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Bizarro Star Empire
Bizarro Star Empire
Galaxy Euclid
Coordinates 0800:0080:0800:0000
Founded by Bizarro
Platform PC
Release Synthesis

The Bizarro Star Empire is a civilized space community.


The Bizarro Star Empire is a self-proclaimed "community" based in Bizarro-Space, the coined name for the un-space where phantom stars reside.

The homeworld of the Empire is the planet Nullius Imperio in the Bizarro-000 system in region 1, 1, 1.

The Empire maintains an embassy in normal space near Euclid's core, on the planet Embassy Rock in the BZR-Normal-Space Embassy system, as well as embassies within other civilized space communities.


The mission of the Bizarro Star Empire is to explore phantom stars in Bizarro-Space, which by far outnumber normal stars.


Empress Bizarro founded the empire after her famous exocraft spaceflight to promote fun shenanigans and exploring forbidden corners of the universe.

Naming Guidelines

All Phantom star systems should be named with the BZR-prefix and their locations as seen in the save file: BZR-(reality index)-(x).(y).(z)-(solar system index), e.g BZR-0-1.1.1-130. Planets have no fixed naming convention.


The Bizarro Star Empire does not tally its citizens. Anyone exploring Bizarro-Space is considered a member.

Systems Documented

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Likholu Promising Korvax 3 0 PC Beyond

Other Systems

The following systems have been discovered:

  • Bizarro-000
  • BZR-Normal-Space Embassy
  • This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

Notable Bases


The Bizarro Star Empire is all about freedom, and submitting to the Empress' will.

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