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Communications Station
Communications Station
Inter-player communications
Category Technology
Type Communications terminal
Updated Companions

A Communications Station is a means of leaving brief messages for other players.


Preparing to create a message

Entering a message

Reading a comm station message

A Comm Station provides a way for a player to leave a message for other travellers to find. These messages cannot be lengthy, but they do provide a way to let other players know you exist.

Game description[]

A terminal for the composition and transmission of messages to other travellers.


Communications Station can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

Communications Station cannot be dismantled.

Additional information[]

After building a Communications Station, it can be programmed with a selected message. When interacting with the terminal, a message will be displayed saying "The Communications Station stands ready to accept any message left for other travellers to find."

An entry box will then be displayed, requesting that a message be entered. If the message is accepted, it will be stored in the comm station for future reference.

If you encounter a Communications Station, you will see the message "The Communications Station holds a message from a fellow traveller. It reads:", followed by the stored communication.

You may also alter the colour and material of the Communications Station by accessing the same build menu and switching to the "Delete/Colour" tab while hovering the marker over a Communications Station you have placed.

It is also important to note, that a Communications Station with an already stored message could not be deleted by the player in normal circumstances and functions as a permanent building item (like eg. the Base Computer)!

Unverified Information[]

As of the Origins update, there are reports that a player is limited to three Communications Stations per system, and only the most recent three stations placed will appear to other players.


  • The Communications Station bears a resemblance to the Aperture Labs Personality Spheres seen in Valve's Portal 2, (e.g. Wheatley).
  • During the Waking Titan Arg, Communications Stations were used several times to give clues to players.

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