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This category is for pre-release starship types that are being kept for archival purposes.

Limited information[]

The following starships do not have enough information available to warrant their own page. If additional coverage surfaces, a page can be created and the ship removed from this list.

Name First seen Comments
Inshinsh S11 PS4 Trade trailer
Sosakush S13 PS4 Fight trailer 0:17 seconds
Tanoyabu S18 PS4 Trade trailer
Iokakyush S22 PS4 Survive trailer
Usakizawa S24 PS4 Fight trailer 0:25 seconds
Reshimat S28 PS4 Fight trailer 0:13 seconds
Otsugino S35 PS4 Fight trailer 0:29 seconds
Rasamama S36 PS4 Fight trailer 0:27 seconds
Orozawase S37 PS4 Trade trailer
Nogotosak S45 PS4 Galaxy trailer 1:01 minutes
Fuchibuk S73 PS4 Fight trailer 0:14 seconds

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