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The subject of this article is from the Frontiers update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 15 February, 2022.
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The Build Menu allows access to base building products.


The Build Menu allows access to base building products and it can be opened by pressing PSBUTTON.DPADUP.png/KEY.Z.png/XBOXBUTTON.DPADUP.png (PS4/PC/Xbox).

The available products are sorted into the following categories as shown in the game. For a visual catalog of the available parts, refer to Construction Parts.

The sequence presented here is meant as follows: when the player opens a category within the Build Menu (or the Build Menu itself) and cycles through options from left to right, starting with the initially selected option.

The player cannot access the complete Build Menu at any time, rather they are limited to a certain set of options depending on where they want to build:

  • Base: On a planet within the building range of a Base Computer, the player will have access to a large set of options. Indicated with B where applicable.
  • Freighter : On the player's own freighter, they will have access to a somewhat large set of options. Indicated with F where applicable.
  • Portable: On a planet outside the building range of a Base Computer, the player will have access to a small set of options. Indicated with P where applicable.

Other indications:

Q The blueprint of the product can only be acquired from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion NPC.

X The blueprint of the product cannot be obtained through normal gameplay.

D The blueprint of the product can only be discovered on Derelict Freighters.

Freighter Components[]

Basic Components[]

Small Adornments[]

Some of these products may not be available on post-NEXT saves.

  1. Wall B
  2. Curved Wall B
  3. Large Wall B
  4. Shutter Door B
  5. Roof Platform B
  6. Linking Post B

Wooden Components (in Frontiers replaced by Timber Components)[]

Concrete Components (in Frontiers replaced by Stone Components)[]

Metal Components (in Frontiers replaced by Alloy Components)[]

Timber Components[]

Stone Components[]

Alloy Components[]


Large Rooms[]

Small Rooms[]

Doors & Ladders[]

Frames & Foundations[]



Specialist Terminals[]

Permanent Technology[]

Portable Technology[]

Exocraft Modules[]



Firework Launcher[]


Decorative Modules[]

