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The subject of this article is from the Outlaws update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 19 July, 2022.

This article was documented by the Galactic Hub.

Disambig.png This article is about current Galactic Hub Census. For archived versions, see Archive:Census - Galactic Hub Project.
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Census - Galactic Hub is a census page.

Summary & Guidelines[]

NOTE: This page is only for arrivals in the Galactic Hub, located in The Arm of Vezitinen and 10 surrounding regions.


To be shown on this census, you must have a base page defined in the wiki. You are welcome to document multiple bases, but note that the census will only display one base per player.

You are encouraged to create your own home base page on the wiki and thereby appear on the census, but to have one created for you, please complete the following form:

Displayed data (Base census)[]

The following information is included on the census (based on information entered for your primary base):

  • PC/PS/XB username
  • Reddit username
  • Discord username
  • Friend Code
  • Primary base
  • System
  • Game Platform (PC/PS/XB)
  • Game Mode used for the base.
  • The date of your arrival, in a Year/Month/Day format (best for sorting purposes).
    • Date Arrived should be the date you arrived in an official region of the Galactic Hub Project.
  • Renewed - Citizenship is current as of this year

Base Census[]

Census count: 373

Player Name Reddit Link Discord Name Friend Code Home Base System Platform Game Mode Date of Arrival Renewed Release
RNP0-0KFB-BHXXT GH Zombiebase HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PS Normal 2022/04/01 2022 Outlaws
_fuze _fuze#9455 329V-TVX3-R66V6 Foresight HUB1-1 Tepper PC Normal 2022/07/14 2022 Outlaws
09.00am weasel#6455 Lake Renwill Overlook Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/17 2022 SentinelUp
12.14am timb#4265 Lake Forgiveness Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/04/10 2022 Frontiers
a26r AR1010#0898 Caveman HUB4-B2 Sanctum of the Seraphim PC Normal 2021/08/30 2022 Prisms
AbeTheMystic DeLongestBeard#1283 JDPN-V6RT-H0DHC The HUB Portal Motel by Friends of Atlas HUB5-1C7 Kirtou-Any XB Normal 2022/07/09 2022 Outlaws
Absolute Chill Absolute Chill#2889 Dorkera Prime Calliope PC Normal 2021/11/02 2022 Frontiers
Aether X365 Hawkeye#8031 Etone Outpost Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/07/17 2022 Outlaws
Agent Bahann Bahann#3174 Portal Depot Inc. - Euclid Branch Owdzangm XV PC Survival 2020/08/03 2022 Frontiers
Albundii_YT ZZ0B-FZ3P-MDQB4 GH Mountain Lab Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2021/10/05 2022 Frontiers
Ali Ali#5506 JJJV-CQ67-6BRXA Golden Slumber HUB1-10E Heartshorn PC Normal 2021/05/03 2022 Expeditions
Alsodoso Alsodoso#9756 ZWGV-Z212-NWBH8 Avocado Beta Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/07/23 2022 Endurance
Angel Dust Stan Acc Ralsei Stan Acc#4515 Egarian Lighthouse HUB8-115 Zypheria PC Normal 2020/09/23 2022 Frontiers
ApexFatality93 ApexFatality#9642 Charmander's Retreat Zamynuu PC Normal 2018/11/11 2022 Prisms
ardyalligan ardyalligan#1256 Strawberry Fields Farm HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PC Normal 2018/10/01 2022 Frontiers
Arro Arro#0133 Arro's Lakeside Getaway Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/21 2022 SentinelUp
Assassin_Chevey0 Assassin_Chevey0#5867 ND75-82Q0-KKTG0 Chevey0 Hub Outpost HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PS Normal 2019/09/11 2022 Frontiers
