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The subject of this article is from the Echoes update.
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Construction Research Station

Construction Research Station is a research terminal at the Space Anomaly.

Summary[ | ]

Construction Research Station is a base-building research terminal at the Space Anomaly unlocking base-building parts in exchange for Salvaged Data. It is organised as a number of screens containing related base-building parts. Each screen is represented as a tree where lower levels parts can only be unlocked after a higher-level part was researched.

The following research trees are available:

  • Agricultural Modules
  • Aquatic Construction
  • Posters
  • Decal Designs
  • Decorative Modules (5 trees)
  • Illumination
  • Industrial Modules
  • Large Prefabs
  • Primitive Shapes
  • Small Prefabs
  • Technology Modules
  • Transport Modules
  • Timber Structures and Roofing
  • Stone Structures and Roofing
  • Alloy Structures and Roofing

Differences from NEXT[ | ]

Construction Research Station provides access to many technologies that in NEXT were only available from Overseer, Scientist, Farmer and Technician, but requires a large number of Salvaged Data to fully unlock all trees.

Additional information[ | ]

It takes approximately 1000 Salvaged Data to unlock everything available, although many of the functional (non-decorative) recipes are unlocked for free by hiring the Overseer (NPC) and completing their (and the other Specialists') quests, which can reduce the required Data total greatly.

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