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CELAB Galactic Starfleet is an information page.


As of 11-Feb-2020 the CELAB Galactic Industries starfleet consists of two divisions.

Starfleet Division A[]

Division A consists of a Capital ship, six starships and thirty frigates, described below. Fleet A is focused in activities in the Agutissye Quadrant, Yihelli Quadrant, and Fiquencha regions of the Euclid galaxy.

Division A has traveled to Eissentam and the Hilbert Dimension, however it is primarily based in Euclid.

Starships Division A[]

Ship Name Type Class Inventory Slots Equip Slots Color Notes Picture
AGT CA-34/4 Dreadnought Freighter A 34 4 Red Notes AGT-CA-34-Dreadnought-15.jpg
AGT HA-48/8 Kaopod Transport Hauler A 48 8 Yellow Notes AGT HA-48-8 Kaopod Transport-03.jpg
AGT HA-46/8 Kaopod Cruiser Hauler A 46 8 White Notes AGT HA-46-8 Kaopod Cruiser-03.jpg
AGT HA-47/8 Kaopod Hauler Hauler A 47 8 Blue/Grey Commissioned Dec 2018 AGT HA-47-8 Kaopod Hauler-01.jpg
AGT FA-38/11 CELAB Punisher Fighter A 38 11 Blue Commissioned 11-Mar-2019 Ahngermo-X-Ship-13a.jpg
AGT EA-36/11 Discovery Explorer A 36 11 Metallic Commissioned 24 Mar 2019 AGT-EA-36-11-Discovery-01.jpg
AGT FS-48/21 CELAB Hawkeye Fighter S 48 21 Red/Grey Commissioned 6 Mar 2020 AGT FA-28 CELAB Hawkeye-01.jpg

Frigate Division A[]

Ship Name Specialist Notes
CS-1 Galactica Combat
CS-2 Pegasus Combat
CS-3 Enterprise Combat
CS-4 Andromeda Combat
CS-5 Excelsior Combat
CS-6 Constellation Combat
CS-7 Centaur Combat
ES-1 Asoke Exploration
ES-2 Sukhumvit Exploration
ES-3 Jomtien Exploration
ES-4 Essex Exploration
ES-5 Rayong Exploration
ES-6 Chantaburi Exploration
ES-7 Trat Exploration
IS-1 Nortel Industrial
IS-2 Nokia Industrial
IS-3 Ericsson Industrial
IS-4 Alcatel Industrial
IS-5 Siemens Industrial
SA-7 Sucker Support
SS-1 Cheaper Support
SS-2 Savegas Support
SS-3 Lessgas Support
SS-4 Gaslow Support
SS-5 Lowfuel Support
SS-6 Fastgas Support
TS-1 Barterdeal Trade
TS-2 Haggler Trade
TS-3 Hammerdeal Trade
TS-4 Shiftydeal Trade

Retired Starships of Division A[]

Past starships of the fleet which have been mothballed or sold on the market are as follows:

Ship Name Type Class Inventory Slots Equip Slots Color Notes Picture
AGT EB36 Kaopod Explorer Explorer B 36 11 Red Commissioned 1 Dec 2018. Retired 25 March 2019 AGT EB-36 Kaopod Explorer-03.jpg
AGT FA-36/11 Kaopod Starfighter Fighter A 36 11 Yellow Commissioned Dec 2018. Retired 11 March 2019 AGT FA-36-11 Kaopod Starfighter-03.jpg
AGT S-17/5 Hyperblade Exotic S 17 5 Red Commissioned 11-Mar-2019. Retired 2-Feb-2020 AGT S-17-5 Hyperblade-01.jpg
Radiant Pillar BC1 Fighter C 15 xx Red/White Original starter ship of Division A. Commissioned 12 Oct 2018. Retired November 15, 2018 Radiant-Pillar-BC1-01b.jpg

Starfleet Division B[]

Division B was commissioned on 16-April-2019 and currently consists of a starships as per below. It is currently based in the Cewhea Mass in Euclid. Fleet B will eventually be assigned to the Hilbert Dimension.

Starships Division B[]

Ship Name Type Class Inventory Slots Equip Slots Color Notes Picture
AGT CB-17 Miyako Freighter B 17 4 Grey Commissioned 12-June-2019 AGT CB-17 Miyako-slots.jpg
AGT FA-19/4 CELAB Striker Fighter A 19 4 Red Commissioned 17-June-2019 NmsMisc NotAvailable.png
AGT FB-18/3 Speedy Kaopod Fighter B 18 3 Grey Commissioned 31-May-2019 AGT Cel-Cew Epsilon-Ship-01a.jpg
AGT EA-28 Jalopy Jigger Explorer A 28 xx Blue/Yellow Commissioned 13-Sep-2019 AGT Cel-Cew Beta-ship-03a.jpg
AGT EC-32 Shinjuku Explorer C 32 9 Grey Commissioned 28-Nov-2019 AGT Cel-Fefham-sys-ship-01a.jpg
AGT ES-42 Yamazaki Explorer S 42 14 Yellow/Blue Commissioned 24-Feb-2020 AGT ES-42 Yamazaki-01.jpg
AGT Cel-Ganskoid Living Ship S 22 21 White/Pink Commissioned 26-May-2020 AGT Cel-Adara-ship-01a.jpg

Frigate Division B[]

Ship Name Specialist Notes
ES-1 Adventure Blazer Exploration Commissioned 12-Jun-2019
ES-2 Seeker Exploration Commissioned 12-Jun-2019
TS-1 Cel-Mitsubishi Trade Commissioned 12-Jun-2019

Retired Starships of Division B[]

Past starships of the fleet which have been mothballed or sold on the market are as follows:

Ship Name Type Class Inventory Slots Equip Slots Color Notes Picture
AGT FC-15 Radiant Pillar Fighter C 15 xx Red Commissioned 16-Apr-2019
Retired: 17-June-2019
AGT EA 19-5 Himeji Explorer A 19 xx Blue Commissioned 31-May-2019
Retired: 24-Aug-2019
AGT EA 19-5 Himeji-01.jpg
AGT CEL EC-23 Nomad Explorer C 23 xx Silver Commissioned 24-Aug-2019
Retired: 13-Sep-2019
AGT EB-25 CELAB Akiza Explorer B 25 7 White Commissioned 17-June-2019
Retired 28-Nov 2019
AGT Cel-Cew Alpha-ship-01a.jpg
AGT EA-37 Yamazaki Explorer A 37 12 Grey/Red Commissioned 28-Nov-2019
Retired 24-Feb-2020
Cel-Cew Mu II-ES-ship-01a.jpg
AGT EB-19 Favorite Song Explorer B 19 5 Silver/Red Commissioned 28-Nov-2019
Retired 29-Feb-2020
AGT Cel-Cew Eta-Ship-01a.jpg


Division A[]

CELAB Galactic Industries[]

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