Audio Samurai Audio Samurai#6978 8Y29-CC8K-12J5J Azure Mesa Outpost Sitogors XV XB Survival 2022/06/27 2022 Outlaws
Augment Echo Augment Echo#0166 Echo Commune Overwatch Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/09/19 2022 Outlaws
Autan219 Autan#3622 FR8D-V8XV-42VQ6 HUB Cup Island Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/10/13 2022 Frontiers
Awesome_Q Awesome_Q74#7750 Stratus Base HUB6-19D Dead Rallaga PC Creative 2022/06/14 2022 Outlaws
Azure Azure#7665 Beach Resort HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PC Normal 2019/09/01 2022 SentinelUp
Banjo_Kantoozkie Banjo_Kantoozkie#3999 The Salty Grinder Research Platform Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/10/02 2022 Frontiers
BCarnal75 BCarnal75#4137 Hub Base Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/04/01 2022 Frontiers
Bénahek Bénahek#2779 BVR4-TB04-4XV9W Seaside Complex Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/21 2022 SentinelUp
BestLegend134 BestLegend134#9177 Listening Post Zeta Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/01/26 2022 Frontiers
BestNoob782 BestNoob782#9024 TA85-DATV-B3FH4 BestNoob782 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PC Normal 2020/07/03 2022 Outlaws
Biggeoff80 The Bridge Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2021/09/28 2022 Frontiers
Bitspace Astronac#1230 BR30-2G89-1M2RG Bitspace Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/05/13 2022 Outlaws
BlackCatLair BlackCat Dark Energy Singularity HUB4-AB Kamrin XB Normal 2019/01/19 2022 Frontiers
BlAcKsMoKe BlAcKsMoKe#5081 Ayrenn BGE-HQ Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/17 2022 Frontiers
Blue Blue_#8030 The Spire Blue Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/04 2022 Frontiers
BlueApollo7456 Magnus#5218 Galactic Hub Aquatic Facility Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/01/02 2022 Frontiers
BobBoblinson BobBoblinson#6879 The Lighthouse Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2021/09/13 2022 Frontiers
Boblo Boblo714#6095 2CHW-8T5M-0378T Epic Ridge Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2020/03/08 2022 Outlaws
bobmcbobface bobmcbobface#3703 Bob's Water Tower Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/07/25 2022 Prisms
Brando_Beguile Brando_Beguile#1653 Beguiling PvP Arena HUB1-1 Tepper PS Normal 2021/09/19 2022 Frontiers
BravestarrZA Bravestarr Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/05/25 2022 Outlaws
BreadNugget7567 BreadNugget7567#3227 80VN-ND2W-C5VYC Cidus Statione Ad Astra Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/03/27 2022 SentinelUp
Bulbo Bulbo#6495 Bulbo's Bolt-Hole Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/09/22 2022 Frontiers
Bumbleshanks Bumbleshanks#9398 Gamer Base Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/11/03 2022 Frontiers
BurnTheirFlesh BurnTheirFlesh#6680 9BF8-2BV6-MVX0M BurnTheirFlesh Trade Outpost Alpha Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/10/29 2022 SentinelUp
Buster335 Buster#6094 Outpost 335 Nasurg PC Normal 2022/06/30 2022 Outlaws
ButterWalrus#583 Buttered_Walrus#7533 2XJ6-PDCY-48N1W GHub Production Base HUB11-1 PC Normal 2021/11/01 2022 Frontiers
Buzz Litebeer Buzz-By-Sea Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/12/01 2022 Frontiers
BytorNC BytorNC#1346 Flora Research Station Xanadu Kuchuor PS Normal 2022/03/23 2022 Frontiers
Calrod22 Calrod#2065 VPPE-AT7S-1JF9P Cal-tech coruscant towers Watarg-Bar I PS Normal 2021/09/01 2022 Frontiers
CammyCat cammy#3991 Galactic Hub Outpost HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PC Normal 2020/08/09 2022 Endurance