  1. Decoration.curveddesk.png Curved Desk B,F
  3. DECORATION.LARGEDESK.png Large Monitor Station B,F
  4. DECORATION.MONITORDESK.png Monitor Station B,F
  8. DECORATION.DRAWS.png Drawers B,F
  9. DECORATION.WALLFLAG1.png Wall Flag 1 B,F
  10. DECORATION.WALLFLAG2.png Wall Flag 2 B,F
  11. DECORATION.WALLFLAG3.png Wall Flag 3 B,F
  12. BUILDABLE.CHAIR001.png Chair (variant 1) B,F
  13. BUILDABLE.CHAIR002.png Chair (variant 2) B,F
  14. BUILDABLE.CHAIR003.png Chair (variant 3) B,F
  15. BUILDABLE.TABLE001.png Table (variant 1) B,F
  16. BUILDABLE.TABLE002.png Table (variant 2) B,F
  17. BUILDABLE.TABLE003.png Table (variant 3) B,F
  18. BUILDABLE.TECHPANEL.png Tech Panel B,F
  19. BUILDABLE.WALLSCREEN.png Wall Screen B,F
  20. BUILDABLE.WALLFAN.png Wall Fan B,F
  21. BUILDABLE.WALLUNIT.png Wall Unit B,F
  22. BUILDABLE.BED.png Bed B,F
  23. Nms Worktop-OG.jpg Worktop B,F
  24. BUILDABLE.PLANTPOT.png Potted Plant B,F
  25. DECORATION.PLANTPOT1.png Flora Containment 1 B,F
  26. DECORATION.PLANTPOT2.png Flora Containment 2 B,F
  27. DECORATION.PLANTPOT3.png Flora Containment 3 B,F
  28. BUILDABLE.WALLSCREENB2.png Orange Wall Screen B,F
  29. BUILDABLE.WALLSCREENB.png Green Wall Screen B,F
  30. BUILDABLE.BOXEDSCREEN.png Oscilloscope B,F
  31. BUILDABLE.OCTACABINET.png Octa-Cabinet B,F
  32. BUILDABLE.ROBOTARM.png Robotic Arm B,F
  33. BUILDABLE.LOCKER.png Locker B,F
  34. BUILDABLE.CANRACK.png Canister Rack B,F
  35. BUILDABLE.SOFA2L.png Corner Sofa B,F
  36. BUILDABLE.SOFA2.png Swept Sofa B,F
  37. BUILDABLE.SOFA.png Sofa B,F
  38. BUILDABLE.SIMPLEDESK.png Simple Desk B,F
  39. BUILDABLE.LIGHTTABLE.png Light Table B,F
  40. BUILDABLE.STORAGEPANEL.png Storage Panel B,F
  41. BUILDABLE.FLATPANEL.png Flat Panel B,F
  42. BUILDABLE.SHELFPANEL.png Shelf Panel B,F
  43. BUILDABLE.SIDEPANEL.png Side Panel B,F
  44. BUILDABLE.SIDEPANEL.png Tall Cabinet B,F
  45. SPECIAL.ROBOTTOY.png Robotic Companion Q,B,F
  46. SPECIAL.TOYCUBE.png Expanding Cube Gadget Q,B,F
  47. SPECIAL.TOYSPHERE.png Holographic Globe Gadget Q,B,F
  48. SPECIAL.TOYCORE.png Pocket Reality Generator Q,B,F
  49. BUILDABLE.ABAND.LOCKER2.png Crew Locker D,B,F
  50. BUILDABLE.ABAND.CRATEL.png Storage Unit D,B,F
  51. BUILDABLE.ABAND.CRATEXL.png Large Storage Unit D,B,F
  52. BUILDABLE.ABAND.SHELF.png Heavy-Duty Furniture D,B,F
  53. BUILDABLE.ABAND.BARREL.png Industrial Barrel D,B,F
  54. BUILDABLE.ABAND.PALLET.png Industrial Pallet D,B,F
  55. BUILDABLE.ABAND.CRATEM.png Salvage Crate D,B,F
  56. BUILDABLE.ABAND.BENCH.png Industrial Bench D,B,F
  57. BUILDABLE.ABAND.HEATER.png Emergency Heater D,B,F
  58. BUILDABLE.ABAND.CASE.png Secure Briefcase D,B,F
  59. BUILDABLE.ABAND.FLOORLIGHT.png Emergency Light D,B,F
  60. BUILDABLE.ABAND.FOOTLOCKER.png Crew Footlocker D,B,F
  61. BUILDABLE.ABAND.PLANTTUBE.png Floral Canister D,B,F
  62. BUILDABLE.ABAND.MEDTUBE.png Sample Containment D,B,F
  63. SPECIAL.LAVAPLANT03.png Archaic Habitation Heater Q,B
  64. BAZAAR.SHELVINGUNIT.png Timber Shelving Unit B,F
  65. BAZAAR.MILKCRATE.png Ventilated Crate B,F
  66. BAZAAR.CRATE0.png Small Box B,F
  67. BAZAAR.CRATE1.png Moulded Crate B,F
  68. BAZAAR.CRATE3.png Moulded Lockbox B,F
  69. BAZAAR.CRATE4.png Tall Moulded Lockbox B,F
  70. BAZAAR.CRATE2.png Large Moulded Crate B,F
  71. BAZAAR.CRATE3OPEN.png Open Moulded Lockbox B,F
  72. BAZAAR.CRATE4OPEN.png Open Tall Moulded Lockbox B,F
  73. BAZAAR.CHAIR0.png Upholstered Chair B,F
  74. BAZAAR.FLAG5.png Hanging Flag 1 B,F
  75. BAZAAR.FLAG6.png Hanging Flag 2 B,F
  76. BAZAAR.WALLHANGING01.png Weathered Hanging B,F
  77. BAZAAR.WALLHANGING02.png Mini Weathered Hanging B,F
  78. BAZAAR.WALLHANGING03.png Weathered Hanging Triptych B,F
  79. BAZAAR.BARSTOOL0.png Ornate Stool B,F
  80. BAZAAR.BAR MIDDLE.png Golden Counter B,F
  81. BAZAAR.BARTABLE0.png Golden Table B,F
  82. BAZAAR.BURNER0.png Oil Burner B,F
  83. BAZAAR.DRINKTAPS.png Vintage Tap B,F
  84. BAZAAR.GAZEBO0.png Canvas Gazebo B,F
  85. BAZAAR.BAR CORNER.png Golden Counter Corner B,F
