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A Waypoint in front of a Transmission Tower

A three-structure camp: a Minor Settlement (back right), a Transmission Tower (back centre) and an Observatory (front)

A Camp is a Point of Interest.


Camps occur when two or more Points of Interest generate in close proximity to each other on the surface of a planet. Camps, which almost always generate with Waypoints, are on safe grounds and usually Sentinels will not appear in or near camps.

Two types of camps can generate on planets: uninhabited camps and inhabited camps.

Uninhabited camps[]

Uninhabited camps always include a Shelter (a pair of tube-shaped structures) as well as one or more of the following uninhabited Points of Interest: Holo-Terminus, Observatory.

Inhabited camps[]

Inhabited camps always include a Minor Settlement (a building equipped with a single physical Landing Pad). as well as one or more of the following inhabited Points of Interest: Transmission Tower, Observatory.