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The subject of this article is from the SentinelUp update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 12 April, 2022.

This page fills the role of Headquarters for a Company organization. The information found here represents a user-created company that is a creative addition to the game.

Carcharodon Merchant Fleet
Carcharodon Merchant Fleet
Galaxy Euclid
Region Ifnala Shallows
HQ System Galleon's Graveyard
Headquarters Sapidsg
Founded by Hanzyl
Type Sole Proprietaryship
Specialisation Fleet, Cargo, Freighting, Advanced Trading, Meat, Smuggling
UCA member Yes
Platform PC
Updated SentinelUp

The Carcharodon Merchant Fleet is a company.


The Carcharodon Merchant Fleet (CMF) was formed on February 21 2022 following the Sentinel update. The CMF represents a nomadic, fleet-based company consisting of roving merchant cargo freighters formed by the Traveller-iteration, Hanzyl.

All members are iterations of the Space Anomaly Traveller Eos and share the same shark-like appearance and personality traits, seeing the universe as their ocean hunting grounds. But where sharks stalk the waters for prey, the CMF navigate space for trade deals and valuable cargo - as well as new and flavorsome meat dishes for the company larder.

As such, the fleet mostly travels through civilized space hunting for favourable trading opportunities, transporting cargo to clients and performing frigate missions for local factions and guilds, before warping to the next system. Acquisition of meat and currency are the company's end-goals.


The CMF's primary directive is to navigate the galaxy in order to purchase and sell expensive, luxury goods and materials as well as transporting high-end products and raw resources for select clients.

Secondarily, the fleet is concerned with hoarding an assortment of meat products and acquiring new 'mystery meat' recipes - mostly for its own consumption. The latter is considered just as important as the former as Eos iterations have large, carnivorous appetites.

The fleet is a nomadic organization with little focus on outpost construction or base building, except in the interest of commerce whereby it establishes trade routes for member navigation across star systems.

In short, its corporate goal is the acquisition of wealth through its body of interstellar merchant fleets. All while keeping a keen, predatory eye on its corporate larder...


The fleet sources materials for select clients in exchange for payment in meat products. Currently, CMF freights the following resources (mostly used in base construction):


CMF Palaemon


The Carcharodon Merchant Fleet is headquartered aboard the CMF Palaemon, flagship of the corporate fleet.

Background & Corporate Ethics

The Carcharadons believe life is a race worth winning - in style. Only the most Exotic starships and multi-tools are fit for their members and no CMF member would dream of anything less than S-Class.

Fleet captains are considered kings aboard their own vessels, free to pursue riches through noble means (excluding piracy or griefing). However all CMF fleets are subject to their host civilization's rules of conduct while travelling in civilized space.

Being shark-like iterations of Eos, company members are all meat-eaters and will gladly use consumable meat products to replenish their life-support.

The CMF is intended for roleplaying purposes only. As such, members are only asked to conduct themselves respectfully. The founder also reserves the right to exile trolls or troublemakers.

"Carpe Carnum"

Company Structure & Employees

Currently the company consists solely of its founder, Hanzyl. There are two further executive positions available.

Picture Member name Title Platform Reddit Discord
Hanzyl4.jpg Hanzyl Fleet CEO/Founder


PC Hanzyl Hanzyl#9610
Position Available Fleet Quartermaster


Position Available Fleet Treasurer


Company Insignia

Carcharodon freighters and frigates are adorned primarily in grey, with shades of black and white. In case of Exotic gear, members may choose gold detailing on Starships, Multi-Tools, etc where able.

Members must ideally endeavor to unlock the title of "Admiral" and have it selected at an Appearance Modifier. Members may also use "Captain" or "Commodore" in the interim.

Members may elect to name all ships, freighters, and frigates with the prefix "CMF" (e.g. CMF Gobor, CMF Roanoke, CMF The Birth of Freedom, etc.). This is not done for planets or systems discovered.

Systems Discovered

System Region Color Economy Faction Planets Moons Platform Release
Akegatot Ifnala Shallows Yellow Nano-construction Vy'keen 5 SentinelUp
Galleon's Graveyard Ifnala Shallows Blue 3 SentinelUp
Mukosi-Oriykh IX Ifnala Shallows Yellow Technology Korvax 5 1 SentinelUp
Unnanto Ifnala Shallows Yellow Trading Korvax 6 SentinelUp
Yubameyag Ifnala Shallows Yellow Energy Supply Gek 5 1 SentinelUp
Eifshol Ninhert Nebula Yellow Mathematical Gek 6 0 SentinelUp

Company Bases

Below is a list of all official company outposts and embassies:

Base Image Base Name Star System Planet Galaxy
Great Meat Hall 5.jpg CMF Great Meat Hall Galleon's Graveyard Sapidsg Euclid
CMF Supply Depot 1.jpg CMF Supply Depot & Storage Hangars United Corporate Alliance V.1 UCA - BGS Headquarters Euclid
CMF Galactic Hub Drogradur Outpost Owdzangm XV Drogradur NO426 Euclid
CMF AGT Nexus Outpost AGT Embassy (Yihelli Quadrant) AGT Nexus Euclid

Joining the company

Currently the company is operating under Sole Proprietaryship. Anyone wishing to join however can request to do so via Discord.


The Carcharodon Merchant Fleet is affiliated with the United Corporate Alliance since 2022.

Flag And Banner Standard

Flag and banner

The flag and banner combination used by CMF as registered with the Federation Vexillology Department.