Cap.PatiePC Patrick Meeuwsen (Facebook) Home of Cap Patie Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/06/03 2022 Outlaws
Capone1025 AFKB-TN2B-5FMPM Capo Cove HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PS Normal 2022/07/03 2022 Outlaws
Captain Reemays Reemays#9533 RGTQ-VTTR-7PKA6 Optimius Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2020/07/28 2022 Frontiers
Captain_mac1137 CPT_M1137#0577 The Ring Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2021/11/03 2022 Frontiers
CaptHarpo @CaptHarpo (Twitter) Atlas Arts studio Biscoff Crunch PS Normal 2022/02/22 2022 Frontiers
Carioquensi Carioquensi#1379 AQKP-VY57-ZYH60 Carioquensi Outpost Rastand-Ink XB Survival 2021/10/29 2022 Frontiers
Carolus Magnus Carolus Magnus#6071 D3SP-ADYD-GFDH2 Magnus' Galhub Home Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/09/01 2022 Frontiers
CasualLunatic12420 CasualLunatic12420#0230 Galactic Hub Capitol (CasualLunatic12420) Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2020/07/19 2022 Frontiers
CC Sangheili ScarOfSangheili#0572 HJHB-WGP5-D33DC Sanghelios Owdzangm XV XB Survival 2022/06/08 2022 Outlaws
CerbTheOne CerbTheOne#0272 House in the Endless Plains Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/09/22 2022 Frontiers
Chadapillar Vonador#6027 New Valyria HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun XB Normal 2022/04/13 2022 Outlaws
Charzinc Charzinc RDT9-QGAF-S2BDJ S'rashi-daro Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2022/04/19 2022 Outlaws
Chronic_Peebs_30 Bra'ad (Peebs)#0142 MD5B-PT3K-6DVX8 Easter Colony Owdzangm XV PS Creative 2021/11/02 2022 Frontiers
ChunChunMaru_694 TheHolyWeeb#3803 BKQK-BND0-RB56E Skyline View Owdzangm XV PS Survival 2022/05/31 2022 Outlaws
ck#5249 ck#5249 Lakeside Outpost Owdzangm XV PC Survival 2022/04/22 2022 Outlaws
ClassicGing ClassicGing#4235 Mudhut Sanctum HUB4-B2 Sanctum of the Seraphim XB Normal 2020/01/27 2022 Prisms
color Charity Charity!#5188 Kesshan Al-Basri Miradoma PC Normal 2022/07/01 2022 Outlaws
connor.dymond ira#0442 1CQK-P9J5-KKQZ0 Clover Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/07/08 2022 Outlaws
CoolioColophon CoolioColophon#0001 Interloper Plaza (Drogradur NO426) Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/03/30 2022 SentinelUp
CoolLikeFonz Axios Academy HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PC Normal 2021/12/03 2022 Frontiers
Copesauce Copesauce#2101 Forest Manor Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/04/20 2022 Outlaws
Corvus Corvus#3959 Sundial Bridge Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2019/03/03 2022 Frontiers
Corvus_Shade jkmooney#5894 Corvus on the Lake Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/25 2022 Outlaws
cousteu cousteu#4902 Hikari Outpost HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PS Normal 2018/01/04 2022 Frontiers
CR0W [Crow SE]#1438 Bungus Hub 9000 HUB10-6A Quetzalcoatl's Sun PC Normal 2022/02/20 2022 SentinelUp
CT9611Res Residentevil48#9611 Aotome-Nant Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/11/04 2022 Frontiers
CYCLONE36 TM Old Spice Gaming#2913 Sunset's Point Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/10/28 2022 Frontiers
dallasbeek (Steam) dabeek#9301 FMM1-H4W1-GN54E Totally Legal Nipnip Operation HUB11-B4 Antiope PC Normal 2022/05/13 2022 Outlaws
daqm1ingitmo rockbottom56#9772 Mount Nittany Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2022/08/01 2022 Endurance
daqm1ingitmo rockbottom56 #9772 FG9T-HTMG-7559C Nittany Mountain Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2022/01/08 2022 Endurance
