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That's one big pink crystal asteroid (note the ship in the upper right)

Asteroids are small planetoids that can be mined for resources.


Asteroids are small rocky bodies that orbit a star, and are much smaller than a normal planet. They play an important part in No Man's Sky as they can be mined from your starship for resources.

In No Man's Sky, many planets have rings of captured asteroids in orbit around them. However, asteroids in rings always spawn as rounded 'blobs' and do not drop resources when destroyed.

Types and Resources[]

Here are all asteroid types and resources that can be mined from them:

  • Small: Most common type. Can be mined for Tritium, Silver or Gold, in order of rarity. Also can drop Anomaly Detectors, Gold Nuggets, and Tritium Hyperclusters.
  • Large: Less common than small asteroids, but can still be found in most asteroid fields in any system. Similar to Resource Deposits, they can be mined entirely or partially. Source of Silver or Gold.
  • Crystal: Rare asteroid type, can only be found in certain systems. Can appear either with spiky, brightly colored crystals or as more lumpy shaped asteroids. Can be a source of Platinum. The ratio of crystal asteroids to normal asteroids varies from system to system.


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