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Civilized Space History

Civilized Space History is a historical page.

Summary[ | ]

Civilized Space History collects stories and dates of civilized space. If you have suggestions for edits or additions, simply add them to the Discussion page for consideration.

Civilized Space History is part of a historical collection along with Civilized Space Maps and Civilized Space Emblems.

Omega - Orbital - Adrift - Worlds Part I[ | ]

06.15.2024   Galactic Hub Wiki Exodus   

Galactic Hub Project

The Galactic Hub has discontinued our use of Fandom (formerly Gamepedia) due to excessive ads & other issues. We now have a Hub-run, Hub-focused Wiki on Miraheze - with zero ads! by 7101334

04.08.2024   UN42 Manifesto   

United Nations 42

We operate internally in a closed Discord where each entity has a single representative. We are now a sealed invitation elite choice based only entity.

We are large house that has many houses inside, all are sovereign but no political face other than what they themselves choose to have and act upon in their own space. Within the House, we are simply equals sharing space in unison for the betterment of our creations and health/happiness of ourselves. Consider us a Faction Guild.

This is the state of the UN 42 changes upcoming:

Changes incoming, this should be interesting by NMScafe

Interceptor - Singularity - Echoes[ | ]

12.31.2023   Hall of Fame 2023   

Unofficial class of 2023

Since the Federation did not hold a Hall of Fame election in 2023, this selection alternatively represents outstanding travellers. Hall of Fame 2023 by Artifexity

Many unmentioned travellers have done an excellent job for the civilized space. Thanks to all.

12.30.2023   Unification Day VII   

Unification Day 2023

The Galactic Hub Project assumed responsibility for organizing the holiday in 2023. Under their guidance, the holiday was planned more as a tour of highlights from various civilizations, as opposed to a single-location gathering space for multiple civilizations.

Are you ready for Unification Day, the largest annual celebration in No Man's Sky?! 28 hours of multiplayer events, hosted by 15 civilizations, with even more in attendance! by 7101334

An additional independently organized event for the Unification Day 2023 was held on December 16/17.

Unification Day 2023 by Distant World Tours

10.27.2023   Rezehno Ruse   

The Rezehno Ruse

The Rezehno Ruse by MrJordanMurphy

09.01.2023   New Ziki City   

Opening of New Ziki City

The Grand Hubtropolis of New Ziki City, a social hotspot & full-sized city with room for ~200 residents, is now open in Galactic Hub space! by 7101334

06.17.2023   Wiki Revolution   

Wiki Revolution

Dear NMS wiki admins, it’s time for a change by ApexFatality

Wiki Reaction

Introducing Community Discussions - No Mans Sky Wiki:Explained - Community Decision Making

05.18.2023   Amino Hub Resurrection   

Amino Hub

After years of inactivity on the wiki, the legendary Amino Hub has been resurrected. With fabulous speed and precision, the Amino Hub achieved Nexus status. The former founding member of the United Federation of Travelers and one of the oldest civilizations in NMS also rejoined the Federation.

18.05.2023: The Amino Hub by BoidGaming

18.05.2023: The Amino Hub rejoins the United Federation of Travelers! by 7101334

Endurance - Waypoint - Fractal[ | ]

03.31.2023   Eissentimes Press   


The Eissentimes Press is an official press subdivision of the Galactic Hub Eissentam that focuses on news, interviews and general reporting on EisHub and all of civilized space.

Formerly known as the Viridian Press. The Viridian Press merged with the Galactic Hub Eissentam in October 2021.

The Eissentimes

Legacy Articles

31.03.2023: The Eissentimes #4: UD 2022 Edition! by Mattastic119

12.19.2022   Hall of Fame 2022   

Class of 2022

Congratulations to our Hall of Fame 2022 inductees!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the 2022 HOF this year! NMS HOF 2022 Results by Mattastic119

Many unmentioned travellers have done an excellent job for the civilized space. Thanks to all.

