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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
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Reviewing the features of a new starship.

Buying a Starship is an instructional page.


Buying a starship to upgrade from the starter ship is an important part of progression in No Man's Sky. More advanced starships offer larger inventories, as well as bonuses to damage dealt, shield health, and hyperdrive range. (WARNING!: when swapping ships, your own ship’s price is reduced in the trade! This means that you can’t swap ships with the same price for free. Always come to any trade with extra units to spare!!)


To purchase a starship, players must visit trading posts, space stations, Minor Settlements, or other places where ships land. Ships can be scanned with the analysis visor to learn their quality, number of inventory slots (formatted as main inventory + tech inventory), and cost in units.

Once a ship has landed, players may review the features and statistics on the new starship in detail, and compare it to the ship they already own. If the features are acceptable and the price is right, the ship may be purchased using units, the in-game currency.

The statistics are next to “class” on the analysis visor view and are laid out like this: (type) // (class):(inventory slots)+(tech inventory slots)

Example: hauler // A:47+8

As of 1.5, the player can choose to either trade in their old ship, getting a credit towards the purchase cost of the new one, or buy the new ship outright, adding it to their fleet of owned, summonable starships.

Savings by dismantling upgrades[]

Significant savings (up to 15 million units) can be made when purchasing a new ship.[1]

  1. Locate a space station or a trading post that the types of ship landing that you want to purchase
  2. Save your game here; do not save again until you are in your new ship
  3. Dismantle all of your installed upgrades
  4. Wait for the ship you want to purchase to land.

If you aren't finding any ships that you want to purchase then you are free to reload your previous save and undo the dismantling of your ship.

Additional information[]

Due to the starships being procedurally generated, players may never encounter the exact same ship twice. Number of inventory slots, ship quality, and installed tech are likely to vary. Starship models or skins, however, are consistent throughout a star system, with 21 unique models per star.

When shopping for ships, try systems with few planets. There's more traffic at the Space Station instead of over all the other planets.

By reloading a save, you can force new ships to appear at trading posts, rather than waiting for the current ones to leave. In addition to other methods of guessing/previewing ships, players can also use their Analysis Visor to see a ship's Type, Class, and inventory + tech slots without having to actually talk to the pilot.


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