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CELAB Galactic Industries
CELAB Galactic Industries
Galaxy Euclid
Quadrant Beta
Region Fiquencha
HQ System Adurma
Headquarters Adurma Prime Water
Founded by celab99
Type LLC
Branches 7
Specialisation Farming / Manufacturing / Exploration
Services Documentation / Exploration
Federation member Yes
UCA member No
Platform PC
Updated Outlaws

CELAB Galactic Industries is a fictional civilized space corporation.

2020 Emblem


CELAB Galactic Industries is a Civilized space corporation specializing in exploration and documentation of discoveries. It operates significant mining, farming and manufacturing for commercial purposes in order to finance the exploration business. CELAB Galactic Industries is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), owned by celab99.

CELAB Galactic Industries (with its subsidiaries) currently has three employees and four NPC advisors (Chief of Farming, Chief of Weapons, Chief of Construction, Chief of Transport) who are based in the Adurma system.

The company operates under the AGT Infrastructure Subsidiary Partnership charter from the Alliance of Galactic Travellers. It also has a contract from the Intergalactic Travellers Foundation to caretake the Budullangr Travellers Foundation. The company is a member in standing with the United Federation of Travelers as of the Outlaws era.

Corporate Mission[]

"Exploring the Universe...Documenting the Knowledge to live forever."

Flag and Banner Standard[]

The flags and banners to be flown at each CELAB Galactic Industries base or outpost are as illustrated.


Purple/Yellow are the official colors of the company.

Further details on flag/banner registration can be found at the Federation Vexillology Department.

Corporate Facts[]

Topic Subtopic Statistic Notes
Star Systems Claimed 57
Researched 958
Discovered 505
Planets/Moons Claimed 12
Researched 1,181
Discovered 1,947
Fauna In Claimed Systems 1,012 Only fauna in company claimed systems
Researched 846 Tagging of records is incomplete
Discovered 1,854 All fauna discovered
Starships In Claimed Systems 308 Starships in company claimed systems
Researched 414 Tagging of records is incomplete
Discovered 743
Multi-Tools In Claimed Systems 52 Multi-Tools in company claimed systems
Researched 765
Discovered 762
Bases In Claimed Systems 37 Bases in CELAB Galactic Claimed systems
All Bases 52 Constructed by CELAB Galactic Industries

Notes: Above numbers are being revised regularly to complete tagging of research team identification. Fauna and Starships expected to complete mid 2022.

Corporate Locations[]

See CELAB Galactic Corporate Locations.

Corporate Timeline[]

See CELAB Galactic Corporate Timeline.


See CELAB Galactic Starfleet


Partnerships and Alliances[]

Organization Logo Notes
Intergalactic Exploration Corporation InExCorEmblem.png Exploration partner
Vy'Kea Furniture Company Vykealogo.jpg Exploration partner
PanGalactic StarCabs PGSCLogo.png Exploration partner

If your corporate organization or civilization wishes to establish a partnership with the company, please contact the CEO on one of the communication channels identified in the CONTACTS section of this page.


Organization Logo Notes
Alliance of Galactic Travellers AgtOfficialLogo.png Joined 24 Jan 2019
Galactic Voyager Initiative Galactic Voyager Initiative.jpg Joined 15 Mar 2019
United Federation of Travelers Federation Emblem 2.png Jointed 28 Mar 2020

If your organization wishes to establish a partnership with the company, please contact the CEO on one of the communication channels identified in the CONTACTS section of this page.

Joining CELAB Galactic Industries[]

CELAB Galactic Industries is a Corporate Entity focused mainly on exploration in the Euclid galaxy in PC Normal mode.

All systems and research are open to all Travelers. Any traveler is welcome to apply to join the CELAB Galactic Industries by joining player games on steam with user Celab99.

Recruits are advised that if they exhibit signs of violence, hostility, profanity, or damage a company entity base then the traveler will be immediately and forcefully ejected from the company and banned from participating in future sessions.

If you wish to join the winning team, you must meet the following to qualify:

  • Be a NMS PC steam player
  • Join the AGT as first step to apply to join CELAB Galactic Industries. The AGT is an alliance of NMS travelers that the CELAB Galactic Industries is firmly associated with. (The CEO of CELAB Galactic Industries assist you to join AGT).
  • Agree to document your explorations for the company. The company will provide templates using Google Sheets for you to use. Ideally the traveler should be able to document themselves using this NMS Wikipedia
  • Agree to not use profanity, abusive or racist language in communicating with fellow company members, or any of the NMS community
  • Be able to communicate in english or french
  • Commit to naming discovered systems and planets using the naming rules as specified in CELAB Galactic Naming Guidelines below
  • Identify your email, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit user handles to CELAB Galactic Industries CEO (It is acceptable and preferred you use userid/handles specific to NMS content)
  • Accept that CELAB Galactic Industries may reference your handles/IDs on the NMS wikipedia for content contributed

If you agree to all of the following, contact the user Celab99 on steam to join in a CELAB Galactic Industries exploration session.

If you prefer to play in your own session, it is mandatory that you follow the CELAB Galactic Industries naming convention rules for star systems and planet names when you rename them and upload to the NMS galactic database.

CELAB Galactic Industries does not discriminate against potential employees, partners, allies, or customers based on race, sex, religious beliefs, age, or past affiliations.

Restrictions on Prior Association[]

if you are now, or were in the past (either self admitted or identified by credible members of the NMS community) affiliated with certain organizations then you may not join the company. The following are declared "firma non grata" or present/historical civilization citizenships from whom members/citizens are not welcome to the company:

In addition, the following organizations have self-declared hostility to the Alliance of Galactic Travellers and the United Federation of Travellers, both of whom are close partners with CELAB Galactic Industries. As such, those with an association now or in the past with these organizations will be treated with special attention:

Employee Documentation of Discoveries[]

Employees are obligated to submit their discoveries to the company and to create wiki pages for them. Further details will be provided upon joining the company. The company will provide training and tools to assist in the wiki page preparation.

CELAB Galactic Naming Guidelines[]

See CELAB Galactic Naming Guidelines.

Employee Roles[]

celab99 CEO & Chairman CELAB Galactic Adurma Prime Water Noiru
kaoout COO & CIO Vacant Vacant
-nil- VP of Research & Development TBC TBC
Bigkaopod Director of Personnel Department Vacant Vacant
SpicyAngel Director of Propaganda TBC TBC
-nil- Director of Armed Security Services TBC TBC
celab99 (acting) Chief Librarian for Gamepedia NMS Adurma Prime Water Noiru


CELAB Galactic Industries does not support the use of its products or services for violent ends, specifically including but not limited to:

  • Military applications - including rebellions, coups, invasions, espionage, system conflicts, etc.
  • Piracy - in star systems, the space between star systems and/or on planets, moons, asteroids and/or other natural or manufactured inhabitable surfaces
  • Criminal activity - includes hooliganism, thievery, etc.

Current Projects[]

As of 27-Feb-2021, the company is engaged mainly on projects for the AGT:

Secondary tasks are ongoing and include:

Documentation Consignment Services[]

CELAB Galactic Consignment Services - The company has currently put all consignment activities on hold due to existing AGT commitments.



See AGT Tools and Forms.

CELAB Galactic Industries[]

CELAB Galactic Industries

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