12.17.2022   Unification Day VI   

Unification Day 2022

Unification Day 2022 is near. Come and join this once-in-a-year celebration! The biggest event organised by the NMS community! / Unification Day 2022 Planet Vote / Unification Day 2022 Date and Location Vote by Lenni009

Unification Day 2022 re: Vote on choosing an organizing group & Vote on the extension of UD 2022 beyond a single day by KinG-Asssassin / UD 2022 Discussion: Location by Acolatio

Unification Day 2022 system, Eissentam: exploring the beauty of these amazing planets before they become crowded... by EdVintage / Always great to meet up with some old friends at Unification day! by MrJordanMurphy / The Galactic Hub Indium Dome, hosting Unification Day starship battles! by 7101334 / UD 2022 Postcard by Acolatio / Unification Day is tomorrow! Don’t wait to hear about it from your friends, come experience it for yourself! by enrasilver0420


Unification Day 2022 Poster by hotbrownDoubleDouble

Streams: Come join me as we celebrate this wonderful community by Lianerras / Unification Day 2022 by Enrasilver / No Man's Sky - Unification Day XXII Post Base Visits by evans_sky / Unification Day 2022 by Kail Labs

Star system: Unification Day 2022

Organizer : Galactic Hub Eissentam

11.23.2022   Lost Empire   

Empire of Eld declared abandoned

Just as quickly as the Empire of Eld appeared out of nowhere in 2022 and became the second civilization ever to achieve Nexus status, the Empire disappeared for mysterious reasons.

Empire of Eld by Acolatio

Stepping Down and Sideways

A few days after Princess Mortaine resigned from her offices, the Empire of Eld finally collapsed.

Stepping Down and Sideways (Personal news) by mortaine

08.30.2022   Businesses   

Recognition of Businesses in the Wiki

Businesses have been recognized in the wiki as a new class of civilized space by Juney_bugged

HubCoin: The First Currency of Civilized Space

HubCoin is the Galactic Hub Projects native cryptocurrency. Every month, it will be distributed to all players who have registered for its distribution. HubCoin is rewarded for activity - specifically creation of Galactic Hub-related wiki pages, use of the #GalacticHub hashtag on Twitter, and activity on Galactic Hub subreddits and Discord servers.

HubCoin Currency Whitepaper

Frontiers - SentinelUp - Outlaws[ | ]

04.22.2022   BUD-7 Community Building Events   

Bud-7 Events

Several times a year, the Budullangr Unity District-7 community hosts a themed base building event across the Budullangr galaxy. It is open to all residents, visitors, and civilizations, on all platforms.

03.12.2022   Museum of Simulated Art   

Opening of the Museum of Simulated Art

Today, the Museum of Simulated Art officially opened what may be the first player-created art exhibit in No Man's Sky! by ricco-gonzalo

Join us this Saturday, March 12th to celebrate the Museum of Simulated Art ... by 7101334

Director & Founder: ricco-gonzalo

Glyphs: 500AF9556C2F500AF9556C2F

12.31.2021   Hall of Fame 2021   

Class of 2021

Congratulations to our Hall of Fame 2021 inductees!

Congratulations to all who were nominated, voted for, and inducted! Congratulations to our Hall of Fame 2021 inductees! by 7101334

Many unmentioned travellers have done an excellent job for the civilized space. Thanks to all.

12.18.2021   Unification Day V  

Unification Day 2021

Thank you so much to everyone that helped make Unification Day 2021 a reality this year, this includes almost 50+ members from all around the community. Thank you to everyone that showed up and enjoyed all of the hard work that was put into making this an awesome event for the community. Hello all by KinG-Asssassin

Unification Day Planet Vote / Unification Day will be held on ... / Schedule

Join the Unification Day Discord Server! by 7101334

Thanks to everyone for a brilliant Unification Day! by Acolatio

Videos: Unification Day 2021 Official Trailer by WAAM86 / Unification Day 2021: The Official Livestream by Patholas / Unification Day 2021 by Lenni009 / Happy Unification day! by Lianeras / Unification Day 2021 by EvanAitchison

