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Condensed Stellar Ice
Condensed Stellar Ice
HUD Alert Object of Interest Detected
Mission Alert Space Signal Detected
Interaction Fire to Destroy
Ramifications Destroying will drop various items
Rewards Quicksilver, Nanites, Uranium, Condensed Carbon
Updated Desolation

Condensed Stellar Ice is a space encounter.


Condensed Stellar Ice is a space encounter in the No Man's Sky universe.


Condensed Stellar Ice appears as a glowing trail of large ice crystals.


Destroying the Condensed Stellar Ice will drop one of the following items:


Systems Regularly Encountered In[]

The following systems have regularly encountered Condensed Stellar Ice:

Bebockpo System - Discovered by MajesticSpaceDook

Hexadecimal Coordinates: 106BF2CF1FD4

Additional information[]


fr-fd:Glace stellaire condensée