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The Cartographer is a type of NPC character.


The Cartographer is an NPC character found on Space stations. They can be a member of any of the game factions.

They provide planetary charts in exchange for Navigation Data or a 15-nanite purchase. These charts replace the "find specific building" function of a Signal Booster.


They can be found on Space stations at the desk closest to the teleporter.

Additional information[]

Each cartographer provides ONE type of chart from the following list:

It is also possible to obtain charts from Colossal Archive via a dedicated cartography terminal.

Planetary Chart Results[]

The probabilities of receiving a POI for each type are as follows:

Chart Type POI Probability
Secure site Depot 25%
Manufacturing Facility 50%
Operations Centre 25%
Distress Signal Abandoned Building 40%
Distress Beacon 13.33%
Crashed Ship 13.33%
Crashed Freighter 13.33%
Observatory 20%
Inhabited outpost Shelter 18%
Trade Outpost 12%
Minor Settlement 34%
Transmission Tower 18%
Observatory 18%
Holographic Comms Tower <1%
Habitable Base <1%
Colossal Archive ?%
Ancient artifact
Plaque 33%
Monolith 33%
Ruin 33%


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