Star system: Unification Day 2021

Organizer : Galactic Hub Eissentam

10.05.2021   Omskio Campaign   

YucaFrita's complete mapping of a Hub region

YucaFrita decided to reveal the secrets of a full region, the Omskio Instability in the Galactic Hub Eissentam territory. Here are the results of the exploration, system by system, SIV by SIV through portal travel. After many months, here are the 558 systems statistics: Releasing the results of the 6 months long OMSKIO CAMPAIGN for EisHub by YucaFritaConSalsa

In the campaign Exotics of Omskio, YucaFrita went for the second time through the Omskio Instability, except the uninhabited ones of course, to document each system's exotic ship: Project complete! Out of the 558 systems in my region, I found 473 exotics, and here they are! Statistics included by YucaFritaConSalsa

09.01.2021   United Federation of Travelers Trailer   

No Man's Sky Frontiers Trailer

The emblem of the Federation is in the Frontiers Trailer visible.

0:22 :) by Acolatio

Trailer Cameo by MrJordanMurphy

Video: No Man's Sky Frontiers Trailer

Companions - Prisms[ | ]

06.07.2021   Stand Up Comedy   

First NMS Stand Up Comedian

1st ever No Man's Sky Stand Up Comedy night at the Hot Mic Comedy Club was a huge success. Big thanks to our brother 'AverageHusband' for providing all the laughs. by hotbrownDoubleDouble

Twitch: Stand Up in No Man's Sky. Real actual stand up!

05.03.2021    Infestation  

The Infestation: Griefing, Not RP

There have been quite a few posts on here that have been removed regarding the Infestation. The Galactic Hub's stance is that we will not give them the attention they crave, or the promotion they want on this subreddit.

The Infestation: Griefing, Not RP by MrJordanMurphy

Notice: the Galactic Hub Council has decided to recommend a boycott of Polygon articles by 7101334

The people behind 'InfestationNMS' need to be stopped by _Azulite_

03.31.2021   Community Banner 3   

Qitanian Empire Banner

Probably my favourite discovery from the new update: our Qitanian banner is available as a decal for your bases in expedition mode! by EdVintage

The Qitanian Empire

03.24.2021   United Federation of Travelers Constitution   


Following votes from 22 of the current 33 Federation civilizations, the full text of the United Federation of Travelers Constitution has been adopted as law. Thanks to all who voted and contributed to the discussion stages. I believe detailing our alliance's laws with this Constitution will make it much less ambiguous for newly-joined members and provide us a more consistent legal framework.

The United Federation of Travelers Constitution by 7101334

Original document: United Federation of Travelers Constitution

Origins - NextGen[ | ]

01.29.2021   UNity1   


Text is still being edited.

12.19.2020   Unification Day IV   

Unification Day IV

Text is still being edited.

12.11.2020   Community Banner 2   

Community Banners available in the Quicksilver shop

Polo’s robotic companion has been observing the social patterns of travellers with some fascination, and is now developing blueprints for a number of community-themed banners.

We hope the new community banners and new set of featured bases goes a small way towards showing how much we appreciate our amazing community – none of this content would be possible without you!

Next Generation Development Update by Sean Murray

Crossplay - Desolation[ | ]

07.06.2020   Federation Exodus   

Federation Exodus

Text is still being edited.

06.27.2020   Hall of Fame 2020   

Class of 2020

Thank you to all who have voted and taken part in this years Hall of Fame. It again shows what an amazing gaming community we have. Hall of Fame 2020 Inductees - Congratulations to all :) by WAAM86

The order of the Travellers gives no information about the points distribution. Many unmentioned users have done an excellent job for the civilized space. Thanks to all.

Living Ship - Exo Mech[ | ]

05.14.2020   Kash Karoon   

First NMS Ingame Concert

On May 14, 2020, the base La Hacienda 96 was the setting for the first No Man's Sky ingame concert, performed live on stream by The Qitanian Empire's founder and council member Kash Karoon/EdVintage.

Video: No Man's Sky - The first ingame concert EVER! Ed Vintage/Kash Karoon LIVE!

