Craft more Warp Cells for Hyperdrive is a mission in No Man's Sky. After arriving in the new solar system, the player must scan the solar system to obtain the next location.


Upon scanning the solar system, a marker for a manufacturing facility will appear. Travel to, and land at, the manufacturing facility. The door should be "Steel//Reinforced", so the player will need to destroy it to gain access. Once inside, the player will interact with the facility, and this will display the following dialogue:

Somewhere below my feet I hear the endless churn of automated machinery, performing unknown tasks for unknown masters.
A screen flickers into life, and letters stamp themselves across it: NADA NADA ESCAPE ATLAS FIND US NADA NADA
And then, a formula is displayed. How to make my own Antimatter.
Take Antimatter Formula


With this knowledge, I can create warp cells. The final puzzle-piece. I can now travel anywhere I please. Or should I find Atlas? Or find Nada and Polo?



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