Carbon is a common isotope element used to recharge the multi-tool and life support.


It can be found in the form of trees and plants, and can be mined with the multi-tool. It can also be collected from planters in space stations, outposts, Standing Planters, and other buildings.

Used in crafting

Suspension Fluid
  • 50 Carbon
Power Canister
  • 50 Carbon
Power Gel
  • 25 Carbon
Power Resevoir
  • 75 Carbon
ES Health Module Tau
ES Coolant Network Sigma
ES Coolant Network Tau
ES Thermic Layer Sigma
ES Thermic Layer Tau
ES Radiation Deflector Sigma
ES Radiation Deflector Tau
ES Toxin Suppressor Sigma
ES Toxin Suppressor Tau
ES Aeration Membrane Sigma
ES Aeration Membrane Tau
ES Stamina Enhancement Sigma
SS Beam Impact Tau
SS Beam Impact Theta
MT Combat Amplifier Sigma
MT Plasma Launcher
MT Scanner
  • 50 Carbon
MT Range Boost Sigma

(ES-exosuit; SS-starship; MT-multi-tool)


Important and abundant element used to recharge weaponry, mining equipment and exosuit life support.

Found in planetary trees, plants and other vegetation.


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