On June 18, 2020, the first crossplay live concert with guests from all three platforms took place at La Hacienda 96; among the audience were members of The Qitanian Empire, The Eissentam Qitanian Empire, Empire of Phantomium Marxium, Black Star Order and Wild Space.

Video: COME TOGETHER: No Man's Sky - KASH KAROON LIVE ingame concert & crossplay meetup!

04.06.2020   Wiki War   


A malicious user known as Winternaut created numerous alternate accounts on the No Man's Sky wiki and many other locations.

Over two days in April, wiki vandalism occurred en masse, suspected to be carried out singlehandedly by Winternaut. Attempts to impersonate other users of the wiki were also made. Wiki War update by ddfairchild

The events surrounding the attack against the NMS Wiki were collected and summarized on the Wiki War page.

03.27.2020   InExCor Discoveries   

He did it!

Ambassador Peacebomb1, CEO of Intergalactic Exploration Corporation, has traveled and documented in all galaxies of No Man’s Sky! Pop the champagne and let’s have a toast! He did it! :) by intothedoor

All galactic explorations are listed on the InExCor Discoveries page.

GenBra Space Corp had previously researched and documented the first 42 galaxies and opened a successful subreddit for discoveries and investigations of all 255 galaxies.

Video: Celebrating the end of a long journey. Base at the core of Iousongola

Beyond - Synthesis[ | ]

12.28.2019   Unification Day III   

A big thank you for a fantastic Unification Day 2019

I’d like to say a special thank you to:-

Patholas8 for being an amazing host and streaming the whole event. It was really great fun and I'm looking forward to next year.

g5457s for finding the incredible system for UD2019. A really awesome find.

DeepSikz, zazariins, EdVintage, beacher72, ashfacta, nmskibbles, NMScafe, Darkk_Blaze, optimus3097, BoidGaming, astromons, Acolatio & many many more for your help in organising UD2019 and your amazing base builds.

MrJordanMurphy, PvP champ 2019, for organising and providing the security during the event.

intothedoor for creating the awesome zero gravity exocraft track and for his work on the wiki.

I really appreciate all of the effort and time everyone has put in to making Unification Day 2019 the amazing success that it was.

A big thank you for a fantastic Unification Day 2019 :) by WAAM86

The No Man’s Sky Community thanks WAAM86 for an amazing organization of the Unifications Day 2019.

The official logo of the Unification Day 2019 was created by RandomStrangr73.

Unification Day 2019 (PS4) / Unification Day 2019 (PC)

Abyss - Visions[ | ]

07.01.2019   Beyond Black Holes   

Beyond Black Holes Contest

What an amazing week it was - players and organizations gathered together from all over the world, on every platform and game mode, regardless of experience or affiliation, and contributed data that will benefit all Travelers. Black hole data from existing galaxies was bolstered, and data from other galaxies that hadn't been documented before was added. By the end of the week, over 12,000 black hole data sets were added to the overall database. Once more, a humble thanks to United Federation of Travelers, United Corporate Alliance and NMSCoordinateExchange for joining together for such an amazing community event!

This is but one example of what the Beyond Black Holes contest accomplished by huskerbsg

Announcing the “Beyond Black Holes” Contest - Research Black Holes - Win Prizes! / Contest Information

Incredible Finish to the Civilizations Cup

Amazing Black Hole jumping -all around by intothedoor

Thanks Black Hole Suns and huskerbsg for this ingenious contest!

05.01.2019   Hall of Fame 2019   

Class of 2019

Thank you to all who have voted and taken part in this years Hall of Fame. It shows how great a gaming community we have. No Man's Sky Hall of Fame 2019 - The 10 New Travellers added to the Hall of Fame. by WAAM86

The order of the Travellers gives no information about the points distribution. Many unmentioned users have done an excellent job for the civilized space. Thanks to all.

12.29.2018   Unification Day II   

Fantastic Unification Day 2018

A special thank you to:

AndyKrycek6 for creating an awesome poster for the event and for some really amazing prizes.

MrJordanMurphy for creating a brilliant YouTube trailer for Unification Day and for help with potential security issues during the event.

DudeBerg for creating a fantastic monument that shows all the unified races of the No Man’s Sky Universe.

