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The subject of this article is from the Prisms update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 31 August, 2021.

Blueprints are used in crafting.

Summary[ | ]

NmsCommodity Organic Catalyst Panel

Typical blueprint

Blueprints are used to craft new technologies and tradeable products. Blueprints are not consumed during crafting process.

Purpose[ | ]

The more blueprints players discover, the more advanced the level of crafts and upgrades become. Upgrading your Exosuit, Starship, Multi-tool, or Exocraft capabilities (including Lasers, Projectiles and Grenades, and Scanning) are an important part of the game play.

Usage[ | ]

To craft from a blueprint, you require one free space in your inventory. When you click on an empty slot a window opens with a list of available blueprints. Any blueprint that installs/upgrades technology will disappear from their respective crafting category after installation. If dismantled, the related blueprint will show up again. For consumable items, players can craft as much as they want.

Acquisition[ | ]

TIP: For finding the last rare blueprints for advanced crafting items, you can do the following after completing base building and Polo's path :

  • Purchase many (10-30x) Planetary Charts of Secret Cartographic Data (green) from a Space station merchant.
  • Use the Planetary Chart to plot to a new location (E key on Planetary Chart in your Exosuit Inventory).
  • Sometimes using a Chart will NOT find anything, which is why it is best to purchase many charts.
  • Puzzles answers can be found on the Secure Sites/Puzzles page.

Dismantle[ | ]

When dismantling an unwanted technology, the player will receive 50% of the original crafting cost back to inventory.

Note: if a player runs out of inventory space while dismantling, the resource(s) will be lost forever.

Blueprints[ | ]

Exosuit Technology Blueprint[ | ]

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Living-ship Technology Blueprints[ | ]

Multi-tool Technology Blueprints[ | ]

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Freighter[ | ]

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