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This page fills the role of Embassy for a Civilized space community. The information found here represents a user-created civilization that is a creative addition to the game.

Calypso Travellers Foundation (CTF)
Calypso Travellers Foundation (CTF)
Galaxy Calypso
Quadrant Alpha
Region Nezka'ubi
Capital system Calypso Travellers Foundation Star
Capital planet CTF Capital planet
Coordinates 0800:0087:07FF:001A
Portal Glyphs 501A08000001
Founded by Ogre magi mutly toad
Federation member Yes
Platform PS4/PC/Xbox
Release Frontiers
Disambig.png This article is about the current Calypso Travellers Foundation. For the archived versions, see Archive:Calypso Travellers Foundation.

The Calypso Travellers Foundation is a civilized space community.


Calypso Travellers Foundation, also known as the CTF is an expansion of the Intergalactic Travellers Foundation also known as the IGTF, focused on exploring a specific area of the Calypso galaxy with other travellers. The CTF was founded in the Pathfinder era.

Known as the Calypso Travelers Foundation prior to the Atlas Rises era, the CTF left their old CTF Sector to found a new zone of the Calypso galaxy, called the CTF Zone. As part of that move, they renamed their organization to the "Calypso Travellers Foundation".

At the end of the "Desolation" era, the CTF moved again looking for new horizons and left behind the CTF Zone to establish a new capital near Galaxy Centre in the Nezka'ubi region.


Ogre magi mutly toad is the ambassador and Leader of CTF. Ogre can be contacted on the AGT Facebook group, the AGT discord group or on Reddit at ogre_magi_mutly .


Continue exploring, discovering, sharing and building in the fantastic Calypso galaxy.

CTF Embassy for AGT[]

AGT logo.png

The hub for the CTF as an embassy and reference point for the Alliance of Galactic Travellers in the Calypso galaxy is the AGT Embassy of Calypso CTF star system .This system is located in the Nezka'ubi region.

The old embassy AGT Calypso embassy CTF is still located in the Xinghus Spur region, belonging to the Old CTF Sector .

Flag and Banner Standard[]

CTF flag & banner

The flags and banners to be flown at each CTF base or outpost are as illustrated.

The CTF adopts the AGT flag due to our strong association. The CTF banner is its own.

Further details on flag/banner registration can be found at the Federation Vexillology Department.


CTF Capital Region (Desolation Era to Present)[]

The Calypso Travellers Foundation Star star system is the Capital for the Calypso Travellers Foundation. This Star system is located in Nezka'ubi region, capital region for the Calypso Travellers Foundation.

  • All star systems discovered by CTF in the new CTF Zone have been named with their original name and AGT / CTF prefixes and suffixes, except in special cases such as capital, black holes, or border systems.

CTF considers the black holes in each region as capitals of those individual regions.

Other Regions[]

Calypso Edges[]

The CTF has several systems on the edge of the galaxy. They serve as a jump to the Hesperius Dimension] galaxy.


Coordinates for the Calypso Travellers Foundation Star, capital star system of the Calypso Travellers Foundation.



For the CTF Capital Portal: 501A08000001


  • CTF has two main priorities in its built bases.
  • 1) create an interesting or more complex construction in a good place.
  • 2) create a simpler construction but in a very interesting place to have there a point of reference to be able to return.

Documented Bases[]

Base Galaxy Region System Game release Platform
CTF Capital Portal Memorial Calypso Eissol AGT Foundation Star CTF Expeditions PC
AGT\CTF Trinary paradise base Calypso Ewyans AGT Desnogd-Akas CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Paradise terrace Calypso Ewyans AGT Odvinsar CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Planetary observer base Calypso Ewyans AGT Otskay CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Paradise Ruins base Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Agfrellin CTF Origins PS4
AGT Calypso Embassy CTF base Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Embassy of Calypso CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Calypso Embassy terrace Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Embassy of Calypso CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Calypso paradise house Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Eninga-Foca CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Jurassic base Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Oainen-Igxun CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Artic base Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Rahagidet CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Tropical base Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Toypert-Odo CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Bubbly red paradise Calypso Nezka'ubi AGT Utform CTF Origins PS4
CTF Capital base Calypso Nezka'ubi Calypso Travellers Foundation Star Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Last base in Calypso Calypso Ofnouri Fring AGT Calypso Edge CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Vilevill planetary observer Calypso Vilevill AGT Hodutong CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF High security paradise Calypso Vilevill AGT Ukoyer-Puyta CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Lunar Piercing Ring base Calypso Vilevill AGT Ukoyer-Puyta CTF Origins PS4
AGT\CTF Micro Ruins Planetary observer Calypso Vilevill AGT Vodest CTF Origins PS4
CTF Commander Home Base Calypso Yashimihara AGT Blue Stone CTF Pathfinder PS4

(CTF) is the AGT Archival Council representative for AGT Calypso Embassy.

Creatures under investigation by the CTF Commander[]


  • Establishment of the “CTF Zone” (26/09/2017)
  • The PS4 and PC player "zazariins" is officially named "Honorary President" of "Intergalactic Travelers Foundation". (05-09-2020)
  • Calypso Travellers Foundation relocates its capital to the center of the galaxy again. The CTF commander begins a long journey to the center, after verifying that in the old CTF Sector, nothing is as it was, after the latest updates.


This section is Fan Fiction. The information found here is not an actual part of the released game, but a user-invented addition to the wiki.

legend says...

In a remote location in the Euclid galaxy, a son of a dissident from the ancient galactic empire spent his days among his quantum physics studies and in his free time in the tavern of an old healer, listening to incredible stories about a distant galaxy beyond the Hilbert Dimension. They were amazing stories about incredible places and an impressive sky bathed in the deep purple of Calypso.

