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Galaxy Euclid
Region Srbija
Star system Metroyal
Atmosphere Partly Cloudy, Blue Skies
Terrain Diverse
Biome Lush - Temperate
Weather Pleasant
Resources AP C C+ Co Cr Cu D* Fe Fe+ H Jn Ke Mb Na Na+ NaCl O2 Pf Pg Sb SV VC
Sentinels Typical
Flora Full
Fauna Abundant
Discovered by Chaoz`
Discovery platform PC
Game Mode Normal
Updated Visions

Coyllee is a planet in No Man's Sky.


Coyllee is a planet in the star system Metroyal in the Srbija region, a huburb of Hub 9 Sivess in Euclid in the No Man's Sky universe.

Alias names[]

PS4 Current: Coyllee (PS4)
PC Current: Coyllee

Planetary and system names are consistent across PC and PS4. It is unknown whether Coyllee was the planet's original name.

Planet type[]

Coyllee is a temperate planet with diverse biomes. Its continents feature sophisticated, large, and ornate cave systems--both submerged and dry--as rivers, prairies, and dense forests. Its oceans feature topographically diverse islands.


Notable locations[]



Name Environment Gender Diet Height Weight Discovered by   Brief description


Name Color Discovered by   Brief description


The following resources can be found on this planet.

  • AP C C+ Co Cr Cu D* Fe Fe+ H Jn Ke Mb Na Na+ NaCl O2 Pf Pg Sb SV VC