0EBF:001A Nuyama's Transporter Royal 17
Hilbert Dimension Gozhevs Conflux 0800:0081:0807:0001 The Shield of Inevitability Royal 15 4
Hilbert Dimension Sea of Wipearcia 09A6:0081:01B8:0059 Kujin's Decree Royal 19 6
Hilbert Dimension Tanitra Anomaly 079A:0081:0A40:0079 Gifusc's Lucent Resistance Royal 18 5
Hitonskyer Hyrami 0509:0082:04AF:0079 The Hammer of the Void (Hitonskyer) Royal 16 4
Hitonskyer Vundize Terminus 0A9E:007F:0E01:0079 Uroish's Abyssal Prospect Royal 19 6
Hyades Behrei 07FB:007F:0806:01E1 Skylark of the Aezawago Royal 19 6
Ickjamatew Putaariwu Instability 01C5:007E:04BE:0047 QD4 Idakao Royal 15 4
Ickjamatew Ryochrot 06F3:0081:0860:0062 Owaratsu Auditor XIII Royal 16 4
Kikolgallr Utzigs Cluster 07FE:007D:07F7:01F1 Ukuya HB7 Royal 15 4
Nipikulha Rezanzor 0807:0080:0801:0099 Nanjot's Lost Work Royal 18 5
Ogtialabi Oricag Void 0BB8:007D:0816:0037 Aebayash's Whispering Triumph Royal 15 4
Teyaypilny Dwelde Nebula 0804:0081:0805:007B Final Reflection HC1 Royal 19 6
Twerbetek Wekwak Terminus 07F9:007C:07FA:01C2 LN9 Chofunak Royal 20 6
Yeberhahne Sklooy 0E1E:007F:0496:0079 YK3 Senna Royal 18 5

Ball Cockpit: Guppy[]


The Guppy is one of three ball cockpit ships and its main feature is the lack of any nose.