DeepSikz for creating the wizard guardian monument for Unification day.

intothedoor for creating the awesome crashed freighter exocraft race.

g5457s for finding all of the awesome candidate planets for UD2018.

WinderTP for an awesome base build on the PC.

Patholas8 for streaming the whole event and for being a great commentator throughout.

BigDcaughman for the offer of prizes for the event.

A Massive Thank you to the No Man’s Sky Community :) by WAAM86

The No Man’s Sky Community thanks WAAM86 for an outstanding organization of the Unifications Day 2018.

Unification Day Emblem Vote

12.11.2018   Companies   

Development of Companies

As the number of Civilized space communities has increased, the desire to have companies as well as political civilisations has arisen.

First recognized companies: GenBra Space Corp, Aviszar Cartel, Galaxy Donuts, Looland Corporation.

First alliance: United Corporate Alliance.

Special thanks to Ddfairchild , Intothedoor and The Godfather.

12.11.2018: Opening of the Companies page.

11.04.2018   NMS Olympics II   

No Man's Sky Olympics 2018

The 2018 No Man's Sky Olympics a.k.a Euclid Intergalactic Olympics took place from 4 November 2018 through 8 December 2018 and was presented by the Top of the Galaxy Hub. The theme of this years Olympics was "King of the Hill". The Amino Hub is proud to continue share in the Olympic tradition with the TOG in collaboration of events.

NMS Olympics 2018

NEXT[ | ]

10.13.2018   Federation Standardization Act  


The Federation Standardization Act (FSA) has passed, with unanimous votes on most issues. I think this is a great example of Federation democracy at work and will re-orient the Federation for the NEXT Generation, which is long overdue. Many more polls will need to be conducted as a result of this measure - for example, deciding the location of the Federation Colony, and approving various External Departments for Federation partnership. Thank you for your support in this comrades and good journeys. Federation Standardization Act by 7101334

Video: Community Archives - The Federation Standardization Act

08.30.2018    Community Banner 1   

Galactic Hub Emblem added in first Community Event

Galactic Hub Decal was added as an unlockable item in the Quicksilver Store in the first community update event. This was widely celebrated by the Hub community, and likely provided the most significant sense of canonization of all prior in-game acknowledgements of the civilizations. Timeline - Galactic Hub

Atlas Rises[ | ]

06.01.2018   Tempest416 and the Black Hand conspiracy   

Black Hand terrorist group

The Galactic Hub Security Office has, for weeks, been collecting information on the Black Hand, along with various other hostile groups. The Black Hand threatened to destroy the Galactic Hub, Federation, and civilized space in general. While their threats were much larger than they ever could've lived up to, we were nonetheless concerned with what actual actions they might take. We have gathered sufficient evidence to prove that Solarion Imperium Ambassador Tempest416 organized the Black Hand terrorist group. Text by 7101334

We have voted last night privately, and with a 100% majority vote again. We have collapsed. We have decided that with tempest did, its only best we cut all ties to him. We are signing the end of the Union of Intergalactic Civilizations. Text

The Empire of Jatriwil has declared war on the Solarion Imperium and has carried out a successful bombing campaign on the Capital Anuk Valyros in the system Anuk Amun-El. Text by WAAM86

On Consequences for u/Tempest416's Sedition Against the Federation by 7101334

Solarion Imperium has surrendered! War is over.

Video: Community Archives - The Black Hand Conspiracy

05.15.2018   Hall of Fame 2018   

Class of 2018

These legends have helped establish Hubs, Alliances and Empires that will withstand the test of time, created medias that have bounded this community together more ways then one and made us dream of the impossible through their artwork. Without further ado, let us welcome the first class of the NMS Hall of Fame. Text by Tempest416

The order of the Travellers gives no information about the points distribution. Many unmentioned users have done an excellent job for the civilized space. Thanks to all.

