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The subject of this article is from the Outlaws update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 19 July, 2022.

A dead planet with no atmosphere.

Dead is one of the Biome varieties.


A dead moon with a clear view of other celestial bodies.

Worlds with a Dead biome are characterized by a dearth of flora and fauna, no atmosphere and lower gravity. They have rocky and dusty surfaces and are comparable to some real life dead terrestrial bodies, such as Mercury or the Moon. These worlds tend to have higher amounts of resources compared to other biomes. Bring sufficient Life Support Gels, Oxygen and Dioxite when exploring these worlds, as they increase the strain on Life Support.

Yellow stars in Lush galaxies have 1/4 the chance to have dead planets, and yellow stars in Empty galaxies have 2x the chance, compared to other star types.

Unlike other biomes, dead worlds never contain any structures such as Trading Posts, although airtight bases can still be built by players.

While no ordinary fauna appears on these worlds, players can still encounter Whispering Eggs about 50-70 units apart that spawn Biological Horrors. While Whispering Eggs occur only at Abandoned Buildings on other biomes, Whispering Eggs spawn anywhere on the surface of dead worlds.

While no ordinary flora appears on these worlds, players can still encounter harvestable red (oxygen-giving), yellow (sodium-giving), and blue (exosuit-boosting) plants which can be found on the surfaces of all worlds. Some dead worlds even hide species of flora only found underground in cave systems.

When viewed from space, their surfaces are brown, with cracks. They seem to have an atmosphere, but in reality, there is none.

Name generation[]

It is quite desolate here.

The biome type is indicated in the information panel when the player exits their starship. This is procedurally generated by adding one of the following prefixes to the Planet or Moon text.

There is one exception: Terraforming Catastrophe does not receive additional text indicating the type of the astronomical body. The sequence is taken from the game file.

  1. Terraforming Catastrophe
  2. Dead
  3. Empty
  4. Desolate
  5. Lifeless
  6. Forsaken
  7. Life-Incompatible
  8. Low Atmosphere
  9. Airless
  10. Abandoned


  • Dead calm. Storms never occur.


  • Absent
  • Airless
  • Clear
  • Eerily Calm
  • Inert
  • No Atmosphere
  • Peaceful
  • Perfectly Clear
  • Silent
  • Utterly Still

Additional Information[]

  • The name generation and the sequence are extracted from the 3.75 version of NMS_UPDATE3_ENGLISH.MBIN game file.

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Release history[]

  • Release: some of the worlds with dead biome had atmosphere while others don't. Also dead biome had the same gravity as all the other biomes.
  • Update 1.03: Moons can now have dead biome
  • NEXT - Prevented dead planets ever having atmospheres. "Clear" designation changed to "Dead".
  • Origins - Planets now have more diverse terrain.