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The subject of this article is from the Orbital update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 28 May, 2024.
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Crafting is a game mechanics information page.

Summary[ | ]

Crafting is one of the four foundation pillars of No Man's Sky. It is a procedure where the player combines different resources to create new resources, which can then in turn be combined to create advanced products, which are both worth more units and also have many practical uses.

Another very closely related procedure is Refining, and to some extent, Cooking.

The player can craft technology upgrades for their exosuit, starships, Multi-tool, Exocraft, and Freighter using blueprints found throughout the universe. The player can purchase blueprints in space stations, find them in Observatories and Manufacturing Facilities, or they are awarded by NPCs.

The player can also craft products, which are generally more valuable items than resources. Products can be used in:

Obtain Crafting Blueprints[ | ]

In order for the player to be able to perform a given crafting procedure, the player must have acquired the Blueprint for that crafting procedure to unlock/enable it. Blueprints for Products, Components and Base Building parts can be obtained from the Synthesis Laboratory and the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly in exchange for Nanites and Salvaged Data, respectively.

When it comes to crafting blueprints for technology upgrades, those can be obtained from various sources, including technology vendors found aboard space stations and in minor settlements and obtained as a reward from missions and certain quests.

Dismantling Upgrades[ | ]

Certain products, components and upgrades can be dismantled (i.e. broken down into basic elements with a 25-50% recovery rate). Crafting items might allow a player to save space by filling one slot with a crafted object and then dismantle that object when needed, instead of having to use multiple slots for storing the separate resources involved. It will also allow a player to recycle leftover components while building upgrades, rather than simply discarding or selling the older components. When an upgrade is dismantled, the raw materials returned are roughly half the totals used to originally craft the item.

As an example, when you are preparing to scrap an old starship, you can go into the starship menu and dismantle all installed components to salvage some of the materials used in the installation, then scrap the starship for profit. The salvaged resources can then be recycled by reusing them in other future crafting procedures.

Additional Information[ | ]

  • As of Atlas Rises update v1.35 it is possible to craft multiples of the same product at once, as well as craft more of the same product on top of an existing stack.
  • When attempting to craft different products, resources stored in the exosuit inventory will be used first, and any resources stored aboard an exocraft, starship or freighter will only be considered if the player is either aboard the aforementioned vehicles or they are close enough (within 50u away by default, within 150u away with a Teleport Receiver module installed).

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