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The subject of this article is from a pre-release seed. The information on this page cannot be found in the released game.
The information from this article is kept for historical purposes and should not be further categorized.
Balari V
Balari V
Region Ryfordias Terminus
Star system Grafningard
Moon(s) Yavil, Yzheleuz
Discovered by Hello Games 1
Updated Pre-release

Balari V is a planet located in the Grafningard system before the change of the generation seed.


The climate on Balari V is extremely cold, with temperatures dropping below -160 °C. Caves found throughout the planet provide protection from the cold.

Points of interest[]

The currently discovered points of interest include:


Name Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description
Enchus Iodonin 3.0 1.95k NMS1 Six-legged reptilian with tusks
Mphus Yrtotragu NMS1 Six-legged crab-like creature
Nsoniscu Yrtotragu NMS1
Odylus Lleriu NMS1 Four-legged creature with tusks and yellow webs on front legs
Settacus Euteo‎ NMS1 Four-legged creature striped in brown and yellow

Intelligent life[]

The Korvax race appears to inhabit Balari V, and has created several bases and trading outposts on the planet.