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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.

The player coming to a realisation at the end of a conversation with Artemis

Artemis is an NPC in No Man's Sky.


Artemis is a member of the Traveller species and a central character in the main storyline of No Man's Sky. The character was introduced in the Atlas Rises update.


Artemis appears in several of the missions comprising the Artemis Path.

Alone Amidst the Stars[]

The player first learns of the existence of Artemis when they come upon their Crashed Ship and find their ID in its Distress Beacon. When they leave the planet, the player is contacted by Artemis and learns of their plight.

Soon after, the player contacts Artemis again, this time via Holo-Terminus. In this conversation, Artemis tells the player to triangulate their position by using a Signal Booster at three specific locations.

Once the data has been collected, the player contacts Artemis again via Holo-Terminus and receives data concerning the stars around their location. Artemis asks the player to communicate with the local dominant race and enlist their aid in plotting a course from the player's location to the location of Artemis. The player finds out from the local lifeforms that Artemis's location does not exist; when the player contacts them once more over Holo-Terminus to relay the bad news, Artemis is attacked by hostile creatures, but transmits the ID for Apollo as they disappear from the Holo-Terminus network.

A Leap in the Dark[]

After the player passes through a Portal and reunites with their Starship, they investigate a distress signal on their planet. They discover that the source is the Traveller Grave of Artemis, and the player questions whether Artemis was ever alive in the first place.

The First Traveller[]

After contacting -null- over Holo-Terminus and learning the Blueprint for the Mind Arc, -null- sets the Holo-Terminus to Artemis's frequency. Once the player has acquired a Mind Arc, they return to the Holo-Terminus and use it to capture their soul.

After another conversation with -null-, the player travels to the Space Anomaly and speaks with Priest Entity Nada and Specialist Polo concerning what can be done with the soul of Artemis. After learning of the available options, the player has one of two choices:

  • Upload Artemis to the Simulation: The player transfers the soul of Artemis into a Korvax simulation of a star system, allowing Artemis to contact the player later.
  • Allow Artemis to Die: The player releases the soul of Artemis, allowing them to finally rest in peace.

Later in the mission, Artemis, if they are alive in the simulation, contacts the player via Holo-Terminus immediately after a conversation with -null- to inform them of how they are coming along. At this point, the player must choose whether to tell Artemis the truth or keep them in the dark.

Patterns in Time[]

Artemis, if alive, contacts the player in the middle of their second Explorers Guild mission to tell them of a dream they had. Again, the player must choose whether to tell Artemis the truth or keep them in the dark.

The Purge[]

Artemis, if alive, contacts the player one last time after the player's sixth Hyperdrive warp. The player must choose once more whether to tell Artemis the truth or keep them in the dark; regardless of which choice is made, Artemis gets stuck in a loop, causing the player to come to a profound realisation concerning the death of the Atlas.


  • Artemis is named after the Greek Goddess Artemis, who has been recognized as a goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity.
  • Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. This has led some No Man's Sky Community Members to believe that Artemis might be the sister of the Traveller named Apollo or their friendship was so close that they consider each other brother and sister.