01.11.2018   (Re) Merger of UFT and AGT   


The (Re) Merger of Alliance of Galactic Travellers and United Federation of Travelers represents a major point in Federation history and a major step towards a unified universe, which I believe is in the best interest of all NMS players. With all interested civilizations communicating more closely, the playerbase is in a better position to cooperate, both through existing game mechanics and likely through future mechanics introduced in updates. The AGT's semi-localized organizational structure provides an interesting aspect to the Federation's diverse mix of civilization types. As the AGT are generally regarded as being one of the largest civilizations in the NMS universe, this merger significantly expands the connected Civilized Space playerbase. Hopefully, this will provide more players access to information & interstellar politics.

Text by 7101334

Video: Community Archives - The re-merger of the AGT

12.30.2017   Unification Day I   

Unification Day Council

  • TheMightyF0x

Unification Day is a player-created gathering of civilizations scheduled for December. Traveler Glory Galactic Glory was inspired by an excerpt from a crashed ship's Distress Beacon, who suggested applying the concept to the United Federation of Travelers as a large-scale gathering. The Federation then worked to involve as many civilizations as possible, regardless of whether or not they are Federation-allied. The logs reveal that the pilot was celebrating a festival known as Unification Day. Groups of similar minds, unable to meet but attempting to find one another, to claim worlds across time and space. Once a year their various alliances, federations, hubs, and empires united to remember all that they were, and could become in time.

Unification Day 2017 / Unification Planet / Unification Day (System)

Unification Day Poster by Galactic Hub Ambassador AndyKrycek6.

12.19.2017   Endless War   

War report

The fall of Vestroga caused a knock on effect that reverberated throughout the Nebula. The treaty agreed was too harsh on all that remained and resentment built. The ball had begun rolling and it was on a collision course for the biggest war the Euclid Galaxy has seen!

The Endless War is the most devastating war the Euclid galaxy has seen with three civilisations in Civilized space being involved. The roots of the war began after the fall of the Vestroga Hub.

The war was initially between the Galactic Empire of HOVA and the Empire of Jatriwil. However, the agreed treaty of the Solaris Pact brought the Solarion Imperium into the war to fight along side their ally the Galactic Empire of HOVA.

The Endless War officially began just over two weeks since the end of the Vestroga Hub War, and all sides declared victory against one another! Unification day ultimately brought the Euclid Galaxy back into peace after the obliteration of a Nebula.

The Endless War by Waam86 - Empire of Jatriwil

Special war edition Dec 21 / Dec 24 / Dec 28 by King Hova - Galactic Empire of HOVA

Video: Community Archives - The Endless War

11.26.2017   Vestroga Hub War   

Great Euclid War

The Vestroga Hub War or the Great Euclid War is the greatest war the Euclid galaxy has seen with multiple civilizations across Civilized space being involved. The roots of the war began with the alleged Vestroga-Amino Conspiracy which allegedly plotted to cause mass chaos and widespread destruction of two civilizations across Federation Space.

Vestroga-Amino Conspiracy

The war was between the Solaris Pact of the Solarion Imperium and the Galactic Empire of HOVA against the Vestroga Hub Foundation and the Wanderers Association.

The war officially began Sunday, November 26 2017. As of Tuesday, November 28 2017, the Vestroga Hub Foundation surrendered, abandoning the Vestroga Nebula. On December 2, 2017 the Wanderers Association, Empire of HOVA, and the Solarion Imperium signed the Federation Accords, ending the war.

End Results

  • The Vestroga Hub Foundation has been cede and to the Galactic Empire of HOVA.
  • The United Federation of Travelers has excluded Vestroga from the alliance.
  • Amino Hub remains in the Federation for a short time. Votes to remove the Amino Hub from the Federation failed. A few weeks later the Amino Hub citizens voted to leave the Federation on their own when seeing the timeline of events. The citizens decided overwhelmingly in a vote that it was no longer in their best interest to be a part of the Federation and the Amino Hub became independent.
  • Wanderers Association officially disbanded.
  • Galactic Consortium gains control of the Orbit Expedition Project of the WA.

