Hello - I have never created a talk page before so lets hope this goes well :)
What I want to discuss is how best to edit these galaxy pages in a uniform manner... there are 255 of them so it will take some time but if I can get a consensus from everyone on the format then over time I can go thru and get all the galaxy pages corrected/complete. All galaxy names have been stable so I could at least get them updated to 'Visions'.
Things I would update:
I believe we have a new info box so I would make that the same through all 255
Update the Version: Visions at the top
Question: the release section of the info box, shouldn't that be when the galaxy was introduced in the game? A question I have wondered forever and one I am not sure how to answer. Obviously Euclid was here first, but when were the other 254 added?
Lastly, I would like to get the categories settled; I feel like we should have Category: Harsh/Empty/Lush/Norm AND Category: Galaxies.
Thoughts on all that? thanks Intothedoor (talk) 01:26, 24 June 2019 (UTC)
I was under the opinion that the infobox WAS the same for all the galaxies. Which ones are different? I picked galaxy 219 at random and it has the same infobox as Euclid.
For any page, the Versions tag is used to categorize which release the page was most recently updated under, and shows for all but the current release. On the other hand, the "Release" section is the visual display of this same value (i.e. when it was last updated), but shows for EVERY release. So - if a galaxy's information hasn't been updated since NEXT, then both values would still be set to NEXT. Correcting a typo, say, is not a good enough reason to change the version. But adding a new region would be.
As far as having a specific "Galaxies" category, it doesn't hurt to have it, but I'm not sure what benefit we gain. If we have already set up Harsh/Empty/Lush/Norm as sub-categories of the Galaxy category, doesn't that serve the purpose?
Another thing that could be updated is the use of the "Galaxy" macro. The first 30 or so galaxies have it; I've been adding it to five or six galaxies at a time to keep ahead of the current explorers who are pacing through them.
Yet another thing is that there may still be some pages that don't have the "Region Suffix" macro on them. If so, that could be added.
My final thought is what to do with the galaxy pages once Beyond drops. Euclid and Hilbert haven't had a new page since Pathfinder, while Eissentam has an Atlas Page. All the other galaxies, as far as I know, have never had a new page; each page just has different sections for the regions discovered in each release. Based on the length of Euclid, it may be time to give it a reboot. In short, I'd suggest this:
Item 1: Create new Beyond pages for Euclid and Hilbert, as they are the two galaxies with the greatest amount of activity.
Item 2: combine the two Eissentam pages using the typical method used, for example on Calypso, where there is a header for each release, and then the regions from that release are grouped under it. Eissentam is the only exception among the "other galaxies" in having separate pages, and it would standardize things a bit more.
OK, those are my thoughts Ddfairchild (talk) 04:28, 24 June 2019 (UTC)
The info box difference starts as early as galaxy 51 - the galaxies previous have 'Type and Sub-Type' added between 'Color and Next'. There is a Galaxies category and it only has 190 pages, seems weird to me all 255 galaxies aren't included, Euclid currently being one of them. The use of 'Release' in the info box and the way you describe it seem odd also, maybe the word Release needs to change to Version? thoughts? Intothedoor (talk) 11:39, 26 June 2019 (UTC)
My guess then is that the Type/Subtype was done in the same way as adding the Galaxy macro is now being done, i.e. moving ahead slowly as needed to keep current. Sitting down and changing 255 galaxy pages at one fell swoop is probably not something your average editor is going to be interested in <g> As for using Release, Version, or whatever term, they all have the possibility of being misinterpreted as to whether it means "which version was this added?" or "which version does this belong to?" or "which versions was this last updated?"
If you are volunteering to update all the galaxy pages, I'd say make sure all the infobox parms are the same, all pages use the galaxy macro, all pages use the RegionCategories macro, and that all pages have both a Galaxy category and a category for the Galaxy subtype. Ddfairchild (talk) 15:13, 26 June 2019 (UTC)