Those stories left a mark on that young adventurer and since then he had only one objective... to travel to the Calypso galaxy and establish there his new home. During these years he managed to equip his ship AGT Alice CTF with a powerful hyperturbo and along with a small fleet embarked on his long trip to the stars.

CTF Zone[]

The CTF Zone is an area of space in the Calypso galaxy formed by several regions (currently 16) interlaced with each other forming a cluster of spirals around the central region in a radius of approximately 2.000 light years around.

The “CTF Zone” is located in the Alpha quadrant of Calypso. This area is from the “Atlas rises” era and is no longer explored. Currently CTF has moved to the center of the galaxy


If you want to join, you should contact a member of the CTF. The IGTF Facebook group is the primary channel to contact any of the IGTF foundations.

Naming Guidelines[]

Members are encouraged to name as follows:

  • Systems must be prefixed with AGT, then the original name, then the suffix CTF
  • Planets/moons can be named freely, retaining original names is encouraged unless a specific reason to use a new name is desirable.

Members should also follow the AGT Naming Convention Guidelines.

CTF Stats[]

Item PC PS Xbox ?? Legacy
Cross Platform
Star Systems 6 728 0 0 734 23
Regions -- -- -- -- -- 32
Planets and Moons 2 221 0 0 223 17
Fauna 0 0 0 0 0 3
Starships 0 6 0 0 6 2
Multi-Tools 0 7 0 0 7 4
Base Records 0 18 0 0 18 1

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2. Totals may not match exactly if platform parameters have values that vary from PC/PS/Xbox

AGT Galactic Archives Entries[]

Systems Documented[]

The following systems have been documented:

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
AGT Aodess Hole CTF Aodess Black hole Korvax 1 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Aziesp CTF Cokowat Korvax 4 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Cokowat Hole CTF Cokowat Black hole Vy'keen 3 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Demonoha Hole CTF Demonoha Black hole Korvax 4 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Eakoss Hole CTF Eakoss Black hole Korvax 2 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Eissol Hole CTF Eissol Black Hole Nano-construction Gek 3 0 Expeditions
AGT Foundation Star CTF Eissol Yellow Trading Korvax 5 0 Expeditions
AGT Mystery Rock CTF Eissol Blue Vy'keen 2 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Purple Rock CTF Eissol Korvax 4 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Calypso Limits CTF Eporpha Black Hole Ore Processing Vy'keen 4 0 Frontiers
Foundation's Edge Etnormteyll Void Black hole Korvax 2 2 PS4 Pathfinder
AGT Eltiensleen Edge CTF Herfjon Red Gek 1 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Hertan Hole CTF Hertan Black Hole Gek 3 2 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Hotigas Hole CTF Hotigas Black Hole Vy'keen 3 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Inahia Hole CTF Inahia Black hole Korvax 1 PS4 Atlas Rises
Ootsfaatwijk Inusamophr Adjunct Blue Korvax 4 0 PS4 Pathfinder
AGT Jathsenge Hole CTF Jathsenge Black hole Vy'keen 3 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Ruddapenzol CTF Keenamte Void Yellow 4 0 PS4 Pathfinder
AGT Buyterhiok CTF Ledyanagas Mass 5 1 PS4 Pathfinder
AGT Lotasant Hole CTF Lotasant Black Hole Vy'keen 2 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Ickjamatew Edge CTF Miliaere Spur Yellow Mercantile Gek 4 0 PS4 Atlas Rises
AGT Aatisket XI CTF Nezka'ubi Blue Research Gek 4 2 PS4 NextGen
AGT Aktrek-Oguru CTF Nezka'ubi Red Uncharted 5 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Altaks-Amnan CTF Nezka'ubi Blue Shipping Vy'keen 3 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Arcuss-Ibx CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Minerals Korvax 5 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Avdepo II CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Construction Vy'keen 5 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Avhanav VI CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Power Generation Gek 2 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Betalsr-Udu CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow High Tech Korvax 5 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Binderi CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Mercantile Korvax 2 0 PS4 Companions
AGT Chellaf CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Manufacturing Vy'keen 6 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dajupivo CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Prospecting Gek 3 0 PS4 Desolation
AGT Daminif-Xiston CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Commercial Vy'keen 4 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dasail CTF Nezka'ubi Blue Uncharted 5 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Deilabl CTF Nezka'ubi Red Uncharted 3 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dibinde-Shl CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Energy Supply Korvax 4 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dibinde-Shl CTF (PC) Nezka'ubi Yellow Energy Supply Korvax 4 1 PC Companions
AGT Dighedsfi CTF Nezka'ubi Green Scientific Gek 4 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dikorts CTF Nezka'ubi Red Uncharted 2 2 PS4 NextGen
AGT Diovii CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Nano-construction Korvax 6 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dipunks-Sterl CTF Nezka'ubi Red Uncharted 3 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Dorleys XV CTF Nezka'ubi Red Uncharted 5 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Drogra CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Energy Supply Vy'keen 3 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Duvikure IV CTF Nezka'ubi Red Uncharted 3 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Eapper CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Nano-construction Gek 6 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Egarde CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Prospecting Korvax 4 0 PS4 Companions
AGT Elfelah-Alh I CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Shipping Gek 3 0 PS4 NextGen
AGT Elsidi-Tav CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Mercantile Gek 4 1 PS4 NextGen
AGT Embassy of Calypso CTF Nezka'ubi Prospecting Vy'keen 6 PS4 Origins
AGT Embassy of Calypso CTF (PC) Nezka'ubi Yellow Prospecting Vy'keen 6 PC Origins
AGT Embihn-Tunas CTF Nezka'ubi Yellow Research Korvax 3 0 PS4 Companions




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