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Navigating a cave system using the Roamer

Caves are a type of geological structure.


Caves are a type of geological structure generated on most if not all planets.

They can be used as a means of shelter against Weather and other planet hazards. The safety of cave systems vary, so be on your guard whenever entering a new cave. They also contain resources and different Species, some of which cannot be found on the surface. These are considered part of the Subterranean ecosystem.

Cave systems can also be found underwater; check your breathing apparatus before exploring these.


NmsResource Marrow Bulb Cave.JPG
Marrow Bulb in a cave (Atlas Rises)

Resources found in caves includes the following:

Temperature Differences

In an early game video, a player is seen going into a cave on Balari V to recharge the anti-planet hazard insulation in his suit. It is notably warmer inside as the temperature rises at least 200 degrees Celsius. The player penetrates the cave by blowing a hole in the ground using the Land Disruptor upgrade for his weapon.

Currently, caves are all safer than the external environment.

Additional Information

  • Caves extending all the way down to "bedrock" will often have surface objects generate on the exposed "bedrock"

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