Video: Community Archives - The Vestroga Hub War

11.04.2017   NMS Olympics I   

No Man's Sky Olympics 2017

The No Man's Sky Olympics was presented and hosted by the Amino Hub. It was created as a multiplayer event by the Amino Hub Ambassador SpaceArtGek aka SodaconRocks as an idea for the United Federation of Travelers to compete under their civilization emblems. The event featured a variety of live streams on Twitch/Youtube between November 4th and December 3rd 2017. Athletes gathered in the region of the Ocopad Conflux where it was hosted at various systems near the Pilgrim Star. The slogan for of games was Community, Adventure, Discovery". Every event featured packed streams and players competing in different challenges on the PS4 platform in all 3 game modes. The 2nd Annual 2018 Olympics will be held August 4th through September 2nd hosted by the Amino Hub at various locations and galaxies.

10.16.2017   Metahub Argument   

UFT Metahub

United Federation of Travellers Metahub was a Project by the Galactic Hub to bring Civilizations into an area 1 jump from the GH changing the "Huburbs" into the UFT Metahub.

After Discussion the UFT Metahub Vote was posted with a 6-2 vote of "Do Not Establish" with the Amino Hub raising concerns over the Metahub being a Galactic Hub Land Grab which lead into the UFT Metahub Result. In the Results post its described that the Galactic Hub will be moving forward with the Metahub plan regardless of the Federations vote making the poll and Federation input as irrelevant.

The Amino Hub continued to raise concern that this Metahub could give the Galactic Hub more Voting power with Civs that join would be more likely to vote in favor of GH policy because of their close proximity to the Galactic Hub plus the GH planned to move forward with the Metahub Regardless of the Federation vote which drew Criticism from other Federation Civs.

After the Fallout of the Metahub Vote the Solarion Imperium attempts to make peace but the comments only divide things further in the Federation and the feud between AH and GH escalates.

As the Federation started splitting apart alliances begin to form with some suggesting a Union of the Amino apart from the Federation as stated in this post from the Kingdom of Hova Some Things I Think Need Clarification. In an attempt to calm things down the AH made an Official Amino Hub Statement apologizing and declaring the matter resolved.

Text by Survival Guru NMS Survival Guru

Video: Community Archives - The Meta Hub Argument

10.08.2017   UND Debacle   

United Nations of Delta

The United Nations of Delta started out as an idea to bring all Civs in the Delta Quadrant together as an alliance separate from the Federation.

The United Nations of Delta Shall Prevail Is the first disagreement between the Solarion Imperium and the Vestroga Hub over plans for the UND with both sides claiming each wanted to invade the Olpid Kingdom to force them into the UND. Which lead to this post from the Solarion Imperium A Personal Message to the Federation Stating the UND was not a warmongering tyranny which did draw some support.

The Galactic Hub decided to step in and inform the Federation On facts uncovered through private communication that the UND was still discussing if they should take the Olpid Kingdom or Not (Olpid was a Federation member at this time). See On the United Nations of Delta. At this point the UND was mostly abandoned but the Solarion Imperium wanted to hold it together by making A Resolution to End all Resolutions creating terms for a partnership with the federation with 50/50 control.

UND Negotiations Publicity is where the Olpid Kingdom lays out its idea and terms for the UND which is a good example of how complex we have made the Federation Political Structure in terms of voting power. Which leads me into this discussion which further describes the Complexity of the system (2nd reinstatement of the SI into the Fed) Finish This for Good, the Future of the UND.

On the United Nations of Delta describes private messages between Vestroga and the Solarion imperium in a disagreement over the UND Snake Path plans Leading into this UND/Vestroga Drama post by the Olpid Kingdom. As tensions were at their peak the Solarion imperium issues an apology To the Vestroga Hub Foundation and the Olpid Kingdom and lastly led to the end of the UND after this post from Olpid Kingdom The Kingdom of Olpid is leaving the UND.

In closing the UND Debacle was the Federations first Political Fight over what being part of the Federation is and how voting power is dispersed.

