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The subject of this article is from the Visions update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 13 August, 2019.
Community Research (mission 9)
Mission type Secondary
Mission series Community Research
Preceded by: Community Research (week 8)
Followed by: TBA
Requires: N/A
Implemented Visions 1.77
Description Gather Data for the Space Anomaly

Community Research (mission 9) is a mission.


Community Research (mission 9) is the ninth mission introduced as Community Research and its purpose is helping Quicksilver Synthesis Companion's research by performing Daily Research missions.

This is a time-limited mission and it was available for 42 days, starting from Visions 1.77 until 24 January 2019.


Make contact with the Space Anomaly[]

With this mission set as the active mission, fly into space and Quicksilver Synthesis Companion will contact the player through the communicator.

Quicksilver Synthesis Bot (first time contact only)

.language unit online...................
.intelligence protocol initialised...................
Traveller? Friend of Master Polo?
Greetings! It is most pleasant to interface again. In service of creation, I have written an autonomous instruction to signal your starship. It is my intention that this will please Master Polo!

  • Continue

Note: The following conversation is the same as below.

Quicksilver Synthesis Bot (any subsequent contact)

Greetings! It is most pleasant to interface again.

  • Continue

Input data to my storage banks, and I will synthesise reward output across all realities. A range of data is of utility to the Space Anomaly. Today, do you wish to contribute to TRADE / COLLECTION, EXPLORATION or DESTRUCTION?

  • Select 'Trade / Collection'
  • Select 'Exploration'
  • Select 'Destruction'
  • Decline
  1. Acknowledged, Traveller. There is no obligation to participate. However, for the duration of Xd : Yh, these mission directives are available each Sol on a recurring basis. Would you permit me to recontact your vessel at my next cycle?"
    • Accept
      1. That is welcome news! I will signal your starship frequency when mission directives are next available. (Note: This option counts as if the player has finished a daily mission.)
    • Decline mission (Note: This option counts as if the player has never made contact with the Space Anomaly.)

Complete Daily Research[]

Select the Daily Research in the Log to view mission objectives.

After finishing it the mission objective will be updated.

Visit Polo's robotic companion[]

The Space Anomaly will warp into the player's current system, allowing them to board it.

After speaking with the merchant NPC the mission objective will be updated.

Explore the universe[]

The Space Anomaly will broadcast new directives at its next daily cycle.

The mission will only be completed when the timer runs out.


  • This mission does not give any reward, but the available Daily Research missions do.

Additional information[]

  • In the text "Xd : Yh" shows the player the remaining time in days (X) and hours (Y), for example 2d : 10h.
  • With the Update (2019.01.09) the duration of the mission is extended by 14 days. Wiki note: It is probably done to let the players unlock the tier 3 reward, as the mission would have ended in a day.
  • Tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 were completed during the mission for all platforms. The related rewards are available at Quicksilver Synthesis Companion.