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The subject of this article is from the NEXT update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 October, 2018.
Galaxy Euclid
Region Ookste Terminus
Star system P0 // 7
Moon(s) Hexit-Deuronac
Biome Scorched - High Temperature
Sentinels Low
Flora Rich
Fauna Full
Claimed by Stream of P0ne
Discovered by P0nestream
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated NEXT

Corla-Wisedem is a planet in No Man's Sky.


-// STATUS: [ONLINE] // Planet DATA ACCESS //-

Orbital view of the planet surface.

Corla-Wisedem is a planet in the Uncharted star system P0 // 7 on the PC version of the No Man's Sky universe.

Monitoring DATA Reduction
Signal Status [Skew]
Distance from LSS [Unknown]
Weather [Wandering Hot Spots]
Extreme Weather [None]
Extreme Sentinels [No]
Planet Fauna [10 Species]
Planet Resources [Rare]
Portal Glyphs [Not Known]
Player Bases [Undetected]

Alias names[]

PC Original: Emisoso
PC Current: Corla-Wisedem


PC player P0nestream discovered this planet in 8 Sep, 2018.






-// STATUS: Complete 10 / 10 - Discovered by : P0nestream //-

Name Gender Weight Height Brief description
Halopiza Asymmetric 75.0kg 1.1m Sky, Common
Meudima Male 79.7kg 1.1m Sky, Common
Glama-Cin Radical 222.1kg 5.0m Land, Rare
Oku-Rema "Unknown" 61.3kg 1.1m Land, Rare
Bindotar Female 38.2kg 0.7m Land, Common
Deraim-Eks Exotic 89.2kg 1.7m Land, Uncommon
Yewabare Female 103.6kg 1.7m Land, Uncommon
Togsoma-Ba None 75.0kg 0.9m Water, Common
Calioroc Symmetric 72.9kg 0.4m Water, Common
Chal-Rintex Symmetric 116.7kg 3.0m Water, Rare

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Flora primary providing Carbon[]

-// STATUS: Reading // Processing //-

Name Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Pilaris-A3 Mordite P0nestream Sticky Coating
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Flora Providing Sodium, Oxygen or Deuterium[]

-// STATUS: Reading // Processing //-

Name Providing Discovered by Notes
Spithex Sodium P0nestream Self-Pollinating
Runseew-78 Oxygen P0nestream Fragile Bulds
Diduila Oxygen P0nestream Self-Pollinating
Jawacoin Deuterium P0nestream Flakey Coating
Processing -/- --- --- ---

Special Flora[]

-// STATUS: Reading // List of Confirmed Special Flora.. //-

  • Candle Kelp
    • Name: Tarap-Kse
    • Provides: Kelp Sac
    • Info: Thrives in Water.


Minerals primary providing Ferrite Dust[]

-// STATUS: Reading //-

Name Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Cephessite Phosphorus P0nestream Proto Cellular Structure
Biocaite Phosphorus P0nestream Quasi-Ferrous
Reshomite Phosphorus P0nestream Unnaturally Sculpted
Embachite Phosphorus P0nestream Mimic
  • Listing Minerals of Abundant.

Minerals primary providing Pure Ferrite[]

-// STATUS: Reading //-

Name Sec. Element Discovered by Notes
Onotanite Phosphorus P0nestream Igneous
Galenitrite Sodium P0nestream Yeast Colony

Special resources[]

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