Text by Survival Guru NMS Survival Guru

Video: Community Archives - The U.N.D. Debacle

Pathfinder[ | ]

04.16.2017   Harsh Buds War / The Bez-Harr Incident   

War report

In the second age of HOV a Hovan starship patrolling the newly established star system operated by the The Bez-Harr Concern was attacked by 3 BHC mercenaries. This unprovoked attack was referred to as the Bez-Harr Incident and after days of back-and-forth accusations between The Bez-Harr Concern and The Galactic Empire of HOVA, a State of War was officially declared by the Empire of HOVA and its Allies. The Harsh Buds war officially came to an end when the BHC signed The Maxing and Chillaxing Accords, surrendering all HUB terroritories and operations to the Empire of HOVA.

Galactic Empire of HOVA - Latest News

Early in the "Harsh Buds War" conflict (documented officially in HUB TIMES), the HOV began an aggressive disinformation campaign, releasing videos purporting to show Bez-Harr attacks on HOV ships. 'The Concern decried the blatant posturing, and continued to invite all entities within the Galactic Hub to visit the Embassy and chillax in the legendary Visitor Centre, which was ultimately destroyed. The Bez-Harr ultimately lost the war, and at this time the Bez-Harr Amabassador Artnik is still missing.

Bez-Harr Concern Space Embassy Zone

Video: Community Archives - The Harsh Buds War

04.15.2017   Foundation of the UFT   

United Federation of Travelers

The UFT is an alliance of Civilized space zones in Euclid, Hilbert, Calypso, Budullangr, Eissentam, and other galaxies. It was formed on April 15, 2017, and went public on April 25, 2017.

The Federation's purpose is to unite civilizations behind universally beneficial goals without hindering any sovereign civilization's customs or practices, and to assist in the founding of new civilizations in the five most populous galaxies .

While fan-fiction/roleplay elements can be involved, the Federation places no official restrictions on, and makes no specific endorsements of, any fan-fiction. Federation Civilizations are left to manage their own fan-fiction/roleplaying/lore.

To Document, Aid, Create, and Communicate. These are the Federation's primary goals. All Federation civilizations are expected to follow them and encourage their citizens to follow them.

The Four Pillars of the Federation

  • Centralization of Information
  • Civilization Establishment
  • Communication with Civilization Leaders
  • Visibility & Inter-Civilization Communication

The Federation's main website is the Federation Subreddit.

Video: Community Archives - The United Federation of Travellers

Release - Foundation[ | ]

10.30.2016   Galactic Hub Project   


The Galactic Hub Project is one of the largest and oldest civilizations in NMS (the Bez-Harr Concern is probably the oldest). The civilization's focus is primarily on documenting and sharing in-game content, but the community also creates visual art, lore, videos, 3rd-party technology, and more.

The civilization is defined by its size, focus on documentation / sharing content, and excellent community. Various well-known NMS players, like Pilgrim Star Path creator Pahefu and NMS YouTuber CobraTV, are members of the Galactic Hub community. Members of the community, or people on their way to the Hub, are known as Interlopers. We've adopted the possibly-insulting, much-beloved Vy'keen phrase as our own.

Originally created to explore a single region, the Rentocnii Conflux (formerly Rentocniijik Expanse), it eventually expanded into 11 regions total. Individual players and offshoot civilizations expanded unofficially into many more "Huburb" regions. After Update 1.30, the entire civilization was relocated to the Shungka Void and 10 other regions. After Update 1.50, the civilization announced it would relocate to The Arm of Vezitinen and 10 surrounding regions, with the intent of remaining there permanently.

The Galactic Hub's main website is the Galactic Hub subreddit.

Video: Community Archives - Galactic Hub

10.18.2016   Pilgrim Star Path   

Pilgrim Star Process

The Pilgrim Star Path was developed by pahefu and is a feature that many feel is missing from the core NMS game. The web app gives players the ability to use the ingame coordinate data string to plot a course to another location anywhere in a given galaxy. The Pilgrim Star Process can be utilized by PC and PS4 Players. Thanks to pahefu's excellent work.

The Pilgrim Star is a star system located in the Ocopadica region in the universe of No Man's Sky. It is the famous system where St3amBot went walking around the entire planet of Dudenbeaumodeme.

Video: Community Archives - Pilgrim Star Path