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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Beta Expeditions
Beta Expeditions
Galaxy Euclid
Region Keyamuy Instability
HQ System The Independent Kingdoms
Headquarters Marthos
Founded by Carter Brentwood
Specialisation Exploration and documentation
Services Inactive
Platform Xbox One
Updated Visions

Beta Expeditions was a subsidiary of the Trailblazer Firm.


Beta Expeditions was a subsidiary of the Trailblazer Firm which specialized in the collection of information in the Keyamuy Instability region on Normal Mode within the Xbox Universe. The company was absorbed by Alpha Expeditions and is now defunct.


Founded by explorer RazorCurse, Beta Expeditions was created on March 2, 2019, when the Trailblazer Firm was restructured into three organizational branches.


The Beta Expeditions headquarters was an outpost on planet Marthos in The Independent Kingdoms system known as the Jonstone Castle Ruins.


These systems were assigned to Beta Expedtions prior to the merger.

Name # of planets # of moons   Brief Description
The Independent Kingdoms 5 1 The Independent Kingdom of Marthos is currently the capital planet of Beta Expeditions.
Sagerai 3 2 A frequent NPC trade destination, Sagerai has the most recorded moons of any Trailblazer Firm system.
Magonia 5 0 A rural trade destination used by Beta Expeditions.
Miawarton 2 0 A rural system used for resource extraction and research by Beta Expeditions.
Noshir 3 0 A wealthy industrial system with many manufacturing facilities.
Zunos 4 1 Zunos is a newly disovered system. Not much information is available.
Paradise 1 0 A single-planet systen containing a lush world with beautiful beaches.

Nomenclature Policy[]

Planets renamed in the Keyamuy Instability used the suffixes -us, eus, -olk, -mouth, ham, and -os in the earliest stages.

Following that, Beta Expeditions used the Trailblazer Suffix System (TSFX) to name planets. That system is shown in the charts below:

Universal Suffixes
Beta Expeditions Suffixes


  • Beta Expeditions was a key project by the firm and included prime real-estate.