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The AtlasPass is a security "Access Card" that grants access to building areas and storage containers based on the level of the pass.


Security and permissions pass granted to specific travelers by many primary galactic species.
Provides access to low, [mid-tier, or high] level restricted areas and outpost systems.

How to obtain

AtlasPass v1
The AtlasPass v1 product recipe is obtained from Specialist Polo, on the Space Anomaly, after completing the following missions:
AtlasPass v2
The AtlasPass v2 product recipe can be obtained in one of two ways:
AtlasPass v3
The AtlasPass v3 product recipe can be obtained in one of two ways:
  • Guaranteed - From Specialist Polo, on the Space Anomaly, after obtaining the AtlasPass v2 recipe and having transmitted around 14 of his data requests.
  • Random - Rare reward for correctly solving the puzzle (depicting the player-character) at an Operations Centre terminal on an "Extreme" Toxic planet, and possibly other planets of an "Extreme" weather disposition.[2]


AtlasPass v1
AtlasPass v2
AtlasPass v3


  • All AtlasPass recipes can be acquired in any galaxy.
  • AtlasPass v1 is the only AtlasPass that can unlock Debris containers.
  • AtlasPass v3 can be used for any door that requires an AtlasPass. This makes AtlasPass v2 obsolete once the v3 version is acquired.




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