While there are many variations of the Guppy, some more than others have gathered a following among No Man's Sky players due to the elongated rear and other parts making it more closely resemble a fish. It doesn't matter which one. It is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Accent colours are either gold or silver.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Aptarkaba Sea of Yurang 0C00:0082:0B2B:0079 TI9 Yurih Guppy 17 5
Budullangr The Arm of Mupkean 042F:0078:0D55:00AC The Voice of Devastation Guppy 20 6
Calypso Sprops The Sword of the Moon Guppy 18 5
Doctinawyra Yulliope 0823:0081:0834:0079 Kikuzen of Truth Guppy 16 4
Ekwathore Aaheot Cloud 0498:007F:0D80:001A The Mother of the Ether Guppy 18 5
Ekwathore Ehnkert Adjunct 0806:0082:07FC:007E Ananaiv's Resistance JS8 Guppy 17 5
Elkupalos Afioneas Conflux 0EC4:0087:088D:0068 Sekinoo's Dream SV9 Guppy 18 5
Eltiensleen Zamukyha Fringe 07C1:0083:07FD:0079 Ikawaniw of Inevitability Guppy 19 6
Euclid YC2 Rayosek Guppy 18 5
Euclid Acmilaka Cluster 07F6:00007F:07FF:01CB RO5 Kunescu Guppy 16 4
Euclid Agutissye Quadrant 0A78:0082:02C8:01A6 Hyugare's Burning Guardian (S17) Guppy 17
Euclid Ahombi Terminus 0CAB:007B:0D27:00C0 The Pillar of Madness Guppy 17 5
Euclid Atmani 1138:FE2B:F668 Voice of the Ibets Guppy 19 6
Euclid Axisium Boundary JZ1 Guror Guppy 20
Euclid Bokosh NQ4 Musaka Guppy 18 5
Euclid Edrigi Shallows Ubaraka's Colourless Voyager Guppy 15
Euclid Iophemb Cloud 06DB:0080:07DA:0109 Yubamiha BY6 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Loeilag Nebula 016A:0077:0652:0040 Ancestral Pride GV2 Guppy 15
Euclid Loeilag Nebula 016A:0077:0652:0047 GT8 Kuhas Guppy 19
Euclid Loeilag Nebula 016A:0077:0652:0078 GZ1-Ritam Guppy 16 4
Euclid Loeilag Nebula 016A:0077:0652:0108 Onuman Void Dancer IV Guppy
Euclid Loeilag Nebula 016A:0077:0652:0066 Reyamaga LD4 Guppy 18 5
Euclid Lomanin Sector Isshi ML5 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Lujenni Anomaly 07F4:0081:080A:0079 The Nemesis of the Moon Guppy 16 4
Euclid Mufriy Instability 03E8:0086:0426:018E Visionary Shield IP9 Guppy 15 4
Euclid Muyena Adjunct 034F:0081:0390:001A Kujin Enforcer XII Guppy 19 6
Euclid Oltondo Dogane's Gravity Future Guppy 20
Euclid Ommegirak Fringe 0135:0080:070F:0053 Spear of the Nakasama Guppy 20
Euclid Rowoodri Anomaly Parallax Savior Guppy 19 6
Euclid Sea of Ribeli Deadly Adomaeza XIV Guppy 20
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea 1016:0564:52F1 Towering Talon SS7 Guppy 19 6
Euclid Tiyersto 051B:007B:0210:01F3 DH8 Ikinoomo Guppy 19 6
Euclid Tuaren Sector 0DF1:0085:0480:00FB Stellar Yonawan V Guppy 16 4
Euclid Vahnel Nebula 0DF1:0085:047F:000C AD3 Kodais Guppy 17 5
Euclid Vezdarupp Expanse 0D6B:007F:0C79:01FD Uzakasu's Relentless Avenger Guppy 15
Euclid Voropoc Terminus 04F0:007E:0E53:0065 Omurayas's Folly Guppy
Euclid Voropoc Terminus 04F0:007E:0E53:0073 The Foe of Flight Guppy
Euclid Warzusc Fringe 02F2:0081:0CA3:00BA Riyako's Wings Guppy 16 4
Euclid Welswisi Terminus 04A8:007D:0E1A:01F9 Victory of Jeopardy Guppy 17 5
Euclid Wirialavi 039D:0084:03DF:0063 Munatori's Last Laugh T09 Guppy 17 5
Euclid Yotail Sector 0386:0084:03C7:01C3 Favourite Pillar GS1 Guppy 19 5
Hesperius Dimension Kepato Nebula 07BB:0080:0A31:0079 Suyamac Auditor XII Guppy 15 4
Hesperius Dimension Yotska 097A:0081:08C7:0061 Shimmering Namisait IV Guppy 17 5
Hesperius Dimension Yucnoss Shallows 0C9A:0085:0D1F:0068 Mukoh NH2 Guppy 20 6
Hilbert Dimension Diclidn Adjunct 023A:007E:03F6:000E Hyugai's Geometric Initiator Guppy 19 6
Hilbert Dimension Ronggul Fringe 04DF:0082:02D5:004A Favourite Omen UF7 Guppy 16 4
Ijsenufryos Riksoara 0801:007E:0807:0002 The Hand of Melody Guppy 19 6
Loychazinq Sea of Xawesew 0658:0083:090D:0062 Oigatan of the Horizon Guppy 19 6
Loychazinq Unsesusan Cloud 0806:0080:07E1:0079 Chichir's Flight GD4 Guppy 17 5
Maupenzhay Eontan Nebula 088B:0080:0845:01A4 Hiyazuna's Future Guppy 15 4
Maupenzhay Ofanns Boundary 0803:007E:0806:0089 QJ7 Hiyakomo Guppy 15 4
Muhacksonto Padiyu Mass 018C:007C:059A:0079 Hanyun's Inquirer VII Guppy 18 5
Nipikulha Rezanzor 0807:0080:0801:0030 AO9 Nananjo Guppy 15 4
Ogtialabi Sazkovi 08FC:0080:0634:006D Prophecy of the Tamamam Guppy 20 6
Ontiniangp Nagyan Band 07D8:0081:06B4:006F Infinite Ibetsuch XVIII Guppy 18 5
Rerasmutul Licenne Boundary 0904:007E:035C:0079 Final Nemesis QR5 Guppy 20 6
Sudzerbal Etkhataya Boundary 0800:007D:0807:0072 Kofuna's Gambit Guppy 19 6
Wotyarogii Jewixil 08DB:007F:05F6:0073 Geometric Anoyamai XVI Guppy 18 5
Wotyarogii Randowty Nebula 0807:007F:0800:00B9 Omitoy JB3 Guppy 20 6
Yeberhahne Negforli Anomaly 0C99:0080:09A2:0079 Eppuscua's Favourite Will Guppy 17 5
Zukasizawa Ulammo Terminus 0821:007E:051D:004D PR6 Iedatu Guppy 17 5

Ball Cockpit: Mosquito[]


A Mosquito has the ball cockpit of the Guppy, but its main defining feature is a simple, small, needle-shaped nose.

