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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

Constructed Technology is an index page.



Constructed Technology is a visual index page.

Access Data[]

Access Card[]

Advanced Research Module[]

Capital Ship Wiring Platform[]

Encrypted Navigation Data[]

Incomplete Data Sequence[]

Salvaged Technology[]

Starship Expansion Module[]

Multi-tool Expansion Module[]

System Autority Payment Substitute[]

Agricultural Modules[]

Farming Tech[]

Freighter Modules[]

Custom Freighter Module[]

Expedition Management Terminal[]

Industrial Modules[]

Power Distribution Module[]

Substance Distribution Module[]

Technology Modules (A-B)[]

Agricultural Robot[]

Atmosphere Processing Device[]

Audio Device[]

Audio Synthesiser[]

Automated Refinery Unit[]

Automatic Harvesting Robot[]

Autonomous Gas Compressor[]

Baryogenesis Unit[]

ByteBeat Extension[]

Technology Modules (C-E)[]

Communicator Terminal[]

Construction Module[]

Customise Personal Visuals[]

Deep Water Survival Module[]

Environment Scanner[]

Experimental Fabricator[]

Technology Modules (H-L)[]

Hazard Protection Charging System[]

Health Recharge Module[]

Instantaneous Transport Network[]

Long-Distance Matter Transfer Device[]

Technology Modules (P-T)[]

Portable Substence Unit[]

Portable Waypoint Marker[]

Portable Mining Device[]

Power Distribution Module[]

Site Evaluation Module[]

Storage Unit[]

Technology Recovery Device[]

Trading Terminal[]


Specialist Terminal[]

Transport Modules[]

Construction Module[]

Race Part[]

Vehicle Translocation Device[]

Heavy Loader Storage Bay[]

Exocraft Rapid Development[]