The Boltcaster is the combat-based weapon for the multi-tool. It shoots energy projectiles, and uses isotope elements to recharge.

This weapon will need to be built onto the character's multi-tool before it can be used, as it is not a standard item.


  • 3 Carbon Nanotubes
  • 100 Chromatic Metal

Boltcaster Modification

This modification utilizes the attack potential in your Multi-Tool. This can be upgraded with Boltcaster related blueprints to improve rate of fire, damage output, weapon cooldown, ammo clip capacity, and even the weapon fighting style. In doing so, it may also change the color of the lasers fired from your Boltcaster modification. The Boltcaster's main purpose is to kill wildlife or sentries. Unlike the mining laser you must craft it with 100 chromatic metal and nanotubes but (unlike the plasma launcher) you unlock the blueprint straight away.


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