Dark Eth0s Dark Eth0s#8426 Dark Eth0s Hub Hub4-216 XB Normal 2022/03/21 2022 SentinelUp
Dark_fusion42 Darkfusion42[PS4-Euclid]#9015 Fusion Inc Coruscant Watarg-Bar I PS Normal 2018/01/01 2022 Frontiers
Darkspyro911 Darkspyro911#4135 0WTG-3JJ8-WSQMW Darkspyro911's Galtic hub base Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2020/08/12 2022 Endurance
Dart123Omega JoshMangipano#1912 J2QS-CCTN-ZAVNW Galactic Farmers Market Owdzangm XV XB Survival 2021/12/15 2022 Frontiers
DarthChronos DarthChronos#8934 Red Rocket Gas Station Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/04/03 2022 Outlaws
DeathFire2007 General Grim#6040 V3RK-ZBMM-9W9R4 Widowood Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2021/09/05 2022 SentinelUp
Deeno InfinityI#7477 Exotic City Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2021/09/26 2022 Frontiers
DefaultGamer#333 DefaultGamer#0833 8HQT-JJ9C-P2P1R GalNip Hydroponics Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/08/25 2022 Outlaws
DemonsEncircled_ GHDF Starship Carrier Owdzangm XV PS Normal 2018/08/17 2022 Expeditions
DenBlaGripen Loki the Sergal#3966 R7QP-5QN0-N8066 Valley of wind Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/07/08 2022 Outlaws
DHarhanWulf DHarhanWulf#3455 ACH2-PRWN-46QK8 Ualing-Hyor Underworld Mine Ualing-Hyor PS Normal 2021/11/25 2022 Frontiers
Dick-fil-A Qui33#6978 XTBH-XK69-WCXNP Dic's Nip Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/04/19 2022 Outlaws
DionysusAtGmail DionysusAtGmailDotCom#4963 FRCW-PZDC-9JBQ6 Fortress Fox HUB1-18 Dionysus PC Normal 2022/04/04 2022 Outlaws
DireOmardemon direomardemon#9783 Demon Manor Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2020/10/21 2022 Frontiers
docteurshepherd docteurshepherd#8357 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence HUB7-19F Saint-Rémy-de-Provence PS Normal 2019/11/27 2022 Frontiers
DorsVenabili591 ChrisitoK#2266 KG9-XAZY-2NWS0 Chauncey Ranch HUB9-144 Afimsk XB Normal 2022/07/01 2022 Outlaws
Dprokiller666 dprokiller666#2893 EJP8-0BE6-CDJHW Galactic Hub archive base Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2020/01/02 2022 Frontiers
dragonborn224 | XEPHYR |#2863 15YW-GKK1-8J122 Portal's Edge Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/10/31 2022 Frontiers
DRiPx TOXiiC traveler ry#1067 Galactic Hub Pit Stop Owdzangm XV XB Normal 2021/10/20 2022 Frontiers
DrPrime8 drprime8#0285 R7B6-TXXM-CMBC8 Doc's Landing (Hub Capital) Owdzangm XV PC Normal 2022/03/04 2022 SentinelUp
drthWanda WandaSol 2EZ0-W9JH-6Q4AA The Sunset-Whale Esplanade Miradoma PC Creative 2022/04/24 2022 Outlaws
DrummerMatt7381 The Great Imbalance Owdzangm XV XB Creative 2022/08/02 2022 Endurance



The Galactic Hub officially occupies the following 11 regions, as well as a number of "Huburb" regions in an unofficial capacity.

Also see How to Convert Primary Hub Tags to Coordinates / Portal Addresses.

HUB # Region Name Coordinates Glyphs
1 The Arm of Vezitinen 042F:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C30
2 Canthian 042F:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C30
3 Dexterf Sector 0430:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C31
4 The Arm of Katteus 0430:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C31
5 Nugsdor Adjunct 0430:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C31
6 Uefert Nebula 042F:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C30
7 Widraik 042E:0078:0D56:0000 0001F9557C2F
8 Airnaka Conflux 042E:0078:0D55:0000 0001F9556C2F
9 Sivess Instability 042E:0078:0D54:0000 0001F9555C2F
10 Savenix Instability 042F:0079:0D55:0000 0001FA556C30
11 Nonlopsi Instability 042F:0077:0D55:0000 0001F8556C30