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Construction Research Unit
Construction Research Unit
Category Base Building
Type Technology Recovery Device
Total Value 10 Units.png
Used for Building
Updated Origins

Construction Research Unit is a portable base building product.


Construction Research Unit is a portable base building product for discovering new blueprints in exchange for Salvaged Data.

It can be found in the Build Menu under Tech/Portable. Once deployed, it provides access to the following construction research trees:

  • Core habitation Tech
  • Wooden Shelters
  • Metal Shelters
  • Concrete shelters

Similar to Construction Research Station lower level parts can only be unlocked after a higher-level part was researched.

Game description[]

Portable blueprint decryption device.

This field-deployable memory salvage module allows the user to convert Salvaged Data technology modules into advanced construction blueprints.


The blueprint for the Construction Research Unit can be acquired from the base building tutorial which you will access from the Base Computer after starting your first base.[1]


Construction Research Unit can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients:

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