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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
Atmosphere Harvester
Atmosphere Harvester
Category Base Building
Type Autonomous Gas Compressor
Total Value 1.0 Units.png
Updated Origins

Atmosphere Harvester is a portable base building product.


Atmosphere Harvester is a portable base building product for extracting gases from a planet's atmosphere. It can extract the planet's gases without the need for constant supervision.

Game description[]

An automated siphon unit for the collection of valuable gases. Once activated, the harvester condenses and compresses substances from the air over time. Compressed gas is then stored safely until collected.


Atmosphere Harvester can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Fuel sources[]

The Atmosphere Harvester has a Fuel Inverter, which requires 100 Carbon or 34 Condensed Carbon to be fully charged.

Additional information[]

  • Its blueprint is rewarded when you construct the Science Terminal and continue the Scientist quest line.
  • It is possible to store up to five (5) Atmosphere Harvesters in a single regular inventory slot (Ten (10) for a Cargo/Freighter slot). However, a maximum of three (3) Atmosphere Harvesters may be setup per planet. (Tip: Mark your harvester array with a colored Save Beacon, and activate a waypoint on your galactic map for the system as a safety measure against losing track of them).
  • A fully charged device will harvest a maximum of 250 units over a time period of roughly 60 minutes.
  • The type of gas harvested depends entirely on the type of planetary environment they're set up in:

Gas Crafting[]

One or more of these three gases make it possible to craft some of the rare intermediary materials (sometimes worth 100k to 2m), which in turn can be used to create various advanced (and highly valuable) commodities.

NOTE: The information below refers to product creation using a blueprint. A refiner can be used to create these products using various different recipes.

Here is one, non-exhaustive, example of a gas crafting chain:

This is just an example of the things you can discover as you progress in the game by exploring planets and bartering with aliens.

Release history[]

  • Atlas Rises - Added as product.
  • NEXT - Blueprint changed, formerly required Voltaic cell, Heat Capacitor and Acid. It is now portable.
  • NEXT 1.63 - Fixed an issue that caused the Atmosphere Harvester to collect an invalid substance on specific rare biomes. Fixed an issue that caused it to run out of fuel and empty its collection hopper when the player left the system. (this may not have been fixed, further testing required)


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