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We Stand Behind Our Companies

Companies of the No Man's Sky universe are local groupings formed by individual or groups of players.


As the number of Civilized space communities has increased, the desire to have companies as well as political civilisations has arisen. This corresponds to companies such as the British East India Company, founded on Earth in the 1600s. It was not an official government, but acted very much like one in the areas that it controlled.

As the number of companies continues to grow, the politics between them has also flourished. To maintain civility between CEOs, please leave any suggestions for edits or additions on the Discussion page for consideration.


In order to be recognised as a company, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A headquarters page is present in the wiki
  2. A minimum of five star system pages, created and edited by the company, are present in the wiki
  3. The company's founder is involved only with the new company (basically one company or civ to a customer)
  4. An official request for inclusion from the founder is present on the Discussion page
  5. A company will be removed after a major new update if there has been no wiki activity in the last three months


All Companies can be categorized based on the number of separate locations that represent the company. This number is covered by the Branches entry in the Company infobox. These companies also tend to be unified by a general type, as well as by the products they sell. Related gameplay tends to involve a mixture of "Fanfiction" or "Profit" along with actual gameplay elements, with some companies focusing more on one or the other. For additional ways of cataloging a company, see Company Categories.


As the number of companies grow, some may choose to band together behind common goals and purposes. A group will be recognized as an official corporation after meeting the following requirements:

  1. The corporation has an official embassy page
  2. It contains a minimum membership of five wiki-recognized companies
  3. A minimum of five of these members belong to no other corporation
  4. A request for recognition has been made

Similar alliances exist for civilizations - these can be found on the Civilized Space page.

Federation Emblem 2.png United Federation of Travelers - UFT is an alliance of multiple civilized space zones dedicated to the Four Pillars of the Federation, "To document, aid, create, and communicate." First known alliance of multiple civilizations.

Companies Map

Image Map of companies as of December 07, 2021.
Clicking on a company in the picture causes the browser to load the appropriate article. Companies without location information are assigned to the center. Mouseover = Coordinates.
Only companies that have updated their embassy pages, since the release of Expeditions, are listed on the map.
For historical maps, vist Civilized Space Maps.

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Corporate Directory

Only companies that meet the above requirements are listed here. While the majority of documented companies are in Euclid, the following list also includes companies from other galaxies.

  • Atari Corporation - The Corporation was created to do one thing, increase the quality of life for everyone in Civilized Space. They hope to have an overall positive impact in the universe and want to help with the advancement of Civilized Space.
  • Atlas's Children - The sect's three-fold mission is to follow in the footsteps of the ancient race of travellers who called themselves Atlas's Children. Secondly, to discover, preserve and maintain the sacred sites they left behind. Thirdly, to seek the wisdom they sought in following Atlas, ensuring the immortality of the Atlas by witnessing as much of Atlas's simulation as possible.
  • Battlegroup Savannah - Their mission is simple - build you the ship of your dreams by finding the perfect combination of parts and colours.
  • CELAB Galactic Industries - CELAB Galactic Industries is a Civilized space corporation specializing in the exploration, farming, and manufacturing for use in various industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential, transportation, and security settings.
  • Freedom of Wanderer - The mission of the company is nomadic space exploration and the search for the most beautiful places in the universe.
  • GenBra Space Corp - GenBra Space Corp is a Self-Envisioned Corporate Exploration Entity in the No Man's Sky universe. All systems and research are open to all Travellers.
  • Intergalactic Discoveries - The company's primary mission is to explore, discover and document the unknown... and naturally to be where no man has gone before.
  • Intergalactic Exploration Corporation - The company first started after the founder completed Artemis Path quest and relocated to Eissentam. This company has now become the InExCor Eissentam branch. Afterwards, the founder decided to create two more branches: InExCor Euclid, and InExCor Mobile with InExCor Euclid focusing on exploring Euclid galaxy, and InExCor Mobile covering all remaining galaxies.
  • Morley Celestial Bureau - Their mission is to explore the same region of all galaxies within the universe, with the hope of establishing a connection between Stars, systems, planets, lifeforms, weather and other miscellaneous themes which may be of interest.
  • Naporth-Hofs Corporation - Founded on two pillars - science and profit. Rather than pursuing profit at whatever cost, or disregarding it entirely in favor of altruistic research, we attest that profit follows advancement, resulting in even more advancement. In this way, we create a virtuous circle paving the way for the future with the end goal of achieving true realization.
  • NMS Construction Contractors - A company whose mission is to build. To create. To connect Travellers, Civilizations, and Corporations with specialized construction contractors.
  • Outdoor Decoration Company - A company that constructs patios, gardens, parks, gazebos, and other outdoor decoration to help spice up the outside of players’ bases.
  • Oxalis Hotels - is a company with Hotels in various planetary systems in Euclid and other galaxies.
  • PanGalactic StarCabs - Their primary mission is to establish bases in a gateway system at the core of every galaxy in the NMS universe, and then provide anyone free access to any galaxy.
  • Resoom'em t'Yedal'em-Negud - The RYN explores the harsh galaxies of the universe, and seeks to discover unique star systems and planets; to establish diplomatic contacts with the entities living in those systems; to develop technology that facilitates safe exploration of harsh environments; and to provide technical assistance in executing search, rescue, and repair missions.

Limited Partnership

Companies that meet the requirements, but are already listed with their owners on the Civilized space page:

  • BSO Botanical Society - deals with studying and documenting strange and unique scannable flora, cooperating with multiple organizations across the universe.
  • Dapper Diplo Dough Depot - This company's mission is to stimulate trade using goods and resources while also providing consulting to Travellers in need.
  • Scholars and Cartographers Guild - The SCG aims to explore and document as much of the No Man's Sky universe as possible. The SCG also aims to offer assistance to any Traveller or civilisation wishing to upload their discoveries and data to the wiki.
  • Sepros Alliance Industries - manufactures high-quality technology and deploys the tech to the Sepros Alliance, its allies, and clients of SAI.

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