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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
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Combat Supplies
Combat Supplies
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Combat Supplies is a container.


Combat Supplies is a container dropped by different types of sentinels after their destruction and its type depends on the type of sentinel destroyed.

It needs to be destroyed by multi-tool or starship weaponry and it may recharge the player's shield.

Note: The table may not have the min/max values, please help expanding it by further research.

Sentinel type
Sentinel Drone Sentinel Quad Sentinel Walker
Pugneum 15-40 29-58 61-115
Combat Supplies
(Projectile Ammunition) 1
1 - -
Combat Supplies
(Projectile Ammunition) 2
- 1 -
Combat Supplies
(Walker Brain)
- - 1
Content of Combat Supplies
Nanite Cluster 5-10 12-24 34-87
Projectile Ammunition 25-50 47-89 59-93
Quad Servo - 1 -
Walker Brain - - 1

1 This container is shorter compared to the one dropped by Sentinel Quad.

2 This container is longer compared to the one dropped by Sentinel Drone.

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