  86. BAZAAR.BAR HALF.png Golden Half Counter B,F
  87. BAZAAR.GLOWGLOBE.png Planetary Globe B,F
  88. BAZAAR.TRAY0.png Vintage Dish B,F
  89. BAZAAR.CUP0.png Vintage Tumbler B,F
  90. BAZAAR.POT.png Kiln-Fired Pot B,F
  91. BAZAAR.TABLEPOT0.png Vintage Teapot B,F
  92. BAZAAR.PAN0.png Vintage Cooking Pan B,F
  93. BAZAAR.CURTAIN0.png Tied Drapes B,F
  94. BAZAAR.DRAPE0.png Opulent Tapestry B,F
  95. BAZAAR.RUG0.png Kite-Patterned Rug B,F
  96. BAZAAR.FABRICROLL.png Rolled Canvas B,F
  97. BAZAAR.CANOPY WALL0.png Canvas Divider B,F
  98. BAZAAR.RUG1.png Circle-Patterned Rug B,F
  99. BAZAAR.FABRICROLLPILE.png Rolled Canvas Pile B,F
  100. BAZAAR.CANOPY WALL1.png Twin Flag Divider B,F
  101. BAZAAR.CANOPY WALL2.png Quad Flag Divider B,F
  102. BAZAAR.STEPLADDER.png Stepladder B,F
  103. BAZAAR.TROUGH0.png Wash Trough B,F
  104. BAZAAR.SCISSORLIFT.png Scissor Lift B,F
  105. BAZAAR.CEMENTMIXER.png Cement Mixer B,F
  106. BAZAAR.PALLET.png Wooden Pallet B,F
  107. BAZAAR.BARRIER.png Barricade B,F
  108. BAZAAR.LARGETRYE0.png Large Tyre B,F
  109. BAZAAR.SHOVEL.png Shovel B,F
  110. BAZAAR.EXCAVATORBUCKET.png Excavation Claw B,F
  112. BAZAAR.BUCKET MEDIUM.png Tall Bucket B,F
  113. BAZAAR.CARRIAGEWHEEL.png Cart Wheel B,F
  114. BAZAAR.CARRIAGE.png Drawn Cart B,F
  115. FIBREGLASS.BASIC FENCE2.png Propped Timber Dividers B,F
  116. FIBREGLASS.BASIC FENCE0.png Panelled Timber Divider B,F
  117. FIBREGLASS.BASIC FENCE3.png Propped Flag Divider B,F
  118. FIBREGLASS.BASIC FENCE1.png Propped Timber Divider B,F
  119. BAZAAR.RSJSTACK.png H-Beam Stack B,F
  120. BAZAAR.PALLETBRICK.png Brick Pile B,F
  121. BAZAAR.BRICKSWRAPPED.png Covered Brick Pile B,F
  122. BAZAAR.WHEELBARROW.png Wheelbarrow B,F
  123. BAZAAR.CEMENTBAG.png Cement Bag B,F
  124. BAZAAR.SCAFFOLD LARGE.png Large Scaffolding B,F
  125. BAZAAR.SCAFFOLD MEDIUM.png Scaffolding B,F
  126. BAZAAR.PLANTER MIDDLE.png Stone Trough B,F
  127. BAZAAR.SPARKPLUG.png Spark Plug B,F
  128. BAZAAR.COMPOSTBIN.png Composter B,F
  129. BAZAAR.GENERATOR.png Small Generator B,F
  130. BAZAAR.ANTENNA0.png Dish Receptor Antenna B,F
  131. BAZAAR.BARREL1.png Sealed Barrel B,F
  132. BAZAAR.FURNACE.png Small Furnace B,F
  133. BAZAAR.PUMP.png Industrial Pump B,F
  134. BAZAAR.MACHINE0.png Cyclonic Lathe B,F
  135. BAZAAR.CANISTER0.png Reinforced Capsule B,F
  136. BAZAAR.WATERTOWER.png Water Tower B,F
  137. BAZAAR.CANISTER1.png Gas Canister B,F
  138. BAZAAR.MILKBOTTLE.png Insulated Flask B,F
  139. BAZAAR.ANTENNA1.png Tall Antenna B,F
  140. BAZAAR.ANTENNA2.png Dual-Pronged Antenna B,F
  141. BAZAAR.ANTENNA3.png Meteorological Spinner B,F
  142. BAZAAR.WATERVALVE.png Sealed Reservoir B,F
  143. BAZAAR.TABLELAMP0.png Table Lamp B,F
  144. BAZAAR.WALLLIGHT01.png Wall Light B,F
  145. BAZAAR.BARSIGN0.png Illuminated Sign B,F
  147. BAZAAR.HANGLAMP0.png Hanging Lamp B,F
  149. BAZAAR.HANGLAMP1.png Triple Hanging Lamp B,F
  150. BAZAAR.HANGLAMP2.png Circles Hanging Lamp B,F
  151. BAZAAR.HANGLAMP3.png Splayed hanging Lamp B,F



  1. BUILDABLE.LIGHTBLUE.png Coloured Light (cyan} B,F
  2. BUILDABLE.LIGHTBLUE.png Coloured Light (green} B,F
  3. BUILDABLE.LIGHTBLUE.png Coloured Light (magenta} B,F
  4. BUILDABLE.LIGHTBLUE.png Coloured Light (red) B,F
  5. BUILDABLE.LIGHTBLUE.png Coloured Light (yellow} B,F
  6. BUILDABLE.LIGHTBLUE.png Coloured Light (white) B,F
  8. Buildable.light001.png Light (square) B,F
  9. Buildable.light001.png Light (circular) B,F
  10. Buildable.light001.png Light (handle) B,F
  11. Buildable.light001.png Light (lid) B,F
  12. BUILDABLE.LABLAMP.png Lab Lamp B,F


Wall Posters[]



These type of products can only be found on specific exotic planets and can be picked up there. See a list of planets here where they can be obtained.

Aquatic Construction[]

Release history[]

  • Release - Introduced to the game.
  • Beyond - More parts added.
  • Frontiers - Wooden, concrete and metal parts replaced with timber, stone and alloy parts, many more decorative modules added.