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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

A typical volcanic world.

Volcanic is one of the Biome varieties.


The surface of volcanic biome worlds resemble scorched worlds, being rocky and occasionally sandy with erupting volcanoes everywhere. Plants will typically have crowns glowing with the colour of erupting lava, and some minerals have lava in their cracks. The resources Pyrite and Sulphurine can be found here, and there is no biome-specific plant resource on volcanic worlds. Basalt can be found as a secondary element in minerals.

Name generation[]

A volcanic planet's surface.

The biome type is indicated in the information panel when the player exits their starship. This is procedurally generated by adding one of the following prefixes to the Planet or Moon text.

The sequence is taken from the game file.

  1. Lava
  2. Magma
  3. Erupting
  4. Volcanic
  5. Ash-Shrouded
  6. Ashen
  7. Tectonic
  8. Unstable
  9. Violent
  10. Molten
  11. Flame-Ruptured
  12. Imminent Core Detonation
  13. Obsidian Bead
  14. Basalt


  • Hazard protection is always on due to high temperatures. Coolant Network upgrades are recommended, especially on extreme worlds.
  • Heat storms can occur, draining hazard protection approximately three times more quickly than normally.
  • Extreme volcanic worlds drain hazard protection during a storm at the same rate as extreme scorched worlds.
  • The ground may self-ignite creating local high danger spots.


In extreme weather Volcanic Planets, storms cause fires to spread.

Clear (No storms) Normal Extreme
Sulphurous Haze Heated Gas Pockets Frequent Firestorms
Ash Wisps Occasional Firestorms Walls of Flame
Drifting Smog Incendiary Winds Clouds of Fire
Cinderfalls Unpredictable Conflagrations Ashen Destruction
Ash Plumes Drifting Firestorms Magma Rain
Choking Ash Pillars of Flame Basalt Hail
Burning Mists Magma Geysers Explosive Gas Eruptions
Sulfur Fumes Plumes of Fire Lethal Ash Storms
Enveloping Ash Molten Rain Sulphurous Inferno
Ashen Winds Tectonic Storms Colossal Firestorms
Smothering Ash Obsidian Doom

Additional Information[]

  • The name generation and the sequence are extracted from the 3.00 version of NMS_LOC6_ENGLISH.MBIN game file.

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Release History[]

  • Origins - Added as a new biome type.