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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Eusekui Spur
Star system Selo
Moon of Hela_(Selo_System)
Biome Lush
Weather Lethal Humidity Outbreaks
Resources Star Bulb, Pure Ferrite, Paraffinium, Copper, Albumen Pearl
Sentinels Average
Flora High
Fauna Copious
Discovered by Lari
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated NEXT

Cor is a moon.


Cor is a moon in the star system Selo on the PC version of No Man's Sky universe.

It consists of a Tropical Biome with pleasant temperatures and Lethal Humidity Outbreaks.

Alias names[]

PC Current: Cor

Discovered Date[]

Planet scan info

07/8/2018 (15:11) on PC by Lari.


The fauna of this planet is Copious, and animals can be found everywhere and in big herds. There are not aggressive species discovered on this planet.

Zoology Scan Completion[]

PC: 87.5% (7/8)

Discovered Animals[]

Name Rarity Environment Genus Gender Diet Weight Height Discovered by Notes
Andorin Common Aerial unknown Female Mordite Roots 47.9kg 1.2m Lari Nutritious faeces
Caberito Uncommon Terrestrial Hexungulatis Radical Mostly Rocks 60.4kg 0.8m Lari Buries food supplies
Cavandeiro Rare Terrestrial Felidae Unknown Offal 185.3kg 4.1m Lari Green blood
Cralbino Uncommon Terrestrial Bos Female Corpses 79.2kg 0.9m Lari Poor hearing
Olhabaxo Common Aerial unknown Indeterminate Foraged nuts 62.1kg 1.0m Lari Regularly sheds skin
Sorrisen Uncommon Terrestrial unknown Radical Foraged leftovers 77.7kg 1.5m Lari Carries Symbiotic fungus
Votepegar Common Terrestrial Ungulatis Alpha Star Bramble 42.6kg 0.7m Lari Photosensitive


The flora of this planet is High. As in most Lush planets, Cor is populated by abundant trees and bush type plants. The terrain is full with orange grass.

Albumen Pearl can be found or grown on this biome, and its byproduct Albumen Pearl Orb can be used in crafting several products.

Discovered Plants[]

Name Root Structure Nutrient Source Primary Resource Secondary Resource Discovered by Notes Brief description
Amandor Widespread Buried Carbon Carbon Coprite Lari Spreading Tubers Tall deep teal tree with dark green colored foliage, brown tiger pattern around the trunk.
Boushi Extensive Cosmic Radiation Carbon Radon Lari Inner Beauty Deep teal bush
Loreto Extensive Decomposition Carbon Star Bulb Lari Hallucogenic Bark Tall tree, brown foliage, big long leaves
Mandureta Extensive Proton Recycling Carbon Mordite Lari Stinging Hairs Tall brown tree with deep teal colored foliage, blue tiger pattern around the trunk.
Pontiagu Extensive Nitrogen Fixation Carbon Mordite Lari Self-healing Bark
Potiguar Obtuse Other Plants Carbon - Lari Hallucogenic Bark Brown tree, brown foliage, big long leaves
Toushi Symbiotic Fungal Symbiosis Carbon Oxygen Lari Toxic Thorns Brown bush
Yuner Conventional Photosynthesis Carbon Star Bulb Lari Glasslike seeds Bracken-like plant, wine color

Atmosphere & Climate[]

Night sky of Cor

The atmosphere of Cor is clear. During the day, the skies have a light lilac hue with darker lilac clouds and when the night falls, it takes a dark blue color with light blue clouds.

  • Maximum Temperature: 28.1 ºC (during the day)
  • Minimum Temperature: 16.6 ºC (at night)
  • Storm Temperature: 107.8 ºC
  • Water Temperature: unknown
  • Caves Temperature: 14.7 ºC
  • Radioactivity (Rads): 0.0 - 1.9
  • Toxicity (Tox): 0.4 - 13.5




The following resources can be found on this planet.

Notable Locations & Waypoints[]

Some places of interest marked with Communications Stations are:

Image Name Description
Camp Lifaref Wreckage.jpg Camp Lifaref Wreckage Crashed freighter site

Crashed Starships[]

Crash site Name Type Class Slots
Hakogane EG3 design.jpg Hakogane EG3 Hauler C Hakogane EG3 slots.png