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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
Base Teleport Module
Base Teleport Module
Instant method of moving great distances
Category Base Building
Type Long-Distance Matter Transfer Device
Power usage 20 kPs
Updated Origins

Base Teleport Module is a base building product.


Base Teleport Module is a base building product, which allows the player to quickly teleport between any bases and space stations they have visited previously.

A Base Computer or Freighter is required to build one, and Space Anomaly as well as every space station (including abandoned ones) has one pre-built (called "Space Station Terminus", but otherwise looking and functioning the same).

The blueprint can be acquired from the Construction Research Unit - purchased for 2 Salvaged Data.

Game description[]

A personal teleport device, allowing the user to move quickly between their constructed bases, as well as any Space Station Terminuses connected to their network.

User is urged to verify network integrity before inserting any matter they cannot afford to become separated from.


Base Teleport Module can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Additional information[]

Teleporter ready for action

  • You must complete an early portion of the tutorial to build and use a teleporter.
  • There is no cost to teleporting (other than the time it takes to load the destination map).
  • Only one teleporter per base is permitted, however this can be worked around by building additional Short-Range Teleporters leading to the base teleporter.
  • A teleporter does not need to be built to be able to teleport to a base. In the absence of a teleporter, the player will be instead teleported to the Base Computer of the destination base.
  • Space Anomaly has a pre-built teleporter that only allows the outgoing direction of teleporting (i.e. Space Anomaly will not appear in the list of possible destinations when using a teleporter elsewhere).
  • A teleporter may be built inside your Freighter, however it will only allow the outgoing direction of teleporting (i.e. the freighter will not appear in the list of possible destinations when using a teleporter elsewhere).
  • The teleporter must be powered in order to function. It consume 20Kp of power.
  • The player's active starship is automatically teleported too - either to the station, or to the Landing Pad on the destination base closest to where the player will be teleported, or just near the player if there is no Landing Pad on the destination base.
  • When using a teleporter, it is possible to filter between potential destinations:
    • All
    • Space Stations
    • Bases built by you
    • Bases built by other players.

The interface was redesigned in Origins to be consistent with the Anomaly Teleport interface.

Portal Interference[]

Prior to Origins, exploring a new system by the means of portal travel would block teleport usage, giving a message that it was unavailable due to Portal Interference. The player had to leave the system using the same portal.

Release history[]

  • Pathfinder - Added as a method of transportation.
  • NEXT - Added as a base building product.
  • Beyond - Formula changed, previously used Ionised Cobalt and Ion Battery.
  • Origins - Portal interference removed, visual interaction and assortment of destinations (bases, space stations, other player bases) now consistent visual interface with Anomaly



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