Like the Guppy, it is available in limited colours of blue, red, orange, yellow and white/grey. Accent colours are either gold or silver.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Aptarkaba Bowsky Mass 0A78:0081:033D:0079 The Marvel of Jeopardy Mosquito 17 5
Aptarkaba Uydandza Nebula 0C61:0082:0B33:0016 Areyag's Last Laugh Mosquito 16 4
Budullangr Eograni Fringe 1043:01FF:7A77 Gravity Mother BS8 Mosquito 20 6
Budullangr Thnayers Conflux 0613:007B:014C:004A Speedy Eagle EN9 Mosquito 18 5
Calypso Muzellr 0859:007E:070E:0079 Iobara BN4 Mosquito 18 5
Calypso Najoart 0AD3:007C:087A:0043 Eagle of the Aijon Mosquito 20 6
Doctinawyra Jafnha Cloud 08B0:0080:0A31:0079 Keyoto's Desperation AQ9 Mosquito 18 5
Eajerandal Ehbocel Fringe 07F8:007C:07FC:01CA The Claws of Freedom Mosquito 17 5
Eajerandal Ekheimrik Expanse 07F6:007E:07F9:01CA CL4 Asumiot Mosquito 15 4
Ebyeloof Ujjusi Instability 0805:007F:0805:0078 Ukayama of Destruction Mosquito 18 5
Eissentam NP3 Bokutoro Mosquito 20 6
Eissentam Alabiku 07FA:0081:0805:0023 Itabaet Terror IX Mosquito 18 5
Eissentam Aslees Boundary Kaokamog S23 Mosquito 15-17 4-5
Eissentam Odyaks Shallows 0807:0080:0801:01D9 Wadesp Voyager XIV Mosquito 19 6
Eissentam Vayrial 0804:0081:0805:007B Edogato Examiner VI Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Aalton Boundary 06C9:0082:0158:007A Voice of the Kuraya Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Ackladesh Quadrant 04B4:007D:0E09:0119 Izuruman Defender II Mosquito 17 5
Euclid Amercu Terminus 051B:0081:0794:016D The Sleep of the Void Mosquito 16 4
Euclid Erxiansa Quadrant 0394:0084:03D6:01BD FS5 Totoriy Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Etznam Anomaly Iuray LE2 Mosquito 20
Euclid Fiferi Cloud 0814:007C:00FF:0067 Idera's Coup Mosquito 15 4
Euclid Foalsh Conflux 03B0:0084:03F2:020B The Aegis of Fire Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Heptac 0EB9:0081:09FF:0114 PY7 Ezakik Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Ildtirnh Quadrant XQ7 Tajimina Mosquito 15
Euclid Localisa Cluster 20B7:FFCC:263C Murobe's Inspiration FM5 Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Micaures Spur 0247:007B:0553:002F Dakas Calculator VII Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Nagopaesc Adjunct 20DA:FD90:0016 Gravity Aizunom XV Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Nahurer 090E:0083:013B:007A Gujohn LG5 Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Ogeorl NY5 Tochiku Mosquito 19 4
Euclid Oltondo Hihamagu's Prize Mosquito 17
Euclid Oltondo 0E8E:007A:0A30:0046 Swift Bard NL3 Mosquito 17
Euclid Ongyimid Shallows Gamizaw's Regret KT2 Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Euclid Ongyimid Shallows The Pillar of the Abyss Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Euclid Ozhoni Terminus 036D:0082:03Ad:0070 Obeokam's Swift Observer Mosquito 19 6
Euclid Sea of Eeyevist 0382:0083:03C2:001C Final Voice IJ5 Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Sea of Siwain The Foe of the Abyss Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Euclid Syettlo Terminus 014D:0088:0795:0225 Biradoma's Halcyon Auditor Mosquito 17
Euclid The Arm of Agyboli Batam's Will Mosquito 15-20 4-6
Euclid The Arm of Ockaea 11A8:0564:52F1 Birth of the Kagay Mosquito 16 4
Euclid The Arm of Vezitinen 042F:0078:0D55:0151 Forge of the Ayasu Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Tuaren Sector 0DF1:0085:0480:00DC Iurasao's Prime Gambit Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Vahnel Nebula ODF1:0085:047F:005D Ribets's Regret EF3 Mosquito 20 6
Euclid Voropoc Terminus 04F0:007E:0E53:0013 Exhausted Pillar MK5 Mosquito
Euclid Vuiate 03A2:0084:03E4:012A Satsuki's Bright Gambit Mosquito 18 5
Euclid Yusekh 07F5:0086:0EC9:007A The Prophecy of the Stars Mosquito 20 6
Hilbert Dimension Enopulc 0A18:0085:016E:0001 QL5 Ryuga Mosquito 18 5
Hilbert Dimension Kremie Cloud 0A13:0085:017B:014D The Sleep of the Ether Mosquito 20 6
Hilbert Dimension Sea of Dioman 01B5:007D:05D0:000A Wakuraie's Wings PJ6 Mosquito 20 6
Hilbert Dimension Ueperh Band 06A4:007B:0E91:0079 QT3 Yatoma Mosquito 18 5
Hitonskyer Sea of Mauskegal 036A:0083:067C:0079 Ancestral Mobokuto XI Mosquito 16 4
Hyades Shiden Sector 0DB5:007C:0BAA:0048 Airborne Sleep LO6 Mosquito 19 6
Isdoraijung Yepuaesu 080C:0080:080A:01C0 The Nemesis of the Vy'keen Mosquito 17 5
Kikolgallr Emglai Sector 0346:0080:081A:0079 Burning Prophecy XI8 Mosquito 19 6
Kikolgallr Nacturz Mass 0B10:007B:0E37:0030 The Wings of Perfection Mosquito 15 4
Oniijialdu Gezioso 0833:0083:0D11:00A9 Kashimo's Indiscretion SG2 Mosquito 15 4
Ontiniangp Ilwirukmi Anomaly 03F0:0082:0BEA:0079 Kiyushun Prospector VII Mosquito 15 4
Rerasmutul Itusan Void 0D94:007C:08E5:0079 Prime Sadom X Mosquito 20 6
Yeberhahne Cayurc Cloud 0804:007B:0804:00D7 Flying Kuyushi VI Mosquito 17 5



