Cel-Agutissye Eta I

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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Cel-Agutissye Eta I
Cel-Agutissye Eta I
Galaxy Euclid
Region Agutissye Quadrant
Star system AGT Cel-Agutissye Eta
Moon(s) 0
Terrain Pangean
Biome Barren - Desert
Weather Occasional sandstorms
Resources Cc, Py, Co, Cu
Sentinels Aggressive
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Ample
Claimed by Alliance of Galactic Travellers
Discovered by celab99
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated Visions

Cel-Agutissye Eta I is a planet in No Man's Sky.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Cel-Agutissye Eta I is a planet in the star system AGT Cel-Agutissye Eta on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[edit | edit source]

All Original: Lavadoris S10
PC Current: Cel-Agutissye Eta I

Planet type[edit | edit source]

This planet is a barren desert. The planet is waterless/pangean.

The planet was explored during the period of March 2019.

Environment Conditions[edit | edit source]

There are frequent violent but not extreme storm conditions.

Scenario Temp Radiation Toxicity Notes
Daytime 26.1°C 1.1 Rad 11.0
Night time -56.4°C 1.1 Rad 11.0
Storm Daytime xx°C XX Rad xx frequent
Storm Night time 100.2°C 1.1 Rad 11.0 frequent

Moons[edit | edit source]

There are no moons.

Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Sequence Latitude Longitude POI Type Area Name Notes
01 + 64.97 - 63.83 Glyph TBD Puscan, Generation H-44S. See gallery.
02 + 65.09 - 60.60 Beacon TBD See gallery.
03 + 67.68 - 53.70 Minor Settlement A The Vale of Dozhgo Marked with a yellow Save Beacon.See gallery.
04 - 25.07 - 51.09 Portal Naren-Afto's Destination Marked with a purple beacon and a Communications Station. Also has an Exocraft Summoning Station. See gallery.
05 - 28.81 - 46.50 Trading Post A 52U-JV5 Interface See gallery.

Life[edit | edit source]

Fauna[edit | edit source]

Eight (8) species of fauna are known to exist. The following table identifies those catalogued:

Seq Name Environment Discovered by  
01 C. Gallealia Terrestrial Celab99 Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Fauna-01a.jpg

1 Recommended to observe.

Flora[edit | edit source]

Sequence Name Discovery Credit Age Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-01b.jpg 01 V. Ladyegulera Celab99 ageTBD Mobile Atmospheric moisture Carbon
Notes: Hydrophillic Secondary Resource: SecResource
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-02b.jpg 02 O. Thieflenii Celab99 ageTBD Capacious Proton recycling Marrow Bulb
Notes: Infectious Spores Secondary Resource: SecResource
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-03b.jpg 03 O. Coastohaeum Celab99 ageTBD Limited Fungal harvest Marrow Bulb
Notes: Delicious Secondary Resource: SecResource
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-04b.jpg 04 E. Sponixae Celab99 ageTBD Gravitational Fungal Reclamation Carbon
Notes: Covered in tiny eggs Secondary Resource: Cactus Flesh
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-05b.jpg 05 B. Deathxepresera Celab99 ageTBD Concentrated Electron Donors Carbon
Notes: Flowers once Secondary Resource: Cactus Flesh
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-06b.jpg 06 U. Hostsuitoe Celab99 ageTBD Grasping Sunlight Carbon
Notes: Waxy fruit Secondary Resource: SecResource
Cel-Agutissye-Eta-I-Flora-07b.jpg 07 C. Aishnepus Celab99 ageTBD Gravitational Carbon Absorption Carbon
Notes: Luminous Bulbs Secondary Resource: SecResource

Sentinels[edit | edit source]

Sentinel activity is aggressive and thus the planet is labelled as extreme warning.

Resources[edit | edit source]

The following resources can be found on this planet.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Planet Information[edit | edit source]

Notable locations[edit | edit source]

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Flora[edit | edit source]

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