Unlike the many variations of the ball cockpit, the squid only comes with its signature tentacle nose and a wide array of colours and some shades. Despite this lack of customization, in regard to the many additions to the ball cockpit, this has become a rather rare design. Getting one in a desired color makes this all the more valuable. The tentacles are telescopic, and fold when landed. To better see the accent colour on tip of the tentacles, it's best to view the ship during flight.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Exotic Slots TechSlots
Brogoweldian Caygnirat 07FD:007F:07F7:0160 Kinamish's Shimmering Auditor Squid 20 6
Budullangr Buccli 07F9:007B:07F8:0138 QZ2 Sunank Squid 18 5
Budullangr The Arm of Mupkean 042F:0078:0D55:00A3 Gorig LS8 Squid 17
Calypso Wohumpi 03D4:0081:0C59:0071 Ookami's Defeat MA5 Squid 19 6
Eissentam 0DE6:0081:0488:016F The Marvel of Providence Squid 20 6
Eissentam Kaoare 07FC:0078:0802:00C5 FL4 Yasumi Squid 20
Eltiensleen Rerfielda Void 07F8:007F:07FB:01D4 The Hand of Ether Squid 17/4
Euclid Arngas Expanse 016A:0077:0651:007A IK8 Guchi Squid 18
Euclid Ittlob Band Colourless Marvel DQ4 Squid 15 4
Euclid Yubelee Shallows 0193:0081:0A03:004F Ainanto's Exhausted Forerunner Squid 17 5
Hilbert Dimension Tuemet Anomaly 014B:0082:070E:0079 Machi's Prize NG9 Squid 18 5

Missing/Undocumented Location[]

Exotic Variations[]

Exotic ships of ball cockpit type have several other features in addition to the three main types of no nose (guppy), small nose (mosquito) and big nose (royal).


The ball cockpit ships come with no wings or two wings. A combination of two wings and a large top fin is often called a tri-wing. The underside of the wings covered in solar panels can be seen while the ship is landed and it's wings stand up in an angle. During flight the wings fold under the ship resembling a keel. There are mods to alter the position of the wings during flight, and even to animate them to flap like wings of a bird.

Boosters and bottom fins[]

The ships with no wings have big, thick boosters or bottom fins with solar panels on both sides. The boosters open up in two halves when used and during hyperdrive. The bottom fins open their lids when the ship is landed, to charge their solar panels (no real effect in game).

Top Fin[]

On top of the ball cockpit there's either no fin, small fin or a large fin. Large fin resembles a wing in size and shape. The fin has decorations in either gold or silver, including circles, hexagons/honeycomb, sergeant stripes, acanthus ornament, and a small geometric picture plate with number 7 and perhaps a rising sun. The fin also has an underlined number 7 painted in red, which might make it hard to see in red ships.


Ball cockpit type exotics may have a large tail to completely encase it's thruster, a narrow hood above the thruster, or no tail at all. The large tail opens up like a bird beak during flight.

Ships have two types of thrusters, big and small and they come in single or double sets. The big type of thruster is roughly thrice as long as the small one, and has a decorative ring in the accent colour of the ship, either gold or silver. The small thrusters are always black.